Grading Shireen Mazari's Faisal Shahzad Conspiracy

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Shireen Mazari Gets Failing GradeShireen Mazari has written the master piece of conspiracy literature about the Faisal Shahzad case. I am grateful for her putting it all in order so that it can be so easily refuted. Writing for The Nation on Monday, Mazari manages to get everything wrong, right from the beginning. Let’s grade her answers in order and show her mistakes so that maybe she will learn for the future.

1. Hillary Clinton threatened Pakistan

Hillary Clinton has once again come into her own true self and issued a direct threat to Pakistan of “severe consequences” if the ‘terror attack’ of Time Square New York City had been successful and found to have definitively originated in Pakistan.

As proven yesterday, Hillary Clinton did not issue any threat to Pakistan. This is a lie. Here is what Hillary Clinton actually said:

“I have to stand up for the efforts the Pakistani government is taking. They have done a very significant move toward going after the terrorists within their own country.”

2. US government and media are ignoring facts

Why are the US government and media paying no heed to Shahzad’s alleged connection to the Yemeni cleric and to the Taliban’s clear denial of any link to Shahzad?

A simple Google News search shows hundreds of articles about Faisal Shahzad and Anwar al-Awlaki and also hundreds more about Taliban denying a link to Faisal Shahzad. Does Shireen Mazari not have any Internet access? Officials from the US government first said they did not believe there was any link. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano called him a ‘lone wolf.’

3. Ambassador to Washington was silent

Why did our Ambassador to Washington maintain a strange silence in the immediate aftermath instead of seeking access to Faisal Shahzad, given that despite being a US citizen his Pakistani links were being played up?

Ambassador to Washington Husain Haqqani was on CNN News to discuss the incident. Also he was in all of the newspapers with some statements. Does Shireen Mazari not read the news herself?

4. Foreign Minister Qureshi must have known Faisal Shahzad to make a statement about the cause

More important, how did he know the cause unless he had met Shahzad, knew him earlier or had been told by him that this was the reason behind his alleged action?

Foreign Minister Qureshi was was speaking to CBS News soon after Faisal Shahzad was captured. His statement about the atttempt being a response to drone attacks was obviously his preliminary evaluation of the situation. Also, why is it so unbelievable that the attack would be a response to drones? Aren’t drone attacks what Shireen Mazari and The Nation have been upset about for years? A government official does not have to know a miscreant in order to have an opinion.

4. Interior Minister Malik assumed Faisal Shahzad was guilty

Interior Minister also made a similar statement as if Shahzad had been found guilty already.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik was only repeating the facts as he heard them – as was everyone. Also, Faisal Shahzad admitted his guilt. Why is is that Shireen Mazari believes confessed terrorists to be innocent, but presumes government officials to be guilty?

5. Faisal Shahzad’s father was arrested, showing that this government is as bad as Musharraf.

Why should the father of Shahzad have been arrested? Apparently it was given out that his arrest was to facilitate the FBI team but is it the job of the government to aid and abet the US or to protect its own citizens? It would appear the answer is the former for this government, in which case there is little difference in how this democratic government is treating its citizens and how Musharraf treated Pakistanis.

This is just silly. First of all, Faisal Shahzad’s father was not arrested.

The interrogators questioned Bahar Ul Haq in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The retired senior Pakistani air force officer is the father of Shahzad.

Ul Haq — who lives in the Peshawar suburb of Hayatabad — was neither detained nor arrested, the source said.

Second, how can Shireen Mazari compare treatment of citizens under the present government to Musharraf? That is so ridiculous that it does not deserve a response.

6. Civil and military leadership are allowing US to threaten Pakistan

What is truly disturbing though is the civil and military leadership’s silence on questioning US intent. Why are we allowing the US to threaten us while we continue to entertain their civil, military and intelligence teams/delegations? Why are we not insisting on out investigation team being in Washington if the US can send an FBI team to Pakistan?

This is not only silly, it is offensive. Shireen Mazari may make her money by spreading rumour and conspiracy theories, but civil and military leaders have real jobs and real responsibilities. Also, why would we send a an investigation to Washington? The attack was in New York and Faisal said he was trained in Pakistan. Only Shireen Mazari would want to send investigators to a city where nothing happened.

7. Military is cowardly for not starting war with America

In the aftermath of the Clinton threat, at the very least shouldn’t the Pakistan government suspend cooperation with the US, at least temporarily? Should our ambassador not convey our displeasure at this overt threat? Stoppage of NATO supplies and the downing of a drone will send a clearer message than any apologetic mumblings from the leadership. Finally, is our military prepared to compromise our defence and security, target more Pakistani civilians, simply to do the US bidding and commence a premature and hasty North Waziristan operation?

This is not just silly. It is insulting and dangerous. Our soldiers are every day fighting and dying to protect the freedom of Shireen Mazari to go around head uncovered and making all sorts of false conspiracies (see above). Now she has the audacity to call them cowards? Already we have shown that there was no ‘overt threat’ made against Pakistan. It is not my place here to comment on whether drone attacks are wise or not, but certainly it seems that shooting one down would make matters much worse. Why does Shireen Mazari trying to create more violence? Perhaps Shireen Mazari should let Gen. Kayani and the military leadership do their own jobs.

Shireen Mazari concludes here column with a ‘hodge-podge’ of conspiracy theories. Apparently we will see US troops invade Pakistan to destabilize the government and steal Paksitan’s nukes while the ‘US/IMF’World Bank’ works to destroy Pakistan. All of this she provides no evidence for, of course. She just says it as if wishing would make it come true. And how sad that someone like Shireen Mazari would only wish the worst for her country.

Debunking Shireen Mazari’s crazy conspiracy theories was not difficult. It only took a few minutes of Google searches and remembering articles that I’ve read in the newspapers or programmes I’ve seen on TV recently.

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  1. at least mazari has a good command on english, her language of choice. you neither have a command on english, and neither on logic. study some basic logic first.

  2. Dear Sara Waheed,

    You accuse me of having neither a command on English and neither on logic. Perhaps my English is not perfect, but please do allow me to introduce you to a bit of logic and also some Latin as well.

    Ad Hominem: An ad hominem, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument toward the person” or “argument against the person”), is an attempt to persuade which links the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of the person advocating the premise. The ad hominem is a classic logical fallacy.

    Now please enlighten everyone about what are my logic mistakes? Also, please do this without making some logical fallacy yourself, especially Ad Hominem.

  3. Well written.

    Good job, keep up the good work.

  4. Nothing wrong with your English, though I do not agree with your views. One piece of advice, keep on writting whatever you believe in and do not worry about these pretentioners – you know what ‘sort’ are they.

  5. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s final book ‘Reconciliation’ says in its acknowldgements section: Acknowledgments from ‘Reconciliation’ by Benazir Bhutto

    “To Husain Haqqani, who played a vital role in providing guidance and criticism, especially invaluable on the theocratic foundations of Islam and the history of Pakistan – a loyal friend whose counsel to both the author and the collaborator will always be cherished.”

    A man of whom Benazir Bhutto had such a high regard must be counted as an asset by the Pakistan People’s Party. These are troubled times. The anti-democratic forces are all set to create rifts in the single largest political force holding the Federation of Pakistan together. Reactionary politics and irresponsible propaganda will lead us to another disaster. Shireen Mazari is spokesperson of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, a pro-Taliban party. She spares no opportunity against H.H. These people are real nemies of Pakistan and democracy. These people like Shireen Mazari are ruining democratic set. They must be discouraged.

  6. Every one having bit acquaintance with Journalism would be well aware of the role of” The Nation” and Shirin Mazari. “ The Nation always supported right wing of extremists and promoted pro- Taliban policies. Hussain Haqqani is quite right that in the name of Jihad, extremists are killing innocent people, bombing mosques and destroying buildings. Which sort of Jihad and Islam is this? Islam simply says, murder of an individual is par with murder of entire community”.

    As far as Shirin Mazari is concerned, I simply say, she is the spokesperson of Taliban, whose sole aim is to defend the brutal policies of Taliban and extremists. In a recent gimmickry, Shireen Mazari has written the master piece of conspiracy literature about the Faisal Shahzad case. Which was totally fake and based on mere wrong information? In his dusty article she blamed Hussain Haqqani that “ our Ambassador to Washington maintain a strange silence in the immediate aftermath instead of seeking access to Faisal Shahzad, given that despite being a US citizen his Pakistani links were being played up? But Ambassador to Washington Husain Haqqani was on CNN News to discuss the incident. Also he was in all of the newspapers with some statements. Does Shireen Mazari not read the news herself? “The Nation is only against Hussain Haqqani as he is against sympathizers of extremist elements while as a sole and major sympathizer of Taliban, The Nation has launched a constant maligning campaign against Hussain Haqqani

  7. […] has blinded her too often to the realities under her own roof. It has led her to concoct the most ridiculous conspiriacy theories, so poorly constructed a school child could disprove them quite easily. She has aligned herself […]

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  9. I wonder what people like the auhtor of this article would get in promoting US interests and foreign policy.

    The illegitimate and evil ways of the US are a known fact to the entire human poppulation, still some amongst us stand up for it, for a small worldly gain.

  10. Hillary Clinton did threaten Pakistan

    read this article

    This is what she said “We’ve made it very clear that if – heaven-forbid – an attack like this that we can trace back to Pakistan were to have been successful, there would be very severe consequences”

  11. Dr. Shireen Mazari is a woman of great intellect as anyone with the slightest interest in defense issues knows. I’ve been reading her columns for quite a few years and never have I come across something “crazy”. Nor have I or any defense experts that I’m in contact with ever judged her columns as a “hodge-podge”. All sane Pakistanis know that our ambassador and this regime is in united states’ back pocket. So please, stop defending this inept, corrupt government. Their designs in Pakistan are known to all and they are available on Google, since you learn everything by searching on it. When someone declares it, you label her as a conspiracy theorist.
    To make a small point after reading this inane piece of writing, I see you’re really bent on defending Clinton. would u say that Musharraf lied in his book too when he revealed the “we will bomb you back to the stone age” comment of the US??

  12. @Serpentbearer I have simply taken Shireen Mazari’s own words and compared them to factual evidence for which I provided sources. You claim that she is above reproach just because you say so. Nobody is above reproach and everyone is responsible for their own words. I don’t know who these “defense experts” are that you are in contact with, nor do I care. If they ignore facts then they are hardly experts regardless of their salary.

    You also claim that the government is inept and corrupt. What does that have to do with Shireen Mazari’s article about Faisal Shahzad that this post examines? Nothing. It is irrelevant. And we do not defend the government except when they are lied about or misrepresented, just as we have defended Nawaz Sharif and others when they were slandered. Just because you don’t like Zardari or Nawaz or anyone else doesn’t give you the right to make up stories to defame them. Think about what you believe, don’t just believe it.

    Also we are not “bent on defending Clinton” and I would not say that Musharraf lied in his book when he revealed that comment. But this is a perfect example of your error: That comment was not made my Clinton who was not even in office at the time but rather it was said by US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

    As you see, sometimes the things that you believe are not quite as they seem. I have no doubts that Shireen Mazari is intelligent, but that does not give her the right to mislead people by twisting other people’s words and promoting conspiracy theories. Facts are facts, even if they are inconvenient to a particular world view.

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