House of Dawn Journalist Attacked

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The latest attack on a journalist in Pakistan has taken place against Dawn journalist Azaz Syed on Tuesday morning. The attack prompted a protest by journalists covering the National Assembly who walked out.

The attackers are currently unknown, but Mr. Syed says that he recently filed reports critical of the military.

Syed declined to say who he thought might have been behind the attack but said he had filed reports critical of the military.

“They were not in favour of Pakistan’s military establishment,” he told his television station, referring to his reports.

He said he was about to file another report and had received a communication that he should not. He did not say from whom.

DawnNews has filed complaints with a variety of authorities to bring quick resolution to the matter:

The DawnNews management has taken strong notice of the incident and is dispatching letters to President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Information Minister Qamaruzzaman Kaira, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar and DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas as well as journalist unions and human rights organizations.

President Zardari has said that government believes in freedom of the media and is committed to strengthening democracy in the country. Let’s hope that he follows through on this pledge by making a full inquiry into this incident and seeing that any attackers are brought to justice. In order for media to be truly free, it must be free from threats and harassment.

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  1. Pakistan is no more safe even for Pakistani journalists what to say international media people.

    Tterrorists and gunmen roaming to hunt progressive
    journalists. How many Daniel Pearl and other Pakistani journalists they will kill.

    My advise to my brother and dear colleuges in pakistan is to be careful
    because the days of terrorists are numbered in my loving pakistan.

    God bless pakistan and God save Pakistan from Yazidi Tola and “Outlawed” Wahabi and Mahavia Tola.

    Washington DC
    former chief reporter/Special correspondent
    APP Lahore

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