We MUST have fatwas issued against terrorism!

Dec 8th, 2009 | By | Category: The News

In the “Opinion” section of “The News International” one will find an absolutely baffling piece entitled “Rawalpindi carnage.”

Though I truly believe the author, Mir Jamilur Rahman, did a great job of emphasizing the vast amounts of work that needs to be done for national security, the baffling points he makes regarding fatwas beg to be addressed.

Mr. Rahman writes, “Interior Minister Rehman Malik has urged the ulema for the umpteenth time to issue a fatwa against suicide attacks, who have always obliged proclaiming that terrorists cannot be Muslims because they are murdering the same. Malik calls them kafirs but such statements have becoming hollow and reflect growing frustration on his part…It is illogical to think that a fatwa can restrain suicide bombers from killing those of the same faith as them. Many murders, kidnappings, rapes and highway robberies take place every day in Pakistan, all committed by Muslims against Muslims. If terrorism can be stopped with the power of the fatwa, then the interior minister should also try issuing fatwas against just about any criminal in the country, thus bringing about peace in the society. Malik will agree that this is wishful thinking because human nature never changes. Muslims have been killing Muslims since the early days of Islam and will probably continue to do so till the end of time.”

Therein lies the confusion! I would hope that Mr. Rahman understands that although Muslims have been killing their fellow Muslims since the early days of Islam, they do so under a false interpretation. They have been told by so-called religious teachers and scholars that the intricate concept of jihad is actually simple and all it demands is that we kill kafirs and Muslims that are not behaving properly. This is something that needs to be addressed by intelligent, well-educated Islamic scholars, who MUST issue fatwas against suicide bombings and attacks.

We must, as a society, separate terrorist acts from our previous Islam. For the misguided and emotionally torn, perhaps seeing another religious figure declare suicide attacks “UNislamic” will make all the difference. We must inject this debate of Islam into our society, and promote discussion.

Rehman Malik is correct in his urging of the ulema; we need to see the ulema step up and rise to this challenge that Islam is facing. The whole world is watching us, and we must allow true Islam to prevail in this crisis.

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