Growing List of Citizen Media Watchers

Jan 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories

A dear reader has written us about his new blog that includes a very detailed research and fact-checking of conspiracy theories. One of the goals of Pakistan Media Watch is, of course, to fact check the misinformation that is presented in the media whenever we see it and to promote responsible, informed reporting and commentary in our press. This makes our dear reader’s submission a quite impressive addition to the Blogroll, which we will be splitting into two sections: Media and Media Watchers.

Another excellent source of media fact-checking is by another dear reader, Aamir Mughal’s blog ‘Chagatai Khan.’ Mr. Khan has been a commenter on this blog since the beginning, and I always look to his blog for inspiration as he is one of the best media fact-checkers around!

In addition, there is some excellent media fact checking available on the blog Let Us Build Pakistan. This is a blog that is openly supportive of PPP, so that must be considered, but their media fact-checking is quite excellent and provides and important alternative to the commercial media commentary that still dominates public dialogue.

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