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Shaheen SehbaiGen. Musharraf

Shaheen Sehbai is back with more of his psychic magic in The News. Today he uses his psychic powers to read the mind of, as usual, President Zardari who he says is ‘on a warpath‘ against, well, everyone. But today’s column takes a new, and troubling direction. While the silliness and contradictions that we have come to expect from Shaheen Sehbai are ever present, there is a dark lining to this new column that suggests something very sinister in the works.

Sehbai begins his column by claiming that President Zardari ‘and his closest minions’ are planning an offensive against the military the same way they are waging a war on “the Supreme Court, parliament, its own coalition partners, the opposition, the media and its own government, even the party and its prime minister.”

Allow me to explain just how devious Zardari is. He has masterminded a war on the Supreme Court by reinstating Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry; on the parliament by signing 18th Amendment to return more power to it; on coalition partners by asking for open discussions and negotiations about difficult issues. He has gone to war with the opposition by consulting them on important issues – how else was the 18th Amendment passed unanimously? As for attacking the PM, handing over powers to him is a strange method of attack.

Actually, it was only a few weeks ago that this same author Shaheen Sehbai wrote that Zardari was all but finished, and that he was struggling to stay in office.

His presidential powers are gone, despite the best delaying tactics that he could deploy. His strategies have failed miserably, examples being not restoring the judges, toppling the Sharif brothers in the Punjab, resisting the nullification of the NRO, getting money from the so-called Friends of Pakistan, appointing his own judges, taking over the ISI, dictating the India and Afghan policy, running the day-to-day government, buying over the media and finally keeping the PPP under his thumb.

So, which is it Mr. Sehbai? Has Zardari gone on a warpath against everyone, or is he a failed President who has given away his powers?

Of course, the truth does not matter to Shaheen Sehbai. This is all a set up, of course, to allow him to publish a new set of rumours. This time, he starts by saying that the President is going to try to cut the powers of Gen. Kayani. Sehbai’s evidence is that “There have been whispers in power corridors for several weeks…” That’s right. Sehbai claims that there is a rumour. He names no sources, of course; presents no evidence, but only claims that he has heard a rumour. Then Shaheen Sehbai does something truly surprising.

Sehbai admits that he is making it up.

Surprisingly, all efforts of this writer, and my team in Islamabad, to get to know the factual position about these structural changes in the armed forces have come to a naught so far.

What?!? Let’s read that one more time…

Surprisingly, all efforts of this writer, and my team in Islamabad, to get to know the factual position about these structural changes in the armed forces have come to a naught so far.

That’s right. Sehbai says himself that he has no factual evidence for anything he is writing. It has been already shown that Sehbai does not have connections in the armed forces, so why should we be surprised that he has no facts? But I must admit that I am a bit surprised that Sehbai has decided to admit that he is just making the whole thing up.

Of course, this does not stop him from continuing with this web of conspiracies and rumours.

Actually, when Shaheen Sehbai does reveal some of the sources of these rumours, they are quite troubling. “Circles close to General Musharraf in London and Washington are already telling everyone…” Wait just one minute. Is Shaheen Sehbai truly writing that his sources for inside information are “Circles close to General Musharraf in London and Washington”?

These are the “whispers in power corridors” that Shaheen Sehbai has been listening to? Not only are these not people in power, these are people who have a very clear agenda against Pakistan. Musharraf is being investigated in connection with the murder of Benazir Bhutto – and Shaheen Sehbai thinks that his advisors in Washington and London are a good source of inside information about the government? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

In fact, Shaheen Sehbai’s entire column appears to be simply repeating rumours started by Musharraf’s advisors overseas. Shaheen Sehbai writes:

This is quoted by the Musharraf people as one more reason for the growing belligerence of PPP against Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who it is said, may be turned into a Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, if he tried to press too hard on the Swiss cases.

We are supposed to believe Musharraf’s foreign advisors about any issues related to Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry? Rubbish.

Shaheen Sehbai really becomes quite cheeky though when he says that officials in the Law Ministry “have opted to go home as they know that these political gamblers will be the first to fly away leaving them in the lurch.”

Remember, all of what he is telling is rumour coming from “Circles close to General Musharraf in London and Washington”. Tell me again who will be the first to fly away?

But knowing that Shaheen Sehbai is only repeating talking points from Musharraf’s Washington and London advisors helps make some sense out of his article. It has been well established by other commentators that Shaheen Sehbai has a history of trying to set different actors against each other. Actually, this is his modus operandi.

Let’s take a moment to go back and examine his present column knowing this:

First, he tries to set government against military.
Then, he tries to set government against judiciary.
Next, he tries to incite MQM against PPP.
Not content to be finished there, Sehbai writes some slander about PM Gilani and tries to create suspicion between the PM and FM Qureshi.

This is what causes me great concern. Shaheen Sehbai has resorted to publishing rumours he has been told by Musharraf’s foreign advisors, and slandering officials in the military, parliament, and the government. He is clearly trying to incite suspicion and doubt between government officials. Normally, I might think he is just trying to get headlines. But the fact that he admits all of his evidence comes from rumours told to him by Musharraf’s Washington and London advisors makes me fear there is something more sinister going on.

Could it be that Shaheen Sehbai is acting as a political operative, not a journalist? If so, what is his political objective? Is he actually trying to pave the path for Musharraf to return to power?

Given all this, a question arises: Why is The News allowing its pages to be used for political propaganda?

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  1. Shaheen Sehbai [Jang Group] Invites Martial Law in Pakistan !

    As per Jang Group of Newspaper/The News International/GEO Television Network’s update 2355 PST, Monday, November 23, 2009 KARACHI: A ban has been imposed on airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ from Dubai. According to sources, the high government officials of Pakistan exerting pressure on the Dubai government had the airing of the program stopped. Geo’s administration has said that this step of the government is tantamount to targeting the freedom of expression. It may be mentioned here that the senior analyst Dr. Shahid Masood was the anchor of ‘Meray Mutabiq’. REFERENCE: Geo’s program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ banned from Dubai Updated at: 2355 PST, Monday, November 23, 2009
    Geo’s Program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ banned from Dubai Updated at: 0009 PST, Tuesday, November 24,2009

    Funny isn’t it that we saw the same “Meray Mutabiq” at 2300 hours dated 23-11-2009 by Dr Shahid Masood on the same GEO TV [Former Chief Executive of ARY One World TV, then Anchor Person GEO TV, then MD/Chairman of State run Pakistan Televison [appointed by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari – President of Pakistan] and then again the same GEO TV. Dr Shahid Masood and Jang Group of Newspapers often pull popular stunt to gain cheap popularity.[that is why Dr Shahid often write Urdu Columns because human memory is weak] One wonder which version of Shahid Masood and Jang are to be trusted? the one who started his career in ARY ONE World – Views on News, the one who used to exploit Pakistanis on Meray Mutabiq on GEO TV, or the one who joined PTV and Prime Minister Secretariat as the Advisor to PM or the one who again joined Jang Group of Newspapers and GEO TV’s Meray Mutabiq [AIK BAR PHIR – ONCE AGAIN] ‘revealing’ that he is dismantled by the government, I wonder after so many somersaults [for earning quick bucks], does even the inept PPP Government need a Zionist Conspiracy to dismantle this comedian, Dr Shahid Masood? One wonders that when Dr Shahid Masood knew everything bad about Asif Ali Zardari & Co then why did he join the PPP Cabinet, he also accepted the post of MD PTV and then again quit PTV and that too when his pay package was discussed [Watch the details of Dr Shahid’s fraud in the videos given in the link with the news filed by the very Jang Group on Dr Shahid Masood]in National Assembly and Senate he filed this story in The News International about Ansar Abbasi and rejoined GEO TV again. REFERENCE: EXPOSE’ ON DR. SHAHID MASOOD Jang Group VS Dr. Shahid Masood & ARY ONE World.

    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor, The News International, should have been ashamed of himself before quoting a wiretap/bug in his so-called analysis above, indeed it is shameful for an editor of one of the “leading” daily to quote Intelligence Agency Transcript. More shameful is that he is committing a treason [violating article 6 of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan] by inviting a Pakistan Army into politics. Read in his own words:


    So then who should do it? After the politicians, in all fairness, it is the prime responsibility of the Pakistan Army, which under Gen Musharraf created this situation and which should now undo the wrongs that Musharraf perpetrated for years. When Musharraf decided to quit as Army chief, he did not, and could not, absolve the rest of the Army generals from the blame they must share. Just by walking away under the pretext of “neutrality” and protecting their ex-commander by giving him a Guard of Honour, as if he was leaving after performing tremendous feats for Pakistan, the generals who collaborated with Musharraf cannot get away from their national duty and responsibility to undo the wrongs.

    But Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has walked away from everything and the poor politicians, led by Asif Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif, have been left with the dirty task of sweeping the stables and washing the left over dirty linen. Still it would be a right thing if the Army decided to correct the situation even now, unless they do not want to take the heat to a point in a few months when the generals will be sucked in, walking in like saviours to save the situation, like it has been happening in the past. Honesty and sincerity demands that the present Army generals put in their bit to help correct the distortions left over by Musharraf. They are the ones with guns to implement decisions. This time their efforts would be in the interest of Pakistan, as against using that power to perpetrate the interests of one man, one general or one junta. I am prepared to offer the following sequence of steps that the Army must take before the politicians are handed over the full reins of the country, the presidency and the Prime Minister house included:

    1) Since Gen Musharraf had imposed an emergency on Nov 3, as COAS, to suspend the Constitution, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani should find a way to undo all that was wrongfully done. It is his responsibility.

    2) Kayani should use his influence to restore the judges to the Nov 2 position, because Musharraf threw them out fearing a judgment against him and as the politicians would never be able to reach a consensus in view of their own insecurities and vulnerabilities. It is also a known fact that Gen Kayani did not appear in the Supreme Court to give testimony against the deposed chief justice when the Supreme Court was hearing the case before July 20, 2007. It has been reported, and not denied, that Kayani was against the sacking of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry when he was ISI director-general.

    3) He should get the NRO repealed to revert the white-washing of thousands of alleged criminals, mostly those who had struck deals with Musharraf, or whose support Musharraf needed to prolong his rule. These people should be made to face normal process of law and clear themselves, as Asif Ali Zardari had done in almost all of his cases. I still cannot figure out why he had to get himself tainted with the NRO when he had been cleared by the courts any way.

    4) Kayani should cancel all the secret deals that Musharraf had made with politicians or foreign powers as these deals are not binding international agreements signed between governments. Gen Kayani or his Army is not supposed to be bound by them.

    5) He should persuade others to set up a National Accountability Commission, with men of undisputed credibility, strength of character and certified competence so that all the corruption cases, past, present and future, are sent to it and anyone cleared by it is genuinely considered an honest and clean person. At present the NRO has cast more doubts on its beneficiaries than helping clear their image.

    6) While all the politicians, bureaucrats and others are made to appear before this commission, Gen Musharraf must also be brought before it and made to face the charges, instead of providing him a blanket amnesty.

    7) When Army power can be used to thrust a one man rule and perpetuate his interests, why can’t Army power be used to undo the wrongs for which the entire institution of the army is facing the blame and Kayani has been forced to push it into the background.

    Let the power of the guns and barrels be used, for a change, in the interest of the nation and the people. It was in this piece that I had politely asked the Pakistan Army to play its role, from behind the scenes, to clean up the mess which General Musharraf had left at the doorstep of unprepared politicians. I had suggested that General Kayani should use his influence to restore the judges to the Nov 2 position. REFERENCES: How to clean up the bloody mess By Shaheen Sehbai Tuesday, September 02, 2008 News analysis How to clean up the bloody mess-2 By Shaheen Sehbai Monday, November 23, 2009 News analysis


    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai/Jang Group of Newspapers have basically violated article 6 of 1973Constitution by inviting the Army in Politics.

    As per 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan


    PART I

    6. (1) Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

    (2) Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    (3) [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.


    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor of The News International also forget as to what his own newspaper has been publishing about what type of negative impact “Army’s Influence” leave on Pakistan’s Politics. Let me give all of you a quote from Jang Group’s News filed one year ago.


    ISLAMABAD: The main wheeler and dealer of the ISI during the 2002 elections, the then Maj-Gen Ehtesham Zamir, now retired, has come out of the closet and admitted his guilt of manipulating the 2002 elections, and has directly blamed Gen Musharraf for ordering so. Talking to The News, the head of the ISI’s political cell in 2002, admitted manipulating the last elections at the behest of President Musharraf and termed the defeat of the King’s party, the PML-Q, this time “a reaction of the unnatural dispensation (installed in 2002).” Zamir said the ISI together with the NAB was instrumental in pressing the lawmakers to join the pro-Musharraf camp to form the government to support his stay in power. Looking down back into the memory lane and recalling his blunders which, he admitted, had pushed the country back instead of taking it forward, Zamir feels ashamed of his role and conduct. Massively embarrassed because he was the one who negotiated, coerced and did all the dirty work, the retired Maj-Gen said he was not in a position to become a preacher now when his own past was tainted.

    He said the country would not have faced such regression had the political management was not carried out by the ISI in 2002. But he also put some responsibility of the political disaster on the PML-Q as well. The former No: 2 of the ISI called for the closure of political cell in the agency, confessing that it was part of the problem due to its involvement in forging unnatural alliances, contrary to public wishes. Zamir’s blaming Musharraf for creating this unnatural alliance rings true as another former top associate of Musharraf, Lt-Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani has already disclosed that majority of the corps commanders, in several meetings, had opposed Musharraf’s decision of patronising the leadership of the King’s party. “We had urged Musharraf many times during the corps commanders meeting that the PML-Q leadership was the most condemned and castigated personalities. They are the worst politicians who remained involved in co-operative scandals and writing off loans. But Musharraf never heard our advice,” Kiyani said while recalling discussions in their high profile meetings.

    He said one of their colleagues, who was an accountability chief at that time, had sought permission many times for proceeding against the King’s party top leaders but was always denied. Kiyani asked Musharraf to quit, the sooner the better, as otherwise the country would be in a serious trouble. Ma-Gen (retd) Ehtesham Zamir termed the 2008 elections ‘fairer than 2002’. He said the reason behind their fairness is that there was relatively less interference of intelligence agencies this time as compared to the last time. But he stopped short of saying that there was zero interference in the 2008 polls. “You are quite right,” he said when asked to confirm about heavy penetration of ISI into political affairs during the 2002 elections. But he said he did not do it on his own but on the directives issued by the government. Asked who directed him from the government side and if there was somebody else, not President Musharraf, he said: “Obviously on the directives of President Musharraf.” Asked if he then never felt that he was committing a crime by manipulating political business at the cost of public wishes, he said: “Who should I have told except myself. Could I have asked Musharraf about this? I was a serving officer and I did what I was told to do. I never felt this need during the service to question anyone senior to me,” he said and added that he could not defend his acts now.

    “It was for this reason that I have never tried to preach others what I did not practice. But I am of the view that the ISI’s political cell should be closed for good by revoking executive orders issued in 1975,” he said. Responding to a question regarding corruption cases that were used as pressure tactics on lawmakers, he said: “Yes! This tool was used, not only by the ISI. The NAB was also involved in this exercise.” Former corps commander of Rawalpindi, Lt-Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani said majority of corps commanders had continued opposing Musharraf’s alliance with top leadership of the PML-Q. “Not just in one meeting, we opposed his alignment with these corrupt politicians in many meetings but who cared. Now Musharraf has been disgraced everywhere, thanks to his political cronies.” REFERENCE: The man, who rigged 2002 polls, spills the beans By Umar Cheema Sunday, February 24, 2008

  2. Similarities between Shaheen Sehbai & Asghar Khan Letters.

    There is no one present when they talk, but there are walls and there are flies on these walls, if not of the biological kind, of the electronic species. Of course, it is generally known that whatever is said within the four-walls of our big secure houses is not only heard by our own spooks and spies but sometimes by even listeners with headphones sitting thousands of miles away. Interestingly, when President Zardari meets anyone, a huge grandfather clock between him and his guest is always ticking. Electronic bugs could always sneak into that clock. According to one such fly, a recent tense talk between the big two of the country was in such a bad taste and in such foul language that the Syed from Multan may have resigned and left for his hometown directly from the House on the Hill, if anyone else had been present to watch his humiliation. That he did not do so was because he did not want to surrender without his revenge. That was before the NRO sh— had hit the roof. The situation as it stands today reminds me of a news analysis that I had written under the same headline as this piece, almost 15 months ago. It was on Sept 2, 2008, before Asif Zardari had become the president that I had said: “The sudden prospect of Asif Ali Zardari sitting on the most powerful and sensitive political hot seat in the country has shaken everybody. There is a greater sense of uncertainty in the political class as well as the civil and military establishment, although the presidential election should have removed the clouds of doubt hanging over the political scene.” Another para had stated: “In short, the leaders and parties are not prepared, or capable, of handling this mess. It would, in fact, be unfair and totally unjustified to expect them to clear the nine-year-old backlog, in less than nine months. Basically, though, the responsibility of correcting the situation is on the elected representatives who should chalk out a plan, call an all-party conference, invite the Army leadership to reach a consensus or whatever, but they seem either not interested or not too involved in petty politicking.” REFERENCE:How to clean up the bloody mess-2 By Shaheen Sehbai News analysis Monday, November 23, 2009

    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor, The News International, should have been ashamed of himself before quoting a wiretap/bug in his so-called analysis above, indeed it is shameful for an editor of one of the “leading” daily to quote Intelligence Agency Transcript.


    Since Judiciary is restored and you can check PLD that what the Judiciary has to say about Wiretapping and Eavesdropping.

    In 1997 the Supreme Court directed the Government to seek its permission before carrying out wiretapping or eavesdropping operations; however, the judiciary’s directive has been ignored widely. No action was taken during the year 2001 on the case of 12 government agencies accused of tapping and monitoring citizens’ phone calls, which has been pending since 1996, and no additional action the case was expected.

    Pakistan Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 2003 February 25, 2004

    The Supreme Court directed the Government to seek its permission before carrying out wiretapping or eavesdropping operations; however, the degree of compliance with this ruling was unclear at year’s end.

    “The government acted in violation of Article 190 of the constitution, which says all executive and judicial authorities in Pakistan shall act in aid of the Supreme Court. Instead of readily and honestly complying with the Supreme Court verdict in the Judges’ case, the prime minister castigated the ridiculed it and implemented it reluctantly in phases. Then there was the allegation of wiretapping of state functionaries, which is also a violation of a fundamental right.”[Dawn 30.1.1997]

    Do note the wording “wiretapping/intercepting of anybody not just state officials” Pakistan Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor 1999 February 23, 2000

    In 1997 the Supreme Court directed the federal Government to seek the Court’s permission before carrying out any future wiretapping or eavesdropping operations. Nonetheless, that same year, a lawyer for a former director of the Intelligence Bureau, charged with illegal wiretapping during Benazir Bhutto’s second term in office, presented the Supreme Court with a list of 12 government agencies that still tapped and monitored telephone calls of citizens.

    It was in this piece that I had politely asked the Pakistan Army to play its role, from behind the scenes, to clean up the mess which General Musharraf had left at the doorstep of unprepared politicians. There was a massive uproar in the country over my article and I had counted 29 columns and numerous TV talk shows attacking me for “inviting the Army to take over”. It was a preposterous charge. But look at what happened in the last 15 months. I had suggested that General Kayani should use his influence to restore the judges to the Nov 2 position. The politicians made him do that on Mar 15. I had proposed that he should get the NRO repealed so that its beneficiaries should be made to face normal process of law and clear themselves. Again the failure of parliament has led to this now being done whether Asif Ali Zardari likes it or not. I had suggested that Kayani should cancel all the secret deals that Musharraf had made with politicians or foreign powers as these deals were not binding. The Kerry-Lugar fiasco and the GHQ reaction hinted at this approach. REFERENCE:How to clean up the bloody mess-2 By Shaheen Sehbai News analysis Monday, November 23, 2009

    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor, The News International, should have been ashamed of himself before quoting a wiretap/bug in his so-called analysis above, indeed it is shameful for an editor of one of the “leading” daily to quote Intelligence Agency Transcript. More shameful is that he is committing a treason [violating article 6 of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan] by inviting a Pakistan Army into politics. He should have asked for Establishing a Commission under Human Rights Commission of Pakistan or any Retired Judge e.g. Justice Retd. Tariq Mehmood to clean the mess not the army. Are 9 years not enough. Are you out of your mind Mr. Shaheen, for Heaven’s sake don’t tarnish the good name of your illustrious uncle [Late. Ahmed Ali Khan – Former Editor Daily Dawn Pakistan – Picture on the Left]. Your earlier cloumn was similar like the letter Air Marshal (Retd) Mohammad Asghar Khan wrote in 1977 to General Zia ul Haq.

    Mr. Shaheen Sehbai/Jang Group of Newspapers have basically violated article 6 of 1973Constitution by inviting the Army in Politics.

    As per 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan


    PART I

    6. (1) Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

    (2) Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    (3) [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.


    Months before the darkest period in Pakistan’s History [Martial Law of General Ziaul Haq 1977-1988] this so-called born again Democrat and Socio-Political Activist Air Marshal (retd) Mohammad Asghar Khan wrote a letter to the chiefs of staff and the officers of the defence forces, asking them to renounce their support for the “illegal (Z A Bhutto’s) regime” and asked to “differentiate between a ‘lawful’ and an ‘unlawful’ command…and save Pakistan.” This letter is considered by many democrats and political writers as instrumental in encouraging the advent of the Zia regime. All the members of the ‘Ex Servicemen Society’ have served during the previous martial law periods and some members are believed to be instrumental in toppling the elected governments. The head of the Society, Air Marshal (retd) Mohammad Asghar Khan was the author of a letter to the then chief of army staff, General Zia Ul Haq in 1977 demanding that he take over the government of the elected Prime Minister, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and hang him at the hills of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. His demand was fulfilled when Zia Ul Haq imposed martial law in 1977.


    But the main thrust of his column was the human rights petition filed by him in the Supreme Court (HRC 19/96) against the retired COAS General Mirza Mohammad Aslam Beg, the former ISI chief retired Lt General Asad Durrani and Younis Habib of Habib and Mehran Banks, relating to the disbursement of public money and its misuse for political purposes, which is still pending hearing by the court. The case was initiated by the air marshal after Benazir Bhutto’s interior minister, another retired general, Naseerullah Babar, had disclosed in the National Assembly in 1994 how the ISI had disbursed funds to purchase the loyalty of politicians and public figures so as to manipulate the 1990 elections, form the IJI, and bring about the defeat of the PPP.

  3. GEO TV’s Tickers & Shaheen Sehbai incite MQM-PPP Clash.


    Talking to media persons, MQM leader Farooq Sattar said that incidents of Karachi were neither ethnic nor political. He demanded that people involved in acts of target killings should be captured. The two sides agreed that no political or ethnic issues were responsible for the recent incidents of violence in Karachi. It was actually some other elements such as land and drug mafias which were involved in these activities, they said. Federal Minister of MQM Farooq Sattar said the Karachi riots are neither political nor ethnic in nature and that not any worker of MQM or PPP is part of these incidents. REFERENCES: – Peace to be restored in Karachi at all cost: PPP, MQM Updated at: 2315 PST, Sunday, January 10, 2010
    PPP, MQM pledge to bring killers to book By Habib Khan Ghori Monday, 11 Jan, 2010
    PPP, MQM declare truce in Karachi By Fasahat Mohiuddin Monday, January 11, 2010
    Mr Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor, The News International always “sees” something which is not there and that’s what he did in his yesterday’s “Trash” which he termed a “News Analysis”. This Term of Accursed “Sindh Card” was first used by the same Mr Shaheen Sehbai to attain some unlterior motives. Shaheen Sehbai had tried to incite Sindhi Punjabi Clash after Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination in 2007. REFERENCE: The contours of a changed, unwritten script Situationer By Shaheen Sehbai Wednesday, November 04, 2009
    All power players focus on constitutional knock-out By Shaheen Sehbai Friday, October 23, 2009
    AND Sindh is angry and Punjab is not helping By Shaheen Sehbai Sunday, January 06, 2008

    The final go-ahead of even this first step has been left to Altaf Hussain as very diplomatically, during the heat of nasty exchanges of vitriolic between Sindhi PPP and second tier MQM leaders, it has been said that MQM’s parliamentary party has asked for permission from Altaf Bhai to sit in the opposition. The next stage would be to pull out of the Sindh cabinet, although the MQM knows that the PPP on its own has a simple majority in the Sindh Assembly and would not be in danger of falling as such. But if the MQM walks out, the rural-urban divide will become a major issue and given the temperature, Karachi and Hyderabad could return to the days of endless turmoil, body bag killings, looting and chaos. But the domino effect of the MQM pulling of the coalition with the PPP will be massive, the London Secretariat of the MQM believes. FATA MPs, who have acquired a critical role in the number game, have already shown in the recent past that they could part ways with the PPP, given their own grievances and the wishes of the quarters, which normally have a decisive say in their major political decisions. Mustufa Kamal is seen by Altaf Hussain as his party’s poster boy and the MQM chief promises to produce one Mustufa Kamal for every big city of Pakistan, should the MQM ever get a chance to do so.

    There is an underlying feeling in some MQM circles that the superior judiciary, especially the current Supreme Court, may still have some lingering anger about the role of the MQM on May 12, 2007 when Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was not allowed to enter Karachi. But another view is that the party may have washed its negative image when it stood up against the NRO and practically blocked it from being moved in parliament, a decision which paved the way for the Supreme Court to strike the law as void ab initio. The MQM’s bold stand that it was not afraid of reopening of any or all of its cases in courts and the underlying confidence in the judiciary may have also restored some comfort level between the party and the judges. All in all the MQM is not much worried about the developing situation in Karachi, specially in the aftermath of the Ashura bombing and the calculated loot and plunder supported by elements in the administration. The leaders are confident of the way things are moving, no matter how shrewdly PPP plays the good-cop, bad-cop game. The MQM leadership is going along, fighting its way where needed and playing soft when required. It appears the future is clear in their eyes and they seem to know the roadmap but they are proceeding with caution, but with confidence. REFERENCE: Is it the end of the road for PPP-MQM love-hate affair? By Shaheen Sehbai News analysis Sunday, January 10, 2010 News analysis

    In his above article he is praising MQM whereas the same Shaheen Sehbai had tried to incite a Clash between MQM and PAK ARMY when he was in Exile in USA through Columns in South Asia Tribune. Mr Shaheen Sehbai (former correspondent of Daily Dawn; former editor of The News; ex Director News of ARY ONE TV Channel; former director of GEO News Network; and presently Group Editor the News), escaped from Pakistan to save himself from the so-called wrath of the establishment headed by General Musharraf, after the controversy surrounding his story about the murder of Daniel Pearl. It was apparently simply to obtain the Green Card for himself, and his family in the United States. Mr Sehbai then started to run a web based news service, i.e., South Asia Tribune, funded through dubious sources, but he suddenly reappeared and closed his website. During his self-imposed exile in the USA, he used to raise hue and cry against the military establishment that he and his family members’ life was in danger, but the so-called danger suddenly vanished after the whole family getting the Green Cards. He then returned to Pakistan and that too under the same Musharraf regime, and joined ARY TV channel, then GEO, and then the News, where he is presently working.

    WASHINGTON, October 17: Dear Readers, this is the final piece on the South Asia Tribune, as this site is now being closed for good. I understand that it may come as a rude shock to many and may create despair and depression for all those who had started to look up to SAT as a beacon of courage and resistance, but this decision has been based on many factors, which I will explain briefly. SAT would be on line for the rest of this month, till the end of October. On November 1, 2005 it will disappear from the Internet. All those who may be interested in keeping a record of any SAT article or report can save it any time before that date. REFERENCE: The Final Word from theSouth Asia Tribune By Shaheen Sehbai WASHINGTON DC, Oct 17, 2005 ISSN:
    Is the Army sincere with Altaf Bhai’s MQM? By Abdul Sattar Issue No 19, Nov 25-Dec 1, 2002 ISSN:1684-2075
    KARACHI: What is going on in Karachi’s No-Go Areas is a mystery known only to the secret agencies of General Pervez Musharraf. Apparently the Army is trying to appease Altaf Hussain’s MQM by hitting out at the MQM Haqiqi Group but in reality the agencies do not want to hurt their own creation. This has led to a stand off between the new Government of Mir Zafrullah Khan Jamali and Altaf Bhai who withdrew his candidate for a cabinet seat at the last minute. Attacks on Dr. Farooq Sattar while taking over an office in the No Go Area of Landhi further compounded the situation for the administration. What has been going on is like a scene of a suspense thriller. After the vociferous demands of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain regarding elimination of these NGAs, President Musharraf gave a statement in favor of MQM and reportedly ordered abolition of all these areas.

    But subsequent statements of his Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider and Information Minister Nisar Memon indicated that Pakistani agencies were still divided over the issue. Both these ministers said there were no NGAs in Karachi and it was a dispute between the two groups of MQM. Their statements gave the first clue that the most powerful agencies of the government were not in favour of abolishing the NGAs. On November 18 Altaf Bhai decided to support the PML(Q) on the assurance that the government would abolish the NGAs. Next day government started the crackdown on the Haqiqi group. Its sector and unit offices were sealed and its leaders including Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan were besieged in the party head office Baitul Humza. But Altaf Bhai got alerted when both Afaq, Amir and other leaders managed to escape, despite the heavy presence of the Rangers and police. They even held a telephonic press conference. On Nov 20 the activists of Mutahida reached Landhi along with Dr. Farooq Sattar, Nasreen Jalil, Abdul Qadir Lakhani and other leaders of the party and tried to take over the head office of the Haqiqi. They were attacked and the female activists of Haqiqi manhandled Nasreen Jalil. Altaf Bhai’s men managed to occupy only three units of Landhi and six others stayed under the control of Haqiqi who were heavily armed despite the presence of police and law enforcement agencies.

    If one compares this operation with that launched against the Altaf Group on June19, 1992, it was clear that the agencies did not want to eliminate the Haqiqi Group. In 1992 when the operation against the Altaf Group started, activists of Haqiqi came along with Pakistan Army and the troops not only allowed Haqiqi activists to torture activists of Altaf Group but some of them were killed right in front of these troops. Those killed included the brother of Haroon Siddiqi, a former Altaf Group MPA who was shot in Unit 83. The army arrested every one. But in the current operation the attitude of the police and Rangers was totally different. When the Rangers besieged Baitul Hamza, Afaq Ahmed and other leaders of the party were inside it. The Rangers did not allow police to get near the Head office of the Haqiqi, thus deliberately delaying the arrest of Afaq. Haqiqi leaders claimed that 300 of its workers had been arrested but not a single prominent leader was named. Most of those arrested were youngsters and students of Matric or 9th class. The Haqiqi Group had close relations with the agencies and an army picket had been established near their head office for a long time, manned by the Rangers. That is why the Rangers were reluctant to arrest leaders of the Group.

    Most of the activists of Haqiqi were armed and present at Landhi No 6, 5,3,4 and 5.5 locations but the police did not try to disarm them. The activists of the Mutahida were also armed but not as heavily as that of Haqiqi. They were present at Babar markets and two other units in Landhi. In Malir, Shah Faisal, Lines Area and Liaqautabad the Haqiqi workers were heavily armed and Mutahida was to face a stiff resistance if they tried to penetrate. Police and Rangers were simply watching as silent spectators and doing nothing to disarm the group. Basically the agencies wanted to convey a message to the government that if these areas were opened to Mutahida there would be serious bloodshed and on this pretext they might discontinue the operation against the NGAs. On Nov 22 an activist of the Haqiqi was fired upon in 2 B Sector of Landhi. He died on the same day. Following his death tension gripped Landhi and the office of Mutahida at Korangi No1 was attacked leaving four people injured. This happened in the heavy presence of the Rangers and police.

    On Nov 22 female activists of the Haqiqi demonstrated in front of the Governor House in Karachi. They were armed with sticks and injured some police officials and tried to capture an armored carrier vehicle of the police. They remained there for over 100 minutes shouting slogans against the government. Interestingly the police did not turn violent giving yet another signal that the operation against Haqiqi was not going to be severe. On Nov 21 an evening Urdu newspaper in Karachi published a report quoting the agencies in which they feared that a bloodbath may occur as both groups of the MQM were amassing weapons and trying to prepare for pitched battles against each other. The same newspaper published a report about the formation of Mohajir National Front, to be led by ousted Secretary General Dr. Imran Farooq. This was interpreted as a psychological tactic of the agencies. It seems that they want to divide the Altaf Group into as many groups as possible, like the Jeay Sindh.

    There are also conflicting views about the crackdown. Some people think that the government wanted the support of Altaf Group for Mr. Jamali and now that he has got through the new regime may not honor the secret deal reached between the establishment and Altaf Bhai. Haqiqi chief Afaq Ahmed’s statement also bolstered this view as he said after the election of the PM, the situation would change. Another view is that the agencies would keep both the groups in the NGAs so that the presence of Rangers and interference of the federal government agencies could be justified. Analysts believe if the government would use the Haqiqi against the Mutahida, Altaf Bhai will not completely cooperate with the PML(Q), thus threatening to bring down Mr. Jamali. Others believe the MQM wants the chief ministership of the Sindh and it seems firm in doing so.


    Are the ‘No Go Areas’ a Recipe for Disaster in Sindh By Abdus Sattar Agha Issue No 17, Nov 11-17, 2002 ISSN:1684-2075
    LONDON: MQM Leader Altaf Hussain’s announcement to wage a war against the establishment has surprised many political observers but the real secret deal under way between the MQM and the Musharraf Government is to accommodate Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider in the Senate on an MQM ticket. Mr Haider recently praised Altaf Hussain as a “very responsible leader” and the sudden attention being paid to the “No Go Areas” (NGAs) in Karachi has given rise to serious speculation that MQM was asking for its pound of flesh before it could consider any concession to the Musharraf regime.

    Analysts understand why General Musharraf did not say any thing about the NGAs earlier during the three years of his rule. He was in the army when his fellow generals decided to form the rival group of the MQM and fully supported them. Late COAS General Asif Nawaz had even publicly stated that if there could be 11 Muslim Leagues, why could not there be two MQMs. On 19 June 1992 the army brought the Haqiqi group to the urban areas of Karachi. Many MPAs and MNAs of the Altaf group were forced to change their loyalty and all this happened at a time when the army was present in the city and a crackdown against Altaf group was going on. It means that Musharraf must have been aware of the fact that there were certain NGAs but he did nothing about them. Even during the recent elections these areas were not abolished and Mutahida was denied entry into these areas. So, what has prompted Gen. Musharraf to give a statement in favor of MQM now. Some believe a secret deal has been struck.

    Analysts also believe that the MQM may again be used against the PPP if it comes into power. As the influence of the party has been reduced in many parts of Karachi, it is essential that Altaf Hussain’s group is provided a launching base for any powerful agitation against the government. According to another view point, MQM might be inducted into the new Sindh administration and for that it would have demanded entry into these NGAs. Others say the former members of the MQM Coordination Committee did not effectively raise the issue of NGAs which made Mr Altaf Hussain very angry. They mainly focused on ministries and privileges which annoyed Mr Hussain who dissolved the Committee. Yet another view is that Mr Hussain was exasperated over the defeat of the MQM in some areas and thought that he was not given accurate reports regarding the party position of those areas. MQM also no longer raises any popular slogan. It has already used the slogan of a separate province and provincial autonomy which became quite unpopular.

    Thus the NGAs are being used as a new slogan, according to this school of thought. Activists of the party were dejected when the party lost seats of national and provincial assemblies from Landhi and it is said that many workers of the party were now sure that Haqiqi could never be expelled from these NGAs so this issue had to be raised to enhance their morale and keep them involved. It is thought the workers of the NGAs are more active in the party than those of other areas and that is why it was important to demand MQM’s entry. Another analysis suggests that the threat to the establishment regarding the abolition of NGAs has been given to divert the attention of the party workers from the internal contradictions and differences of the party because on this issue the workers are more emotional than on any other issue. It is interesting to note that in past MQM has been a part of the government but it did not raise the issue of NGAs as vehemently as it is doing now.

    If after Ramadan the NGAs were not abolished then it would be clear that the slogan of its abolishment was raised to divert the attention of the people from the internal contradictions of the party. Mr Hussain has said that his party would abolish the NGAs itself if the establishment did not do so. This indicates that there could be bloodshed in the city and taking this as an excuse the establishment might resort to impose Governor’s Rule in the province where PPP would be in power. It may be mentioned that the first government of Benazir was destabilized by MQM following the operation of the Pakka Qila in Hyderabad. When the second Benazir government dissolved, she was blamed for extra judicial killings, though Nasirullah Babar, the incharge of the crackdown on MQM, had admitted that MI and other agencies helped him conduct the operation. So it is clear that with whose consent the extra judicial killings were carried out. But these killings were cited as one of the reasons for the dissolution of her government. If the MQM really tries to get the NGAs vacated, it may be a difficult task because most of the die-hard MQM activists had either been killed in fake police encounters or jailed. In the last five years the party has also expelled many militants like Kala Shafiq of New Karachi and many others besides suspending workers like Javed Shahpuri of the Liaquatabad. This, however does not mean that the MQM has no die hard activists. There are still many who are ready to obey Altaf Bhai. If the party tries to enter those areas, there will be great bloodshed which might pave the way for the army government to impose extra constitutional rule on the province or even the country on the one hand and start a crackdown against the party on the other.

    Altaf Hussain‘s warning to those who were trying to create the forward block in the MQM indicates that there are severe differences within the party and the decision to dissolve the coordination committee has been delayed to see that how many people go with Dr. Imran Farooq. This is also an attempt to stop them from doing so. The dilemma is how to abolish the NGAs as they are protected by the agencies themselves. In the past all attempts to do so have failed. During Liaquat Jatoi’s government the activists of the MQM tried to enter these areas but they were resisted by the rival group while Police and Rangers remained either neutral or supported the rival Haqiqi group. The agencies do not want to abolish the NGAs because they are afraid that if the city is given back to MQM, they will go beyond the control of the agencies. These agencies may also try to play games with the MQM. They may ask Mutahida to let Haqiqi work in other parts of Karachi which would be impossible for MQM to accept. It is believed that during the recent elections this offer was made by the Haqiqi and the government which was turned down by Mutahida

    Altaf Hussain has also asked the members of the Coordination Committee to sit at the Khurshid Memorial Hall (named after Mr Hussain’s mother) during his speech. It is thought that this announcement was made so that the loyal workers of Mr Hussain could keep an eye on the activities of his members. The hall has big rooms and is dominated by the APMSO and Labour division of the party who are very loyal to party chief. Altaf’s control on the party is still very firm and sources said that party activists were of the opinion that no body could take the place of the party chief. Earlier Dr Imran Farooq was in direct contact with the sector in charges but now they are all in direct contact with the party chief or his loyalists.


    Musharraf’s Blue Eyed Religious Affairs Minister Turns Out to be Dr. Fake By M A Siddiqui WASHINGTON DC, Mar 9, 2005 ISSN: 1684-2057
    KARACHI, March 9: He is the most high profile Parliamentarian of Altaf Hussain’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and is also projecting himself as Altaf Bhai’s successor, should something happen to the MQM leader in London. He is the blue-eyed boy of General Pervez Musharraf as the General telephones him after hearing his dramatic preachings on the TV. He is the most versatile preacher of Islamic values and morals on home TV screens round the clock. He is a prolific speaker and a successful fund-raiser for charities. He is a junior Minister for Religious Affairs in the huge cabinet of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. But in addition to all these qualifications, young, dapper and the stylish member of the National Assembly from Karachi, “Dr.” Aamir Liaquat Hussain, is a fake and a fraud.

    In a stunning investigation by Karachi Urdu Daily “Ummat” it has been documented and proved that Dr Aamir purchased fake University degrees to contest the 2002 general election, forced the Karachi University officials to authenticate these degrees in a single day and prevented any investigations by the newspaper to dig deep into the unavailable records at the University. The newspaper, however, persisted with the three-month long probe and was able to obtain the copies of the “University” degrees Dr Aamir used to make himself eligible to contest the election for a National Assembly seat on the MQM ticket from Karachi. He won because of the party ticket and when MQM joined the Musharraf coalition, he was made a junior Minister of Religious Affairs in the cabinet. But his fame came from his TV show on GEO TV “Aalim Online” a religious program in which viewers phone in their questions on Islamic issues and he invites two prominent Islamic scholars every week to answer these personal and social questions. He also hosts other religious programs and General Musharraf and his wife Sehba are so fond of his style of preaching and reciting “Hamds and Naats”, specially during the month of Ramazan, that two years ago Sehba Musharraf called him instantly and told him General Musharraf was crying as he listened to his voice on TV. Dr Aamir did not have a graduate degree in 2002 and according to the investigation he approached a web site in Spain, The Trinity College & University, which boasts about providing Bachelors, Masters or even Doctorate degrees, without attending any class or college. “Everything by Email” the web site of the College says right on top with the big slogan: “Get your degree today.”

    Dr Aamir bought his “Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies” degree (Serial No: P-2002227 Dated March 17, 1995), got his “Master of Arts in Islamic Studies” degree (No: P-2002341 Dated March 15, 2002) and his “Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies” degree (No: P-2002528 Dated April 5, 2002). In what may be a world record worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. He got his Doctorate in just three weeks after his Master’s degree, if the documents are to be believed. (see images above) Daily Ummat contacted the Karachi University authorities to find out how these web site Email degrees were authenticated in a single day, in writing, by the then Registrar of Karachi University, Prof. NM Aqil Burney. The Registrar received the application from Dr Aamir on August 24, 2002, days before filing of his nomination papers for the NA election and authenticated his degrees though this letter No PA/2002 Dated August 24, 2002. Click to View the Registrar’s letter of authentication

    Prof. Aqil, however, did leave some elbow room by stating in his letter that the authentication was “provisional” and the final decision would be conveyed to the applicant in due course of time. That decision was neither needed nor taken nor conveyed to anyone as Dr Aamir had used the provisional certificate to get himself elected to the Parliament and the matter was forgotten. When the newspaper contacted Prof Aqil later to ask how he could issue the authentication without referring the documents to the Karachi University’s Equivalence Committee, he admitted that Dr Aamir had come to him with degrees from some Spanish University and since these were not degrees issues by his University, he authenticated them on the spot. His answer was unconvincing to say the least. Prof Aqil kept no record of these degrees and when the newspaper contacted the current Registrar to verify whether any such record was kept, no one could trace the file, as none existed.

    When the newspaper contacted the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad, the official authority on the matter, to verify whether the Trinity College & University of Spain, which issued the degrees to Dr Aamir, was a recognized institution by Pakistan, Director General Mohammed Javed Khan informed the newspaper vide a letter Dated February 23, 2005 that the Trinity College was not recognized. The letter confirmed the forgery of Dr Aamir and abetment in the forgery by Prof Aqil to facilitate his candidacy in the election. Daily Ummat also obtained copies of the degrees Dr Aamir presented to the Election Commission and during the investigation found that the Trinity College had placed exactly similar samples on its web site, offered the same day for a price. The investigation leaves Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain and General Pervez Musharraf in an embarrassing political dilemma. Musharraf has been promoting Dr Aamir as the heir apparent of Altaf Hussain himself and the way his curve was rising was creating serious apprehensions within the MQM circles as well.

    For Musharraf it would be a triple disaster in just a few weeks as Dr Aamir would be the third cabinet minister who has been caught literally with his pants down in the middle of the road. His supporter, PPP rebel and currently a minister, Faisal Saleh Hayat, has already been asked by the Prime Minister to resign as his bail application was cancelled by the Supreme Court and National Accountability Bureau has to arrest him for unpaid loans. Many other candidates in the 2002 elections were disqualified because they were defaulters of loans but not Faisal. Interestingly just before the Supreme Court decision to cancel his bail, Faisal Saleh Hayat slipped out of the country and is now residing in London, considering his options whether to return to Pakistan and land in a jail or stay away.

    Another serious embarrassment for Musharraf has been the Health Minister in the Punjab Cabinet, Dr Tahir Javed who absconded from Nebraska after causing the worst Hepatitis C outbreak in US history and who had forced his insurance company and the State of Nebraska to pay millions of dollars to his victims who sued him. Now the show boy of Musharraf, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain is in the dock. Scores of seasoned politicians, including former minister Syeda Abida Hussain of Jhang, were either disqualified or did not contest the 2002 polls because they did not have graduate degrees. Now we find that some of those who did, committed a fraud with the law and the people. The biggest embarrassment would, however, be for his GEO TV channel because he hosts a program which is supposed to teach moral values to its viewers. The host has now proved to be an immoral person himself.


    Shocking TV interview haunts Dr Aamir Liaquat’s career Daily Times Monitor Daily Times – Site Edition Thursday, May 26, 2005 ISLAMABAD/WASHINGTON: President Pervez Musharraf’s favourite Islamic TV preacher, the minister of state for religious affairs, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, has finally shot himself, not in the foot but almost in the head, South Asia Tribune reported on Wednesday. “The minister, who was already in trouble over his allegedly fake degrees scandal and his sharp criticism of the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and is being replaced by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), despite all his denials, went on record in a TV interview last week and said Pakistan supported Iraqi insurgent leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and what he was doing to US forces in Iraq,” it reported. “Aamir said this in an interview to ARY’s famous host, Dr Shahid Masood, on the subject of a fatwa (decree) issued by some Pakistani religious scholars recently, on whether suicide bombing was permissible in Islam. Aamir had been called to discuss the fatwa along with senior Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed,” it said. “The young and inexperienced minister, a loud-mouth who offends listeners, said such ‘truthful’ things about Pakistan’s policy on jihad in Iraq and Kashmir and even so strongly blasted President Musharraf for supporting the US that ARY TV decided not to run the programme on popular talk show Views-on-News,” South Asia Tribune added. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, who was the other guest on the talk show, was shocked out of his senses when he heard the comments of the minister during the interview. He asked Aamir several times whether he was speaking in his personal capacity or on behalf of the MQM or the Musharraf government. When he was told that he was representing the government’s point of view, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed reportedly could not refrain from making the following remarks: ‘If this is what enlightened moderation of General Musharraf means, who in hell can oppose it. The MMA will fully support the MQM and Musharraf if this is the official policy’,” it said. “The whole show became so ridiculous that ARY decided not to run it, but the tape immediately became a hot potato and was soon in tremendous demand from all interested parties,” South Asia Tribune reported.

    Hafiz Hussain Ahmed confirmed the story of the censored TV show to South Asia Tribune. It quoted him as saying that he was shortly going to protest to the ARY TV Channel for not running the interview, as the minister had repeatedly said that it was the official government policy. “The minister agreed with all the points that I raised and all the arguments for jihad that I made and concurred that it was jihad being fought by Muslims in Iraq and the Pakistani government supported it. I was so surprised that I told him on record that if this is the meaning of enlightened moderation of General Musharraf, we (the MMA) are with you and kon kambakht mukhalifat kar sakta hay (which Godforsaken soul can oppose it),” it quoted him as saying. “ARY officials in Dubai and Islamabad refused to say why the interview had not been shown but Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said he would be protesting to the channel and urging them to release the tape as it would open the eyes of the world,” South Asia Tribune reported. “When Hafiz Hussain Ahmed started asking questions about the interview, the secret service got wind of what had happened and immediately demands were made from the ARY administration to let the authorities have a copy of the dreaded tape,” it said. “Surprisingly, the London headquarters of the MQM also got wind of what had happened in the interview and Altaf Hussain, who had already summoned Aamir Liaquat Hussain to London, also started looking for a copy of the tape,” it added.

    South Asia Tribune quotes US diplomatic sources in Islamabad as telling it that they had heard about the interview and that they would like to hear the tape and what the minister had said about President Musharraf’s policy about suicide attacks by Zarqawi’s men on US forces. It quoted sources as saying later that Pakistani authorities had informed the US diplomats about the contents of the interview and everyone might soon be watching the tape of the interview. “Whether President Musharraf, Altaf Hussain or the US diplomats have received the cassette and heard Dr Aamir’s comments or not is not yet confirmed, but experts in Islamabad said it is only a matter of time that everyone concerned will hear what this outspoken minister had to say and then the chips would fall where they may,” it added. South Asia Tribune quotes sources close to Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, who heard the minister in awe during the interview, as saying that the minister had become emotional while talking about jihad and suicide bombings and was grilled by the host of the programme, Dr Shahid Masood, who almost trapped him into making statements which no politician in such a high political position would make.

    It quotes the sources as saying that Aamir had openly criticised President Musharraf for his pro-US policies and had fully supported the jihadis in Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir, but at the same time he had insisted that suicide bombings in Pakistan were against Islam. “‘Anywhere, if there is one American soldier present, suicide bombing is permissible in Islam,’ Dr Aamir was quoted by these sources as having said on record. ‘There are times when the truth must be told,’ he added in one remark,” South Asia Tribune reported. “The minister was the main sponsor when about 50 Pakistani religious leaders issued the fatwa against suicide bombings in Pakistan, which according to some analysts, was done to please President Musharraf. But in his exuberance the minister was caught on the wrong foot when questioned by ARY and Geo TV Channels about such attacks in Iraq and other places,” it added. South Asia Tribune quoted sources in London as saying that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain had already been told by the army to name a replacement for the minister, as he had become too controversial and out-spoken in his remarks and it was difficult to keep him at the cabinet post.

    “The London sources also revealed a shocking story about Dr Aamir’s brother, Imran Liaquat Hussain, who studied in Iran and later declared himself an ‘Ayatollah’ opposed to the clerics of Iran,” it said, adding, “Dr Imran was arrested in Iran and later came to Karachi where he took up a fight with MQM Chief Altaf Hussain and declared him ‘an agent of Iran, and a mafia don’. He also issued a fatwa calling for Altaf Hussain’s death and accused the MQM of Wall Street Journal’s journalist Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping and murder.”

    “He claimed that the MQM was getting funds from Iran,” South Asia Tribune said.

    “In response to his statements in 2002, Altaf Hussain pressured his father, who was also a senior MQM leader to disown his son and Sheikh Liaquat Hussain did exactly that, saying the statements issued by his ‘Ayatollah’ son were stupid, misleading and provocative and he as his father had nothing to do with these views of his son,” it added. “Imran Liaquat Hussain also has a website where he has numerous press clippings of his war against the MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain. He also supported President Musharraf in the 2002 referendum,” it reported.

  4. As per Daily The News International/Jang Group of Newspapers Pakistan, Tuesday, March 10, 2009, Mr Altaf Hussain [Founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement] while in an interview to the News International Editor, Mr Shaheen Sehbai, said


    Tragedy with Pakistani Political Class is that they never break free themselves from the shackels of Religion in our case Islam. Mawdudi all his life indulged in Dirty Power Politics but in the name of Islam, Bhutto in the end in his Jail Cell asked for Rosary Beads and became Sufi and put that rosary beads around his neck, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari from time to time needed the support of Dam Jhaar [a kind of Magic Muslim Sufi do] so much so Pervez Musharraf and even that Rascal General Zia needed the help of Sufis for Dam Jhara and not a single Ruler succeeded in getting any benefits. Politics should be free from any kind of Religion. What we have here that Mr Altaf Hussain while sitting in LONDON, UK since more than 10 years having British Passport, giving Pakistanis the glad tiding of the Revolution of that Deviant Bloodsucker [Khoon Asham] Khomeini without realizing that Altaf Hussain has himself recently sacked Aamir Liaquat Hussain from MQM for declaring that Salman Rushdie should be killed [I wonder if Altaf Hussain remembers that the Fatwa was issued by Khomeini and Salman Rushdie was British Subject like Mr Altaf Hussain].

    Altaf Hussain and MQM had always stood for Religious Harmony amongst several Sects of Muslims [all are in Pakistan] and both are dead opposed to any kind of Religious Extremism but this recent declaration of Altaf Hussain and MQM [and that too while sitting in cosy and peaceful Great Britain Britain] is beyond everybody’s intellect. When Sunni Extremism is not acceptable then please deal the Shia Extremism with the same yardstick. By the way one thing I forget to mention that Syed Khomeini was a close and very dear friend of Syed Mawdudi of Jamat-e-Islami and everybody knows how extremely this Pervert Jamat-e-Islami and MQM love each other.

    MQM AND Mr Altaf Hussain should be given a glimpse of these Ruthless Khomeini and His equally Ruthless Regime:


    Quotes from just after the Islamic Revolution in 1979:

    “The mullahs are going to rule now. We are going to have ten thousand years of the Islamic republic. The Marxists are going to go on with their Lenin. We are going to go on in the way of Khomeini.” Ayatollah Khalkhali

    “What he [Stalin] did in Russia we have to do in Iran. We, too, have to do a lot of killing. A lot.” Behzad, Iranian interpreter for Western journalist V.S. Naipaul

    “I inform the proud Muslim people of the world that the author of the Satanic Verses book which is against Islam, the Prophet and the Koran, and all involved in its publication who were aware of its content, are sentenced to death.”Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini FATWA issued February, 1989 against Salman Rushdie

    “The mullahs are going to rule now. We are going to have ten thousand years of the Islamic republic. The Marxists are going to go on with their Lenin. We are going to go on in the way of Khomeini.”
    Ayatollah Khalkhali

    “What he [Stalin] did in Russia we have to do in Iran. We, too, have to do a lot of killing. A lot.” Behzad, Iranian interpreter for Western journalist V.S. Naipaul

    “There is no room for play in Islam… It is deadly serious about everything.” Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Speech at Qum, reported in Timemagazine January 7, 1980

    Romanticising Khomeini.


  5. The sagacious leadership of Pakistan People’s Party under President Asif Ali Zardari has brought Pakistan back from the brink with the help of all political parties represented in the Parliament. This country has barely started to become a nation but people like Sehbai have their own childish wishes which are contrary to the integrity of the country. We wish that Mr. Sehbai comes out of that Sehba and starts looking at the world in realistic terms. Mr. Sehbai is advised to correct his knowledge of political science as people of Pakistan, and not Pakistan Army, are the ultimate arbiters. He is further advised not to drag institutions of national security into his petty grudges. This will not serve any one.

  6. Mr. Sehbai should understand that journalism is not just about getting an office of profit which according to some insiders he strived hard for and started this ‘churnalism’ as revenge when the Government showed its inability to accommodate him. He should also know that he may get an official position in Washington (from where he claims to be editing a daily newspaper published from Pakistani cities) in a non-representative dispensation but such an adventurism would have disastrous consequences for the integrity of the country.

  7. It is primarily a wish of political outsiders like Mr. Sehbai that Pakistan Army and democratically elected government opt for the collision course. These are the same people who want a clash between the executive, legislature and the judiciary for their own ulterior motives. However, the political forces which represent the people of Pakistan and the current holders of high offices in other institutions have shown maturity by not getting into the trap of these political actors.
    These political actors keep suggesting to the Chief of the Army Staff and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to unconstitutionally sack the Government and take over the system despite disastrous fallout of such adventurous acts in the past including dismemberment of Pakistan and ruining of the constitutional and legal structures. However, apparently the Chief Justice and Chief of the Army Staff are not buying their argument. One has yet to see any perceived differences between the President and the military growing to the extent of threatening the very democratic system.

  8. You guys have a maligning agenda against people. You seem to be on somebody’s payrole. I am sure this comment will not be posted as it goes against you and alerts the readers.

  9. Pakistan came into existence in 1947 after a bloodshed in mid 1946 which proved practically the two nation theory advocated by Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah to the British Government and the then All India Congress. It was well demonstrated in Calcutta and Province of Bihar in Bihar State killing in 1946 by the then Chief Minister of Bengal, Mr. Hssain Suharwardy on the initiative of Muslim League of India. The established two nation was then accepted by the British Government in 1947 when Mr. Attlee was the Prime Minister of U.K.
    Pakistan was thus created in 1947 despite great opposition of All India Congress and the then Governor General , Lord Mountbatten.
    In over 62 years of Pakistan’s existence, we have not saved the Independence of the blood soaked country by infighting amongst the politically motivated self-interest. It is a total failure of our political governance and imbalanced national policy.

  10. fake

  11. Shaheen Sehbai say The bitter and Open Truth about every single politician, He is a Good Journalism . Where Every Party Has Civil Dictator in him self how you can called Democratic ? Where all things were planned . Stop Calling this set up democratic .. this is a worst ever form of Civil Dictator + have little taste of Democratic set up , Democratic in this sense because some parliamentarian really doing excellent job , but 87% are thugs ..

  12. Truth is always bitter and very difficult to be swallowed. What ever Mr. Sehbai has been saying in the form of allegations against Mr. Zardari did not have any exaggeration and most of the people in Pakistan believed that. However his conspiracy theories involving military’s role were speculative and proved to be wrong. It is an established fact that the Government and establishment are on one page and not working against each other.

  13. time will tell these babar awans [since has become a symbol for lying unabashedly all the time for personal gains]that all these FACTUAL TRUTHS like handing over all powers to the PM, restoring the judiciary , restoring democracy , and bringing pakistan to a respectable position, helping the poor live a respectable life,…………and they can write and speak these lies for all their life………..coz thats what they are paid for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everybody less these cronies is a Shaheen Sehbai……..Shaheen Sehbai is doing great job even at the cost of everything he has,,,,may Allah bless him….welldone Shaheen Sehbai………dont give a damn for these babar awans and keep the fight for truth onnnnnnn..!i am sure Allah Subhanahu is smiling for your courage and your love for this land of the pure…GOD BLESS

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