GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood

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Fantastic post by PakAlert over the weekend – a must read on GEO TV, Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood. In many ways, Dr Shahid Masood embodies one of the most difficult troubles of Pakistan media – the opportunistic conspiracy-wallah, willing to say any story, no matter how absurd, if he can get his face on TV.

Dr Shahid Masood often pulls popular stunt to gain cheap popularity.[that is why he often write Urdu Columns because human memory is weak] One wonder which Shahid Masood is to be trusted, the one who started his career in ARY ONE Views on News, the one who used to exploit Pakistanis on Meray Mutabiq on GEO TV, or the one who joined PTV and Prime Minister Secretariat as the Advisor to PM or the one who again joined Jang Group of Newspapers and GEO TV [AIK BAR PHIR – ONCE AGAIN] ‘revealing’ that he is dismantled by the government, I wonder after so many somersaults [for earning quick bucks], does even the inept PPP Government need a Zionist Conspiracy to dismantle this comedian, Dr Shahid Masood? One wonders that when Dr Shahid Masood knew everything bad about Asif Ali Zardari and Co why did he join the PPP Cabinet, he also accepted the post of MD PTV.

He is ‘bad mouthing’ everybody from Musharraf to Zardari but would you like to watch him in this video with Musharraf and Dr Ishratul Ibad???? Dr Shahid Masood in the company of Relaxed General Musharraf and Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad and that too after Dr Shahid Masood joined Pakistan Television Corporation on the orders of President Zardari:

Dr. Masood, who was once everyone’s friend, turns so quickly to an enemy that he has left himself with no credibility on which to stand. When will these conspiracy-wallahs learn that in sacrificing the good of their country for their own personal gain, they do not help themselves, but only hurt their own reputation as well as their nations?

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