The News Should Take Its Own Advice

Apr 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Jang, The News

Today’s issue of The News includes a very good editorial praising the gathering of editors and senior journalists in Karachi under the Aman ki Asha initiative, and pointing out the important role that media can play in countering misinformation and fostering cooperation and progress.

The editors of The News make an excellent point:

Once people ‘meet’ each other, through the print and electronic media, they may find the sentiments held are not quite so hostile after all. Like people everywhere, Indians and Pakistanis essentially seek an improvement in their own lives and a better future for their children. The media can perform an important service by encouraging the cooperation that can help achieve this.

But let’s take the logic of this statement and extend it – or, rather, bring it back home. Too much of the reporting and “news analysis” that is being published, especially by The News itself, violates the core principles that the editorial claims it is promoting in its Aman ki Asha initiative.

There is a lot of suspicion between people over borders due to misinformation that is used strategically to promote particular ideologies. This is called propaganda. But propaganda does not only occur over geographic borders, it also occurs over political borders, which causes suspicion, distrust, and negative outcomes within our own country.

The people who control Jang may have a particular political agenda, but that should not influence the reporting in their newspaper. Certainly it is appropriate for them to publish whatever opinions they please on the Opinion page and to take whatever position they choose in their editorials. This is the appropriate place for opinion and commentary.

Unfortunately we have seen a growing trend whereby The News blurs the lines between reporting and opinion. This is also a form of propaganda. Rather than performing “an important service by encouraging the cooperation that can help achieve” a stronger and more prosperous Pakistan, too often The News is creating an atmosphere that stifles cooperation and progress.

Take, for example, the recent “news analysis” by Ansar Abbasi. Also, today’s issue of The News includes a column by Farrukh Saleem that is nothing more than a rebuttal to the argument that judges are displaying ‘judicial activism.’ None of this is news reporting, it is opinion. So why does it not appear on the opinion page?

It is good that The News understands the importance of proper and truthful reporting across borders, and the beneficial role that media can perform with honest and proper reporting. But they must also practice this principle in their own home and not be hypocrites when it comes to reporting across political borders within our own country.

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  1. i have visited to this site and found to get the news from different web sites.

  2. Jang Group & Veracity of Transparency International & IRI Survey. Mob of Kamran Khan i.e. Mr. Ansar Abbasi, Mr Shaheen Sehbai, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui and Mohammad Malick are usually very fond of the reports of Transparency International and Survey of International Republican Institute (IRI) particularly when they carry “Corruption Reports on Pakistan. Quite funny isn’t it that the same group often raise hell against US Central Intelligence, Mossad and countless others and these very journalists “conveniently” forget that such surveys/reports could be a brainchild of the Organizations on the payrolls of the same US Central Intelligence Agency and Mossad. One of the Professional Colleague Mubashir Luqman openly said Transparency International an Israeli/CIA Agent:)

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