Ahmed Quraishi – American Political Consultant?

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Profile page for Ahmed Quraishi on website of American Association of Political Consultants

Profile page for Ahmed Quraishi on website of American Association of Political Consultants

This was sent to us as a tip and got our attention immediately. The dear reader alerted our attention to the fact that Ahmed Quraishi is listed as a member of the American Association of Political Consultants. This is obviously something that is very curious because Mr. Quraishi has made a name for himself in the media as a very anti-American commentator both on TV and in the newspapers.

Actually, on his personal website, Mr. Quraishi lists recent articles that he has written and the majority of these articles have some negative comments about the US. This leaves us wondering about the question of who are Mr. Quraishi’s American political clients and what are their interests? Are they paying Mr. Quraishi to say some things about American foreign policy?

A vital part of any honest media is for transparency as to where the journalist is receiving compensation from that could influence their talking points. If Mr. Ahmed Quraishi is an American Political Consultant with ties to the foreign policy establishment, he has every right to this career. But Quraishi should be transparent about who his political clients are so that readers and viewers can know if there is some possibility that his views are representing some other foreign interest other than Pakistan and whether his talking points are being provided by some American political client.

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  1. I have no concern about AQ but one should be correct while writing a post. I just visit the page and found these words. pls read below
    You need to be a member of American Association of Political Consultants
    to add comments!

    I think we all need to comment on the article/ write-ups there and for it one should be the member.

  2. According to the American Association of Political Consultants
    website, the org was created in 1969 and today has 29 members. Not something to worry about …

  3. Whether AQ is a member there nor not is not the issue.

    The issue is the way he and ZAID HAMID typoz keep dragging USA INDIA ISRAEL in each and every issue we are facing.

    AQ looks like a typical ISI cyber activist seriously. Just look at his column and articles. All he does is tarnish the image of politicians while never bothering to touch ARMY.

    When you try to comment, they will not allow all comments which go against their views. They will happily allow all comments who praise their views or website.

  4. By the way i tried commenting there and my comments get deleted, just because the views dont match. I have to keep on posting them again and again to appear there, FINALLY. Comments using bad lingo supporting their own views are welcomed. Goes to show the intent behind the website

  5. An individual self-sufficient style in BBC inside the Tv show. He still has a genuinely difficult immigration scheme. He managed to graduate for the Harvard Higher education. At present he provides the 1 Airwaves Show. He do not like any United states of america us president.

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  7. This guy is Botticelli so don’t need to worry but Express owner who launched this channel to beat Jang group must take notices about his hate speeches against Respectable teachers, otherwise u know the blood pressure of the students can raise any time .

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