Merey Mutabiq: What is the point of the show?

Dec 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Merey Mutabiq

For the average Pakistani, what is the point of Merey Mutabiq? One could hardly recall a program of Dr. Shahid Masood in which he had discussed the problems or individual issues that most people of the country face. If at all he had any viwership, he is fast losing that due to a particular set of persons always appearing in his program and giving one sided and half-baked truth. Rather, his show seems to focus only on insider political questions that promote his particular point of view. For the average Pakistani, who cares?

Now that the Supreme Court has given the verdict on NRO, we are waiting for the dust to settle and the cases to move forward if there is enough evidence. Already the country is abuzz with feverish speculation about what comes next. Some in our fevered rumour mill circuit are using this opportunity not to make rational analysis of the cases which were made during a specific period of politics and must be viewed in this respect. Rather these rumour wallahs appear to be indulging in wishful thinking that this means the end of the present government, mid-term elections, etc.

The real focus of course is on President Zardari’s fate and future. Apparently it seems that verdict of Supreme Court will strengthen process of accountability. That is good, but strengthening process of accountability requires two sides to be held accountable — bothe the accused and the accuser. If NRO was against democracy because it bypassed the legal process, then assuming guilt for an accused and demanding resignation is also against democracy for the same reason. Yet you will never hear Shahid Masood or any other right-wing TV anchor say such a thing. Why? Because it does not fit their predetermined answers.  

Look at last night’s show. Topic of conversation ranged from government is being confrontational to why won’t Zardari resign. What is the point of this conversation? For the average Pakistani, this is not the main issue. For the sophisticated political person, this is so dumbed down a version of the story that it is not worth the time. Who is Masood talking to? Maybe he is only talking to himself.

Governor Punjab gave a very interesting observation the other day. Why is it that PPP government is always made the subject of criticism? Why resignations are demanded from PPP ministers’ only? Surely some of this is the natural result of PPP being in power. That cannot be avoided. But the fact is that with shows like Merey Mutabiq constantly only talking on and on about these things, the people may become convinced that PPP government is being punished for being the anti-establishment and pro-poor party, rather than any serious crime. So what is the point?

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