Ahmed Quraishi Makes Dangerous Turn

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It has been a while since we’ve written about Mr. Ahmed Quraishi and his cult of conspiracy theories. Ahmed is still around, but his ideas have gotten so completely crazy that, like his guru Zaid Hamid, they are hard to take seriously enough to even reply to. But something was brought to my attention recently that is quite disturbing. Ahmed Quraishi, writing on his Facebook page, appears to have admitted that he is pro-Taliban and pro-terror.

The incident occured in a comment thread on a post where Ahmed suggests that the bombings in Russia were the result of some CIA/RAW/MOSSAD plot. Because of course nothing bad can happen except that it is done by a CIA/RAW/MOSSAD conspiracy, even if there is video evidence of some terrorist jihadi admitting guilt. As usual, Ahmed will not let inconvenient facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

But what is disturbing is not Ahmed’s silly conspiracy theory. What is disturbing is Ahmed Quraishi’s defense of himself as a “clean shaven Taliban” in the comments. Here is the text of his comment and a screenshot also:

Ahmed Quraishi
@Danyal: Can you please be a man and provide some evidence from my career spanning some 15 years that proves that I have been calling “most mujahideen as agents”? When Chechen “mujahideen” attacked a children’s school in Beslan five years ago, I wrote a defense in their favor, which was prominently published by The News and picked up by western news agencies. One of our brothers from the Chechen movement traced it back to me and made a contact from Dubai to convey their thanks.

I have been and continue to defend and promote the mujahideen in Kashmir and in Afghanistan who are fighting occupations. In fact, the most common charge against me by some of the apologists in the media is that I am a ‘clean shaven Taliban’. And here I have one Mr. Danyal, who thinks some beard and a shabby understanding and knowledge qualifies him to dismiss me as an “anti mujahideen” in one go, just like that!

Please grow up, read and improve your ability to comprehend. When I commented on this specific incident, I was indirectly defending the Chechen resistance fighters. I was making a link to hard evidence collected from Afghanistan in the past four years that indicated that some European spy agencies were setting up training camps to train individuals and send them to Chechnya. This information was first revealed, with stunning details pinpointing the exact locations, by none other than the former chief of Pakistan army Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig. He admitted his information was only half of what is available with our intelligence sources. The point here is that many players from multiple backgrounds can and do operate in conflict zones, everyone working for their own agendas. … See More

And please Daniyal, next time do not assume that a few pieces of hair in your beard makes you a better Muslim than I am. My services for my religion probably exceed yours, but it is unfortunate that we live in times where yesterday’s kids are coming to us today to give us lectures about protecting and promoting our religion and culture. Trust me, this is a sign of decline, because the real heroes from our history who led Islam to glory were not limited in scope as people like you are. Please expand your horizon. Promote your cause and fight intelligently. Speak less and do more. And read, for God sakes, with understanding and depth, before you venture to comment.
March 29 at 1:40pm

Ahmed Quraishi Says He Is Pro-Jihadi

This is truly disturbing, and it makes me very worried. We have criticized Ahmed Quraishi here many times for his poor journalism and outrageous conspiracies. And we will continue to do so. But we do this because Ahmed Quraishi could rather be doing some good for his country by reporting facts and working for positive change.

We do not wish any harm to come to him personally, and if it is true, as he says, that he has become pro-Taliban and accepted the pro-Taliban propaganda that they are “mujahideen” and not simply child killers and would-be dictators, then he has crossed a dangerous line.

Ahmed’s next comment that he is “not a journalist anymore” makes things all the more concerning.

Ahmed Quraishi Says He Is Not a Journalist Anymore

Obviously he has moved into some pro-Taliban/pro-jihadi propaganda for some time now. He says that, “When Chechen ‘mujahideen’ attacked a children’s school in Beslan five years ago, I wrote a defense in their favor,” and that today, “I have been and continue to defend and promote the mujahideen in Kashmir and in Afghanistan.” Inshallah he has not become involved in something worse.

This is a dangerous turn that Ahmed Quraishi has taken. It is concerning not only that he continues with his conspiracy theories, but that he has become openly pro-Taliban and pro-terror. This goes far beyond being simply poor journalism. Ahmed, we beg of you to please think about what you are doing to your country and to stop now before it is too late.

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  1. Dear Moderator,

    Quraishi Sahab is a very dear e-friend of mine. I am amazed that despite having a good background he won’t bother to check the facts.

    More than year ago Mr Ahmed Quraishi a defence analyst had out of sudden declared that Major General [R] Mahmud Ali Durrani is a CIA Agent and I asked him.

    the queries I raised

    1 – When did you become aware of this ‘Closely Guarded Secret’ about Major General [Retd] Mahmud Ali Durrani?

    Question Number 2: Did Major General [Retd] Mahmud Ali Durrani started leaking Information [as per Ahmed Quraishi] when he was From 1977 to 1982 he was Pakistan’s defense and military attaché in Washington, D.C [Incharge of ISI-CIA AFGHAN DESK IN WASHINGTON]

    Question Number 3: Did Major General [Retd] Mahmud Ali Durrani start leaking information [as per Ahmed Quraishi] when he was Military Secretary [1982-1986] to American Backed Dictator General Muhammad Zaiul Haq [1977 – 1988]

    Question Number 4: Did Major General [Retd] Mahmud Ali Durrani start leaking information [as per Ahmed Quraishi] when he was posted as the commander the 1st Armoured Division in Multan, and being the former MS to the president persuaded the then Army chief and president General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq to witness the tank exercise in Bahawalpur desert on 17 August, 1988 [where are those demented Generals i.e. General Retd. Mirza Aslam Beg and Lt. General Retd. Hamid Gul who wind up the investigations of General Zia’s Plane Crash – Read, Who Killed Zia].

    Brigadier (R) Imtiaz, Death of General Zia & American Conspiracy http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/09/brigadier-r-imtiaz-death-of-general-zia.html

  2. we supprt namoos e rasalat bill . PTI stand for it
    but same time we condemned the Govarner Punjab Suliman Taseer murder act horrible crime have been committed by ??? in this Century we should change our direction stop killing each other. dont be A JUDGE JURY AND GOD .

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