More Irresponsible Reporting: Zardari visits family friends in Vermont but Reporters See a Musharraf Connection

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Pakistan Media Watch has learnt that on Saturday President Zardari went at private expense from New York to Rutland, Vermont. The small private plane was rented by President Zardari privately and not at state expense. He was accompanied on the trip by his Deputy Military Secretary, who can be expected to report the day’s proceedings to Pakistan’s GHQ.

According to information gathered from police sources in Rutland the Pakistani President was visiting an ageing family friend of European origin who now lives in the nearby town of Danby, VT. For privacy reasons the name of the European friend of President Zardari cannot be given.

Ironically on that day, September 26, former Pakistani dictator, General Pervez Musharraf had a busy schedule in Washington, DC several hundred miles away from VT. Former General Musharraf was being hosted by his friend Dr Naseem Ashraf who is now a fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC.  A simple check with Four Seasons Hotel in DC confirmed for us General Musharraf’s stay in DC throughout the day.

But the out-of-spin Pakistani media did not even go through the basic checks that we amateur-college-student-reporters were able to do.

One Azeem Miyan of Jang and The News wrote an entire story about an alleged President Zardari and General Musharraf’s meeting based on only one fact: that Zardari went on a private visit to Vermont on Saturday, September 26.

Many other Pakistani papers and media outlets picked up the rumor and ran with it.

We support freedom of the press but shouldn’t the free ones also exercise some checks and balances?

To their credit Jang Group’s TV outlet Geo decided not to run this story.

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