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Paracha: Pak Conspiracy Theory Culture

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Nadeem Paracha – renowned columnist for the leading English language Pakistani newspaper, Dawn – discusses the entrenched conspiracy theory culture of the country. He describes how: (a) most of what is taught to students in Pak schools as history and Islam is “half lies”; (b) there has been a dramatic increase in conspiracy theories with […]

Pakistan’s Urdu Columnists Live in the La-La Land of Conspiracy Theories

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For the past five or six months I’ve been reading fairly regularly the web pages of three Urdu newspapers from Pakistan: Jang, Nawa-i-Waqt and the Express. I glance at the headlines cursorily then immediately turn to the columnists. Most days, each of the three carries a minimum of six columnists. Some of them are big names; they frequently appear […]

Campaign Against President Zardari: Elections matter, not polls

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By Wasiq Ali This article appeared in The News on August 20, 2009 Opinion polls are new to Pakistan but they have been around for decades in the West. Even then, they are seen for what they are – a snapshot in time of how people feel. Opinion polls are not a substitute for elections […]

Media and minus-one formula

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The Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, declared at the Independence Day flag-hoisting ceremony at the Mazar of Quaid-e-Azam on Friday that ‘the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had never before accepted the minus-one formula, nor will it accept it today’. He said, ‘PPP’s democratic government has not entered the corridors of power from the back door […]

Fighting the Corrupt Journalists in Pakistan

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Not surprisingly life in the Land of the Pure is a lot more muddled! Many of the top journalists have been bought out by the State, using the office of the Press Information Department which is an arm of the Ministry of “Information”. Many of their lesser known colleagues get away with low level blackmailing. […]

Every news is breaking news

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The media today is pervaded by misinformation. Veterans of this industry continue to set the agenda for reporting misconstrued facts. Public discourse is often shaped by personal biases. There is a scarcity of credible material from reliable reporters. Stories in general are aimed at reinforcing the perception that Pakistan is full of thugs. Those who have escaped the nefarious shackles of criticism through clear dealings are also projected as villains with skeletons in their closet. To some it might be comical, whereas most find it tragic.

Why The Editor of The News Hates Pakistan’s President?

Aug 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Uncategorized

By Wasiq Ali This article was written in response to Shaheen Sehbai’s article titled ‘The Limited Options of President Zardari’ on Jul 22, 2009 Regular readers of the Pakistani newspaper The News would by now know what is patently obvious. The paper’s group editor Mr. Shaheen Sehbai does not like President Asif Zardari and is […]

Where was the Pakistani Media When Christians were being Burnt Alive?

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It was ironic indeed that while reporting live on the incidents in Gojra where Christian minority was being burnt alive, all TV networks kept saying that there as an armed clash between two groups. This was very hypocritical and form of a self censorship. The media that has become the self proclaimed flag bearers of […]