UPDATE: Committee to Project Journalists Condemns The Nation

Nov 9th, 2009 | By | Category: The Nation

What are people saying about The Nation?

UPDATE: The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has condemned The Nation for publishing “a reckless and unsubstantiated story”. Last week, Pakistan Media Watch wrote about the incident – in which The Nation published an article with no facts calling an American journalist a spy. Here is what the CPJ wrote today:

Last Thursday, Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper published a reckless and unsubstantiated story accusing Wall Street Journal South Asia correspondent Matthew Rosenberg of being a spy. It’s an accusation that gravely endangers Rosenberg’s safety. Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson responded with a scathing letter to The Nation’s editor, Shireen Mazari, expressing his disgust at the publication of the story, which he called baseless and false. He demanded an immediate retraction.

It’s of course deeply disturbing to us at CPJ that a newspaper would publish a story like this that clearly puts the life of a fellow reporter in danger. But we are also concerned about the source for this scurrilous information, someone the reporter identified as “an official of law enforcement agency, who requested anonymity.” Could this be a deliberate government attempt to intimidate Rosenberg and other foreign correspondents working in Pakistan? That’s a deeply chilling possibility that must be investigated.

In addition, the Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomson, wrote a scathing letter to Shireen Mazari conveying his “disgust” over “the slanderous and dangerous falsehoods published on the front page” of The Nation.

Dear Ms. Mazari,

As a fellow Editor, I am writing to convey in the strongest possible terms our dismay and disgust over the slanderous and dangerous falsehoods published on the front page of your newspaper on November 5 regarding our reporter, Mathhew Rosenberg.

Journalism is an important vocation and Pakistan has many fine and courageous journalists who operate in extremely difficult conditions. Foreign correspondents also have an important social role and are similarly exposed to danger from extremists. So for your paper to have suggested, absolutely groundlessly, that Matthew had some intelligence connection was a betrayal of our collective calling and has endangered him, all other Wall Street Journal correspondents, and all journalists and foreign correspondents in your country.

Let me set the record straight: Matthew is an experienced foreign correspondent who has worked for many years covering the region, including Pakistan. In that capacity, he has pursued no other agenda than seeking the truth and has had no other aim than to bring to the world’s attention news and analysis of what is happening in your very important country at a critical time.

Our profession has been done a great disservice by the utterly baseless article, and I call upon you to print an immediate and prominent retraction to ensure that it is widely understood that the piece was without foundation. At present, your paper is is guilty of spreading falsehoods, but it could ultimately be complicit in a far greater tragedy unless this wrong is corrected. We obviously reserve our right to pursue legal action in this instance.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Thompson

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  1. The Nation is doing a perfect job in exposing US of A’s filthy agenda in Pakistan. We don’t see any problems with Shireen Mazari exposing a CIA spy, actually there was even no need for putting up a question mark in her article.

    Ansar Abbasi was labeled Taliban by an american newspaper endangering his life also. Where was this so called Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) at that time?

  2. Imran bhai,

    Where is the evidence that this accused man is a CIA spy? There is none in Shireen Mazari’s article. There is none in your comment. If Ansar Abbasi was labeled Taliban by an American newspaper with no evidence, that too is irresponsible and unethical. But this site is Pakistan Media Watch, and not American Media Watch. That job is already taken. LOL. So, don’t try to change the subject. Rather, if you wish to defend Shireen Mazari, please provide some evidence based in facts.

  3. Hi,

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    Please be transparent in your reply.

  4. Ibrahim bhai, I will gladly answer your question with full transparency which is that I get my money from my job which is IT support. Yes, I am using Google ads to promote my blog, which is very easy to do. You can set up an account for free. I pay about $0.25 for an ad, which I can afford to do from my own pocket. Do you have any discussion for the post or do you want to see my medical charts too? LOL.

  5. The Nation is a responsible newspaper beleived to be carrying right wing stories for last 2 decades

    The newspaper was the first to recently expose american black water and other similiar firms operating in pakistan.they also reported on the unprecedented increase in number of american embassy staff in pakistan.

    Now a claim that a journalist is a spy which is hard to proof should not be published on the front page of a news magazine.it should be discussed with the intelligence agencies concerned.

    why would a public newsgroup suggest a journalist as a spy need a clarification?

    khurram kaleem

  6. Perhaps you did not read the post. Responsible newspapers do not go around accusing people of being spies with no evidence. This is irresponsible, unethical, dishonest, and unreputable. Really, though, what is your question? Why would we suggest the story needs clarification? Because of the reasons listed. The Nation reported that there is an increase in American embassy staff. So what? If they report that there is no moon, will you believe it only because they reported that there is an increase in American embassy staff? Think critically and for yourself. Don’t let other people think for you!


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    کاش اس وقت ایسا ہی آزاد میڈیا ہوتا، جیسا کہ آج ہے۔ ہم شرطیہ یہ کہہ سکتے ہیں کہ ایسی صورت میں دونوں حصّوں کے عوام بات چیت، بحث ومباحثہ میں مشغول رہتے اور اپنے مسائل حل کرڈالتے، اور فوج بھی چین کی بنسری بجاتی رہتی۔

    آج پاکستانی جدیداورنیم آزاد میڈیا، جس کا سرخیل ٹیلی ویژن ہے، ایک ایسے تشکیلی دور سے گزر رہا ہے، جہاں اس کا کردار متعین ہونے میں متنوع مفادات آپس میں ٹکرارہے ہیں۔ ان میں سب سے بڑھ کر بدعنوان، مجرم صفت، ایسے افراد ہیں جو کسی نہ کسی طرح اقتدار کے ایوانوں میں براجمان ہوچکے ہیں۔ جدید میڈیا ان کے لیے ایک ایسے آئینہِ کی حیثیت رکھتا ہے، جو انہیں ہر طرف سے گھیرے رکھتا، اور ان کی شکل انہیں دکھاتا رہتا ہے۔ ایسے آئینے جو گواہی دیتے اور مناظر دکھاتے ہیں، اس سے ان آئینہ دیکھنے والوں کو خوف آتا ہے۔ انہیں یقین نہیں آتا کہ ان کے چہرے اس قدر بھیانک ہوچکے ہیں۔ چنانچہ، وہ ایسے تمام آئینوں کی شکست و ریخت کا حکم دے دیتے ہیں، تاکہ وہ اس خوف سے بچ کر ایک بے یقینی اور فریب آمیز زندگی میں مگن رہ سکیں۔

    ایک زمانہ تھا کہ عوام کو جگانے اور انہیں کسی تحریک میں شمولیت کے لیے آمادہ کرنے کے لیے شعر و شاعری کی مجلسیں، جلسے جلوس، کتابیں یا اخبارات اور رسالے ہی کافی ہوتے۔ تاہم موجودہ دور میں ان عناصر کی اثرپذیری ٹیلی ویژن کے سامنے ماند پڑچکی ہے۔ پڑھے لکھے، وطن پرست، سلجھے ہوئے ذہن کے مالک، تحقیق اور مطالعہ کے خوگر، تاریخ کے اسباق سے واقف، اور تجزیہ نگاری کے فن سے آراستہ نئی نسل کے کئی صحافی عوام کی ذہنی تربیت اور رائے سازی میں ایک نمایا ں کردار ادا کررہے ہیں،ا ور اس امر میں مذہبی رہنمائوں،سیاستدانوں، شاعروں، اور ادیبوں سے آگے نکل گئے ہیں۔ ایسے چند ہم عصر پاکستانیوں میں انصار عباسی، لیاقت حسین، احمد غامدی، زید حامد،کامران خان، ندیم ملک، کاشف، ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود، حامد میر، یاسمین منظور، شاہین صہبائی جیسے نام شامل ہیں۔

    ان دانش وروں میں ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود ایک نمایاں مقام رکھتے ہیں۔ ڈاکٹر شاہد 9/11 کے امریکی سانحہ کے بعد منظر عام پر آئے۔ انہوں نے اپنی ابتدائی زندگی کا ایک بڑا حصہ سعودی عرب کے شہروں طائف اور ریاض میں گزارا، اور ریاض کے پاکستانی اسکول میں تعلیم حاصل کی۔ بعد میں ڈی جے سائنس کالج کراچی، اور سندھ میڈیکل کالج کراچی سے طب کی ڈگری حاصل کی اور وہاں سرجری کی تعلیم بھی دی۔ اس دوران وہ ایک طالب علم کی حیثیت سے پیپلز اسٹوڈنٹس فیڈریشن سے بھی منسلک رہے۔

    ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود نے دبئی سے ‘اے آر وائی’ ٹیلی ویژن سے اپنا ایک پروگرام شروع کیا، جس کا نام ویوز آن نیوز’ تھا۔ اس میں ان کے متنوع بین الاقوامی موضوعات، اور اس وقت کی امریکی عراقی’ جنگوں وغیرہ نے انہیں چٹپٹے پروگرام کرنے کے مواقع فراہم کیے۔ بعد میں وہ اے آروائی سے اختلافات کے بعد جیو ٹیلی ویژن نیٹ ورک میں آگئے ۔ یہاں سے حکومت انہیں پاکستان ٹیلی ویژن لے گئی، اور وہاں بھی اس باکردار شخص نے بدعنوانیوں کے ایسے انکشافات کیے کہ انہیں وہاں سے بھی نکالا مل گیا۔ مگر ایک مرتبہ پھر جیو نے اپنے کھلے دل کے ساتھ انہیں خوش آمدید کہا۔

    ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود ایک سچے پاکستانی ثابت ہوئے۔ وہ اس امر پر یقین رکھتے ہیں کہ پاکستان بین الاقوامی سازشوں کا شکار رہتا ہے، اور دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ در اصل عالم اسلام کے خلاف ایک ایجنڈا ہے۔ وہ لگی لپٹی کہنے کے بجائے سادہ اور راست بات کرنے کو پسند کرتے ہیں۔ ہم یہ کہہ سکتے ہیں کہ وہ صحافتی سفارتکاری کے داﺅئو پیچ کو نظر انداز کرتے ہیں۔ چنانچہ اس جذباتی رویہ کی بناءپر وہ ایک بڑی تعداد میں ناظرین میں مقبولیت رکھتے ہیں۔ دوسری جانب ایک محدود طبقہ ءفکر ان کے جذباتی انداز سے اتفاق نہیں رکھتا۔ یہاں تک کہ جیو نیٹ ورک نے بھی ان کے پروگرام کے لیے ایک مخصوص قانونی نوٹس تیار کیا جو ان کے ہر پروگرام سے پہلے دکھایا جاتا ہے، اور ان کے پروگرام کا نام بھی اسی کے مطابق رکھا گیا (میرے مطابق) ۔چنانچہ پیر 23 نومبر 2009 کے پروگرام میں جب وہ سامنے آئے تو ناظرین انہیں دیکھ کر حیران رہ گئے۔ وہ ایک زیرزمین پناہ گاہ سے اپنا پروگرام نشر کررہے تھے۔ سوجی آنکھیں، رقت آمیز لہجہ، اور اپنی زندگی سے ایک مایوسانہ انداز فکر۔ انہیں چند پاکستانی حکومتی شخصیات کی جانب سے ہراسانی اور جان لیے جانے کی دھمکیوں کا سامنا ہے۔ اور متحدہ عرب امارات میں اپنے رابطوں کو استعمال کرتے ہوئے دبئی کی امارت سے ان کے پروگرام کو نشر کرنے پر ایک مرتبہ پھر پابندی عائد کرادی گئی ہے، اور یہ چیلنج دیا گیا ہے کہ یہ پروگرام پاکستان آکر کرکے دیکھو، مزا چکھا دیا جائے گا۔

    گزشتہ دنوں جب وہ ڈاکٹر بابر اعوان کا انٹرویو کررہے تھے، اسی وقت یہ ظاہر ہوگیا تھا کہ ان کے چبھتے ہوئے براہ راست سوالات حکومتی عہدہ داران کے لیے ناقابل برداشت اور ناقابل معافی ہیں۔ ڈاکٹر شاہد نے کرید کرید کر متعدد بار بابر اعوان سے پوچھا تھا کہ کچھ تو بتائیے کہ حکومتی اعلی ترین شخصیت کے بنک اکاﺅنٹ میں 60 ملین ڈالر کی خطیر رقم کہاں سے اور کیوں کر آئی۔ اور ان سوالات کا جواب ایک ہی تھا ۔۔۔ خاموشی۔۔۔ یا ایران کا جواب توران ۔۔۔ اسی انٹرویو کے دوران زچ ہوکر بابر اعوان بولے کہ ہم بھی دیکھتے ہیں کہ این آراو کے غیر موءثر ہونے پر ہمیں ضمانتیں کرانا ہوں گی، یا ’کسی اور‘ کو۔ چنانچہ اب ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود کو خود ہی ایک مسیحا کی تلاش ہے، جو ان کی جان ایسے عناصر سے چھڑا سکے جو اب ان کی جان کے درپہ ہیں۔ اب تو این آر او بھی انہیں سایہ فراہم نہیں کرسکے گا۔

    موجودہ پاکستانی سیاسی منظر نامہ کوئی خوش آئند نہیں ہے۔ ملک کی دو بڑی سیاسی پارٹیوں نے آپس میں کچھ گٹھ جوڑسا کیا ہوا ہے۔ اس کے پیچھے ان کے ایک جیسے ذاتی مفادات وابستہ ہیں، جسے ’من ترا حاجی بگویم، تو مرا حاجی بگو‘ جیسی صورت حال کہا جاسکتا ہے۔ چنانچہ ایسی صورت حال میں جب کہ ایک موءثر حزب اختلاف موجو د نہیں، نوزائیدہ پاکستانی جدید میڈیا کے ناتواں کندھوں پر ہی یہ ذمہ داری آن پڑی ہے کہ وہ ملکی مفادات کے خلاف ہونے والے اقدامات کے خلاف آواز اٹھاتا رہے۔ دوسری جانب دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ فوج خود ہی لڑ رہی ہے، اور اس میں حکومت کی شرکت خاطر خواہ سطح کی نظر نہیں آتی۔۔ بجز اس کے کہ وزیر داخلہ گرما گرم بیانات دیتے نظر آتے ہیں۔

    پیارے قارئین، آپ جانتے ہی ہوں گے کہ ایسے تمام بہادر اور باکردار صحافی حضرات کو جو معاشرتی، اور حکومتی بدعنوانیوں کے پردے چاک کرتے ہیں، ڈھکی چھپی دھمکیوں اورحقیقی خطرات کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے۔ اب دیکھنا یہ ہے کہ ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود ، جو ایسے آڑے وقت میں محترمہ شہید بے نظیر بھٹو کو بھی یاد کررہے تھے، ان کا ساتھ دینے کون آگے بڑھتا ہے۔ امید ہے کہ اس کڑے وقت میں نہ تو جیو نیٹ ورک ان کا ساتھ چھوڑے گا، اور نہ ہی آزاد دنیا کے صحافتی اور انسانی حقوق کے ادارے، اور نہ ہی ان کے ناظرین۔

    23112009 – Tuesday, 23 November 2009
    اگر کسی قوم کے رہنما خود روشن خیالی سے عاری ہوں تو ان کی ماتحت بھی ہمیشہ تاریکی میں ہی رہیں گے۔۔۔
    ( ایک چینی کنگ فو کہاوت)
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    The Justujumedia hereby grants a fair usage license for publishing this piece without any changes.

    (This content can be found at many Urdu websites.)

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  8. Ms. Farzana Shah, “Journalist in Peshawar”, your comment has been removed from this blog because you use racist language and comment about Black Water when the post is about something else completely. In the future, please only make comments relevant to the post. Second, you ask me if I will question fake stories by New York Times. But this blog is not called “American Media Watch” that job is already done by countless people and they do not need my help.

    I hope in the future someone who has written for PakTribune, Asian Tribune, and Dawn will be more professional so that I do not have to delete your comments.

  9. Dear Admin,
    Its commendable that you are spending from your own pocket to bring issues to light but what hurts is who are you serving with this hype creation. I think as some friends have rightly pointed out, what stops you from exposing American media slanderous news which hurt Pakistan perception around the world. It would be much appreciated if you are able to focus on any media covering Pakistan rather than putting up sensational ads against major Pakistan Newspaper. We have got enough negative pubilicity in world and need son of soils who highlight the sacrifices made by our people.

  10. Imran bhai,

    You make a compelling case for exposing incorrect news about Pakistan that comes from foreign media including America. I will take your request under serious consideration. I thought about writing a reply to Mr. Seymour Hersh’s article, but I did not want to get outside the scope of this website and was afraid it would be a distraction. Perhaps you are right, though. I would invite you to send any tips for stories that you think deserve to be given attention and you can email me directly at pakistanmediawatch@gmail.com

    I say in my defense to your comment that I think The Nation’s article about the journalist Matthew Rosenberg did more harm to Pakistan in the world’s perception than anything I can do. The proof of this is the letter to the government from 21 of the world’s most respected news organizations. I agree 100% that we need more highlighting of our brothers who every day sacrifice for the good of our country, and that is what I wish to see from TV anchors like Hamid Mir and Dr. Masood instead of the ridiculous stories that they promote now.

  11. sheeren mazari is one of responsible journalist of pakistan having good reputation in her field and i am sure she have also proof for what she wrote as she is serving in one of the best news paper in pakistan for last many years. if wallstreet journal have any problem with her blunt journalism they may initiate legal proceeding against her for which they reserve right, i am sure she will proof the truthfulness of that story and to my mind she will never retraction. as robert thomson wrote that there is danger to the life of matthew but i dont think so, foreigner journalists are very mush safe here if they work under there professional limits.; after this story there is very much danger to the life of mazari as american cia is very much involve in pakistan and very influence in this region, our this brave lady have put her in danger after this story. i appreciate her great job and pray for her life ammin.

  12. Plz with out fact do not start a blame game,tit for tats.USA and Pakisan media has to behave and show some responsibilty ,other wise we all will be struck in a danger game, like Somalia ,Algeria ,now in afghanistan and satrted in pakistan ,labbelling to westren or talbian is really is bad in journalim ,it will endangour the life of journalist and family too,plz stop that silly thing with out fact u cant publish the story,1st publish the source than do silly thing please.

  13. Who ever started this website is indeed doing a great great service to humanity and Pakistani nation. Pakistani journalism is anything but journalism. I am a government servant living in Islamabad… No doubt our press has done a great job on many accounts but its negative aspects are disastrous.I daily read 8 to 10 different newspapers because my job is like this… I am able to compare most of the writings and articles which many readers may not be able to do…. Most of our journalists are illitrate, poorly paid and have absolutely no idea about the damage they might be doing to some innocent people by thier biased and unsubstantiated writings. Hats off to the creator of this site… And please fellows come out with some solid arguments against this site as I think that arguments like “Jewish Conspiracy” and “CIA Involvement” have become too out-dated… We are not that important that Jews and CIA will always be conspiring against us…. they also have other important things to do.

    Open your eyess… face the reality and please improve your weaknesses… Stop blaming each and everything on Jews and the CIA…. We Pakistanis are not perfect… we can commit many mistakes even without Jewish and CIA conspiracies…

  14. The article of Shereen Mazaari is condemnable. she has written this beyond the ethics of journalism. It is not just a mattar of safety of journalist but also a matter non prejudice journalism. Just look what journalist Matthew Rosenberg has done. If he use his resources and went to swat or waziristan then its a job of the journalist to go there show that side of the story whats wrong with that? If he can go there then what stop Mazaari from going swat and waziristan by using her resources. Accustion sitting in the office or using some sources in Islamabad is the lame. The article itself is a very lame attempt to spoil someone’s name and it could lead someone’s live in danger.

  15. i stand by the Nation inshaAllah. its in the hypocrites blood to blame those who stand by the truth and safeguard their dignity.
    Alhamdulilah…the Nation rocks.

    peace be with you all

  16. […] Committee to Protect Journalists, which has already condemned Pakistani newspaper The Nation for endangering the life of an American journalist, wrote that this is evidence of Pakistan’s media environment deteriorating: “CPJ condemns […]

  17. The Nation is a credible Pakistani newspaper that has exposed the black deeds of the Blackwater owned by Eric Prince. Prince is rabidly against Muslims and he has vowed to wipe them off the globe. Now if a newspaper and its revered editor exposed such a thuggish mercenary organization, what’s wrong with it? Blackwater has no enemies; it kills for money. It’s because of the Nation that public has learned about the XE services or worldwide XE if you like, Krestal and DynCorp. Isn’t Wall Street Journal one of Murdoch’s handouts?

  18. Surfer12 shows the distracted way that conspiracy theorists try to influence discussion. Quite clearly the post is about the CPJ condemning The Nation for irresponsible and unfounded accusations against Wall Street Journal reporter Matthew Rosenberg. But what does Surfer12 talk about? He talks about Black Water!

    This article is not about Black Water and it is not about any mercenary organizations. So Surfer12 has no point to make about the topic. I should probably delete his comment because it is not on the topic of the post, but I want to show people what the problem is in our country with trying to bring a reasonable discussion. Once you show that something is wrong, people try to change the subject to something else and refuse to discuss the issue at hand.

    Please only provide comments that are on the topic of the post. If you have nothing to say about the topic of discussion, perhaps you should spend some time thinking about why you have nothing to say.

  19. Dear all,

    I am following the issue since the story published in The Nation, where i served 4 years under the editorship of Arif Nizami and quit when was fired.
    I was trying to abstain from the controversy, as it might be seemed as bias, but what The Nation did against a journalist is really heartening and baseless. Mattew went to Peshawar not tribal areas. In Peshawar there is secretariat for FATA. Every foreign journalist is visiting to Peshawar as it is a settled area. If these foreigners are spies then why ISPR, Pakistan army public relations office, is taking them to Waziristan, Swat, Bajaur, Swat and other tribal areas. No doubt there are some questions in editorial approach of western media regarding Pakistan but that is not the way we are responding to them in a very naive way. Being a journalist i condemn such news reports, which could harm innocent people. Yes, Shirin Mazari is a resourceful strategic researcher turned journalist and she should publish the solid proofs to shut the mouths of everyone inlcuding mine…..

  20. Thanks. Your point is taken in.

  21. The Paypal account of the admin of this blog is being greased by his masters. How low a level can one stoop to, just to make some quick bucks selling his sole.

    Sad of state of affairs.

  22. Mr. Magga News, you are just as bad as your slanderous role models. I have no Paypal account and I get no money for this. Look at this blog. It is a simple WordPress blog. Yet TV anchors and newspaper editors get paid millions to say the most outrageous libels and instead you are trying to say that I am the problem here? That is what is truly sad.

  23. And people lets call a spade a spade. This man.. has chosen a specific issue where a Pakistani newspaper has been called slanderous and propagating falsehoods and then he took this and advertised it. This clearly clearly shows what his real agenda is…


  24. There is no doubt what so ever that we Pakistanis are credulous and believe in every word communicated to us by media. It has been very unfortunate since we began as a nation that we are always blaming others for our own problems, making baseless stories against others as we can see in Mathew Rosenberg’s case. All these we do is just a tactic to avoid our problems rather than fixing them timely. Keeping in line with all the norms of journalism, we need to avoid these type stories.

  25. This so-called mediawatch is outcome of the fight between the Mirs and the Nizamis. The problem with media in Pakistan today is that it is becoming party to political affairs, instead of only reporting on them.

  26. hey
    i found this blog link on the The News website. Wonder if it is involved in
    the slanderous campaign against another competitor.

  27. Hi Mr. Anonymous “Cold Coffee”. No, there is no involvement with The News or any other media competitor. I think most media types would not like us very much since all we do is point out their mistake. LOL. But your sneaky attempt at anonymous slander of our website was clever. Too bad it is so wrong. Better luck next time.

  28. ڈاکٹر شیریں مزاری بلیک واٹر کے بارے میں انتہائی شاندار اسٹوریز دیتی ہیں، اُن کی کسی اسٹوری پر شق نہیں کیا جاسکتا، کیوں کہ وہ جس طرح لوکیشن بتاتی ہیں کہ بلیک واٹر کہاں کہاں ہے، اس سے ثابت ہوجاتا ہے کہ بلیک واٹر پاکستان میں نہ صرف ہے بلکہ دہشت گردی میں بھی ملوث ہے۔ ڈاکٹر شیریں مزاری آپ کا بہت شکریہ امریکی دہشت گردوں کو بے نقاب کرنے کے لئے۔

  29. Any forum or blog working with honest intentions would never post anti-competitor adds on a rival channel websites. I saw this add through Google Adds on http://www.geo.tv and I’ve read above that people spotted it on The News website too. It is indeed a shame if one of the biggest Media group (whom i was supposedly a big fan of) is trying to hit their rivals below the belt. I may not fully support what Ms Shireen Mazari wrote but the negative propaganda you people are creating is indeed shameful. You have got every right to express your view on the blog but not pay people to read your propaganda. And I’m sure you are getting paid much more than what you are investing back from your own pocket to spread the false propaganda.

  30. It is indeed a shame if one of the biggest Media group (whom i was supposedly a big fan of) is trying to hit their rivals below the belt.

    What are you talking about? “Biggest Media group”? This is a simple blog that I set up.

    I may not fully support what Ms Shireen Mazari wrote but the negative propaganda you people are creating is indeed shameful.

    All we have done is tell the truth. How is that shameful?

    You have got every right to express your view on the blog but not pay people to read your propaganda.

    I do not pay anyone to read anything.

    And I’m sure you are getting paid much more than what you are investing back from your own pocket to spread the false propaganda.

    Really? I think maybe you need to re-think. This is the funniest conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Now it is media watch blog that is somehow spreading propaganda? I ask you Mr. Favad Qaiar, what is the propaganda here? What is false? What is incorrect or not backed up with identified sources and facts on this blog? When we have made mistake in the past and that mistake was pointed out by commenter Mr. Aamir Mughal, we corrected the mistake and publicly thanked Mr. Mughal for his correction. You accuse me of propaganda and spreading falsehoods with no evidence. Now it is you who are acting shamefully.

  31. Relax ladies. Its just an article!
    Americans and Europeans will always make a fuss about their own breed, while showing no concern against the terrorism and violation of human rights caused by themselves or their allies. Their newspapers can publish cartoons of Muhammad but cannot publish something pertaining to brutality at the part of Jews (Israel) on Palestinians. They can publish news on American and British Muslims being involve in terrorist attacks but cannot publish something on innocence of Dr. Afia Siddiqui. They simply cannot tolerate other people pointing fingers at them. Whether with proven or unproven facts, I think the article in ‘The Nation’ has virtually exposed western attitude towards Asians specifically Moslems. May it be their politicians or may it be their journalists, they simply cannot stand us! JAGO Pakistan JAGO!

  32. >>But this site is Pakistan Media Watch, and not American Media Watch. That job is already taken. LOL.

    Why are you spending a pile of money in order to be an american stooge?
    Let’s say Shireen Mazar might be exaggerating, but in my view, the news sources from your American masters are much more bigoted and biased. I am not new to all their news sources and my conclusion is: they aren’t even worth the pile of crap in my garage.

    You might wanna visit
    http://www.ifamericansknew.com and

  33. Whenever there any comment or even a hint of comment reagding the respectable journalists of the western papers, the hue and cry is LOUD and clear. I am not saying that what has been published is right or wrong as the newspaper may have a “valid” source Or it was misguided, but the point remains that there was not even a squeak when a respected journalist like Mr. Ansar Abbasi was branded as Taliban or when a reknowned US journailst was caught using the false name of “bin Ladin” while reporting in Pakistan right after the 9/11 and Afghan invasion. She is still respected and her act was considered very respectful. Knowing the USA, you can expect anything. They invaded Iraq based on pathetic lies – and still stand by those exposed lies with their HONORABLE Media’s support. Now wouldn’t a respected society try these people of war crimes being responsible for hundred of thousands of deaths of innocent people…..I can keep going on and on…..

  34. Mr. Admin,

    Your ad is appearing in geo.tv website. Is this also for free?

  35. @Zahid I am not spending any pile of money. This is very inexpensive website. Not like The Nation which is very wealthy and is read by many lakhs of people. And your calling me ‘American stooge’ is beneath dignity. You think calling bad names is a way to debate? Please, use the brain Allah gave you. And look at the rest of your comment. Very bad logic. You say maybe Shireen Mazari is wrong but so are Americans. From reading your comment, your point seems to be “The Americans are bad. We should act just like them!” I think Pakistan can do better.

    @Sayef Hussain Please read the comments that are already posted answering this question. Next time, please read other comments before you post something redundant.

    @Yousuf Ahmad Your comment has very bad logic. Basically what you are suggesting is “Two Wrongs Equal Right.” USA invaded Iraq based on lies has nothing to do with this post and does not make it okay for The Nation to act irresponsibly. From reading your comment, your point seems to be the same as your friend Zahid who posted earlier. You both think “The Americans are bad. We should act just like them!” Again, I think Pakistan can do better.

  36. I am not asking you to judge my logic as I have never questioned yours. All I am trying to convey is that why there is such a huge outbreak when the honorable western media is pointed.
    And if Mr. Rosenberg is so innocent, why doesn’t he act like a true American and sue the Nation. I hope this does’nt sound illogical your very logical and just self.

  37. any post of the jobs of govt:

  38. Might be Mr. Klasra had some evidence. If the news report is baseless, it is a wrong thing. But, to terrorize or threaten someone (Like Editor WSJ did ) you need power, not moral justifications, which you dont have. So stop discussing it further

  39. Hey Mr. Admin
    I recently wrote that I found this link on The News and geo website.
    which set u off a bit and u had some harsh remarks about me.

    Iam sure you have the best intentions for setting up this blog,which I admire ,but for the sake of neutrality and impartiality, it looks kind of odd and in bad taste,when good blogs like yours have to advertise on competitor websites.There are a million other websites,where you would be able to get your message.

    My intention was not slander and you have my apology I you thought otherwise.


  40. Mr. coldcoffee. I appreciate your kind words, and I apologize very sincerely if I had made some harsh remarks. I have been getting severely attacked lately on this site and in my email and it has taken its toll on me and I’m afraid sometimes I have overreacted. Your advice is very good and wise, and I will certainly keep it in mind if I do any more ads for this site. My intention with this blog is only to encourage Pakistan’s media to be the best that it can be. Especially right now when the world is watching us so closely, we cannot afford to look foolish in our own media.

  41. hi mr admin where are you going with this website , i mean what is its purpose . ur talking bout conspiracy theories and things like we “Open your eyess… face the reality and please improve your weaknesses… Stop blaming each and everything on Jews and the CIA…. We Pakistanis are not perfect… we can commit many mistakes even without Jewish and CIA conspiracies”

    well u got 2 open ur eyes ur posting ur ads on a competitiors website plus what the hell is CIA doing in islamabd plus ur 6 brothers caught at sargodha with american passports are they just tourists wit guns and fake ids .Its time that people greedy like U stop promoting american interests who went to Iraq for damned “weapons of mass destruction” and are still there for oil and they are here for ur nuclear weapons and they have hired people like u to promote their interests

    if u are honest and bold enuff dont delete this post andlets see wat people hane to say

  42. plus man watch ur mouth u look like a rookie who is unable to tolerate some slack ! come on groupas ur psoting something serious and mature … and stop writing lol like kids

  43. pardon my spellings im not paid by AMERICANS , as MR ADMIN is

  44. @Hassan Altaf LOL! Wow man, calm down! I’m really worried about you! Three comments in a row like that. :))) I suggest you stop watching Zaid Hamid’s craziness and learn to think for yourself. If you think I am promoting American interests, I think you have not actually read any of this blog. Honestly, I think it’s very interesting that people mostly only comment on this same post and not the other ones. And still all the critical comments are very much similar. Just whining about seeing some ad on GEO TV website or something. Then saying some bad things about Americans which is very easy to do and then trying to say that I am working for American interests. But still you don’t say anything about the actual post. How boring.

    If you are honest and bold enough, maybe you will comment on the actual post instead of only accusing me of things based on no facts at all.

  45. I like Shireen Mazari. She truly is a professional journalist. All these Americans ranting and whining about her can go to hell for what I care. We all know how credible the American journalism is. American journalism is a joke, just look at any news channel of theres. Nothing but western propaganda.

  46. PAKISTANI media is doing a good job specially geo group.keep it up.

  47. It only makes obvious that Americans cannot taste the pudding they forcibly make others to gulp.Although a woman,Ms.Mazari is seeming to give a tough fight to her American couterparts.The Americans must have a stomach to digest something acerbic in this war of words.

  48. Another Conspiracy Theory:
    Ms. Mazari using her propaganda machinery to promote her and her party’s ideas.
    American using an intellectual muscle to negate it via a blog….offcourse the zionist mind is behind it.

    Simple Solution:
    Ms. Mazari get hardcore proof of her claims and we will support to hang him (no more Kashmir Singh this time…)
    Wall Street Journal sue Ms. Mazari….and she be banned from the profession of journalism
    But nothing such will happen as we are living in the time of hyprocrites

  49. @Zulfiqar Ali That is quite a conspiracy theory you have there! LOL!!! As for your simple solution don’t you think Mazari would show her evidence if she had any? She has been humiliated around the world and she is silent because she knows she has nothing to say.

    I am closing comments on this post because first of all it is an old post and second the comments are not about the post at all but are only people posting insults and silly conspiracies of their own that have nothing to do with the topic. Now you can read the other posts on this blog and maybe you will learn something. You can make your comments there, but please only post the comments that are on the topic.

  50. […] The two groups that are criticized in the article are militants and state agencies. Obviously, militants believe that they can threaten and silence the media, for example the incident of the Peshawar Press Club bombing. And there have also been some cases of state agencies putting pressure on individuals as well, not only in Pakistan, but in all countries. And there are, sadly, even some pressures from politically motivated media like the case of The Nation accusing reporters of being spies. […]

  51. […] of being a spy. This group letter to the Minister comes following public condemnation from Committee to Protect Journalists and an appeal from the editor of The Wall Street […]

  52. […] against alleged spies of all sorts. The Nation became internationally notorious last year when it accused an American journalist of being a spy with no evidence. Unfortunately, this has happened […]