Media continues to be source of international embarrassment

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The media continues to be a source of international embarrassment for Pakistan. Not only is there the upcoming article about Shireen Marazi in the magazine The New Republic, but a recent article in The Washington Times by veteran journalist and Editor-at-Large of United Press Intertnational Arnaud de Borchgrave paints a particularly unflattering picture of our national media.

In a satirical piece on Pakistan’s “New Media Dictionary,” Nadeem F. Paracha described “conspiracy theory” as “a theory that is not a theory at all but a hard fact on Pakistan’s TV channels,” where anything goes and where 90 percent of Pakistanis get their news.

For America’s television coloratura of right and left, the modus operandi is to mold rather than inform. In Pakistan, they do more than mold – they fake it. The overwhelming majority of Pakistanis believe Sept. 11, 2001, was the work of two co-conspirators – Mossad and the CIA.

The broadcasts of World War II’s Tokyo Rose were tame compared to some of the outpourings on Pakistani’s 50 TV channels. And “anyone disagreeing with the hard and loud factoids,” Mr. Paracha adds, “is a Mossad/CIA/RAW [Indian] … agent and a possible swine flu carrier who would be lined up against the walls of Delhi’s Red Fort and shot dead during Ghazwa-ul Hind in 2012” – the year of the forecast conquest of India by Muslims, which is also the year of a growing pile of apocalyptic warnings and anxieties about the end of the 5,125-year Mayan calendar. Armageddon is around the corner.

It is bad enough that conspiracy theorists and yellow journalists are creating distractions and confusion within Pakistan. But the fact that they continue to be a source of international embarrassment is confounding. Have these so-called journalists no shame? Where is the “Ghairat Lobby” when you need them?

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  1. Citizens Media Dialogue

  2. Firstly media should review its own moral character,same media praised and eulogized unelected/unconstitutional dictators.Now wanna set new yardstick for morality,that whenever fissure emerge/differences increase between civilen leadership and militry leadership,than it’ll become moral obligation for civilen leadership 2 resign?Is this democratic morality?
    Indeed , this media should stop this weird attitude and campaigning against elected governments to harm the country and democracy,,..!!! This media is working for the destruction of the country , rather than working for political stability and country’s integrity…….they go before working for dictators , than creating a peaceful democractic environment..pity on their performance…a discourtious shame!
    We as liberal believe in all sorts of freedom,including freedom of expression(freedom of press)co-related with responsibility.Unfortunatily media has not shown responsibility,decency,gentle mannerism and commitment towards democratic principles,Media should not work as agent of should respect democratic ideals …in a society where undemocratic lobby is 2 much powerful and resourcefull…
    media is using freedom without any responsibility towards democracy…only democracy can strengthen Federation,respect all provinces culture and tradation…infact keep intact all four provinces togather….entire sindh condemn Dangar (dr)shahid masood &jang group 4 negative remarks about president zardari for wearing traditional and cultural Sindhi Topi,,,,he has rights to critisize Govt’s policies but he has no right to insult Sindhi culture and its centuries old traditions …We want to say Jang group 2 mind its own professional Limits,not follow undemocratic forces guidline……
    Sindh Always Supported Federal parliaminatry politics of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto dismissing the slogans of confederation,independence and Sindhdesh raised by other sindhi nationalists…After Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s assassination Asif Ali Zardari raised the slogan of Pakistan Khappay….President Asif Ali Zardari did not allow extreme sindhi nationalists passions against the punjabi dominated civil military to assume the form of insurgancy….thus president Asif Ali Zardari played a historical role in solidifiying a federal democratic pakistan,at that precarious juncture of the country’s history….Now Urdu media is insulting Sindhi culture and tradations….
    media is main vehicale of change,also can use to create and develop modern democratic mindset.its painful that our media is not educating modern democratic principles,not tell success stories of democratic countries,not able to understand the difference between constitutionalGovt &illigitimate/unconstitutional Govt.”Understand the Difference”
    We are fighting and we’ll continue our struggle against undemocratic/irresponsible attitude of GOE towards democracy and constitutionalism…..instead working on proffesionalism GOE become party,toeing establishments guidelinee,working for undemocratic powers…its main agenda to destablise system,discredit PPP leadership and creat space for undemocratic forces…
    Jang group defeated&humiliated in this (media)war against democracy.Nation clearly watching its anti demo/people role.Every 1 keep in mind,that in this modern age,Govts cannot control free media and anti democratic media cannot stop democratic evolution.PPP should use all its resources to counter such anti democratic moves…..
    Dr shahid Masood is not Journalist…Actualy he’s Agent of Establishment.He is too much baised,he only invite anti ppp,guests,his guest list(gen hamid gul,gen merza aslam baig,roadad khan,shaheen shehbai,insar abbasi aand Ikram sheikh)…if we carefully read and examine media’s content,we can easily find media’s intention.&its anti democratic role… See More…media is pressurising democratic Govt and especialy President to step down,portrying him the most corrupt person of is suggesting that if president asif ali zardari step down,everything’ll be ok…at the same time media is saying that Taliban are our brother Govt & we’ve to talk to them,bring them into mainstream,its all because of USA presence in Afghanistan..we are facing worst sort of terrorism in pakistan and our media’s trying to judge 1996’s corruption forget ojhari camp,18 Oct incident,Shaheed BB’s assassination,attack on srilankan team,mariot hotel… media is accusing us without any proofs,media even forget its professional and ethical is presenting us convicted…we are accussed not convicted.Main Nawaz Sharif admited in his Book”who is traitor..?)admited that inteligence agencies pressurized his govt to made cases aginst Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari,to discredit PPP leadership……media even forget this basic lesson of journalism..that there is difference between accused and convicted…media is trying to present politicians corrupt and trying to project them hero who are responsible for klashankhof and drug culture…Our Judiciary is also not understanding the critical situation…

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