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More Irresponsible Reporting: Zardari visits family friends in Vermont but Reporters See a Musharraf Connection

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Pakistan Media Watch has learnt that on Saturday President Zardari went at private expense from New York to Rutland, Vermont. The small private plane was rented by President Zardari privately and not at state expense. He was accompanied on the trip by his Deputy Military Secretary, who can be expected to report the day’s proceedings […]

Shaheen Sehbai gets it wrong – again and again – and remains Shameless

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By Shaista Sindhu The Group Editor of the Jang group newspaper The News, Shaheen Sehbai, is well known for playing fast and loose with facts. Sehbai lets his opinions determine what he will describe as facts, not the other way around. So, it was not surprising when the U.S. Ambassador to Islamabad reacted strongly to […]

Pseudo Patriots Shown in True Light

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Blogger K.M. Rizvi writes the following on his blog Rational Pakistan: Pseudo Patriots Shown in True Light: For the last two weeks there have been numerous stories floating around about the U.S. private military contractor Blackwater operating inside Pakistan. Websites led by pseudo-Patriots and Conspiracy Theorists like Shireen Mazari and Ahmed Quraishi have pushed these […]

Pakistan’s Conspiracy Theorists: Nationalists or Instabilty Creators

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This article appeared in PakistanWithoutTerrorism on September 18, 2009 and is going around quite a bit. It’s a good article so well worth a re-post! By Yahya Hussainy English essayist and poet Samuel Johnson once said, Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel. By that well-known definition what should one think of the fact […]

Mother of Pakistani Conspiracy Theorists, Shireen Mazari, Exposed for Hysteria by The News

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By Shaista Sindhu Shireen Mazari, the fanatical but often non-factual anti-American, known for her conspiracy theories is once again in the news. Once described as Pakistan’s Ann Coulter, Mazari has been spewing venom against Pakistan’s democratic leaders for years. In her world view, often backed by the Musharraf-lover Ahmed Quraishi, Pakistan is constantly under attack […]

GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood

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Fantastic post by PakAlert over the weekend – a must read on GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood. In many ways, Dr Shahid Masood embodies one of the most difficult troubles of Pakistan media – the opportunistic conspiracy-wallah, willing to say any story, no matter how absurd, if he can […]