Conspiracy Media Harming Pakistan's Image In The World

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ReputationThe conspiracy culture in our media is a growing story in the international press, and it is harming Pakistan’s image in the world. This is something that needs to be addressed because it is more than simply a minor annoyance, it threatens to have far-reaching consequences for our nation. A nation’s media is often considered a reflection of that nation. If our media is dominated by fools, it does not reflect well on us as a nation.

The New York Times yesterday published a blistering profile of Pakistan’s media reaction to the Faisal Shahzad case. The Times reporter simply asks people for statements and allows their responses to speak for themselves. The result, when read outside the echo chamber of Pakistani TV shows and newspapers, is embarrassing.

Americans may think that the failed Times Square bomb was planted by a man named Faisal Shahzad. But the view in the Supreme Court Bar Association here in Pakistan’s capital is that the culprit was an American “think tank.”

No one seems to know its name, but everyone has an opinion about it. It is powerful and shadowy, and seems to control just about everything in the American government, including President Obama.

“They have planted this character Faisal Shahzad to implement their script,” said Hashmat Ali Habib, a lawyer and a member of the bar association.

Who are they?

“You must know, you are from America,” he said smiling. “My advice for the American nation is, get free of these think tanks.”

It’s funny, Hasmat Ali Habib’s reference to a ‘script.’ This is something that none of the conspiracy theorists can produce (the actual script), but every single one of them refers to in their statements. It’s almost as if…they are reading from a script.

Of course, what’s happening is that people like Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi come up with these wild conspiracies, and then people just repeat them without thinking. Actually, that is rather like a script, isn’t it?

Consider this video produced by The New York Times:

Notice all the different people repeating the same story, and yet none of them have any actual evidence for the claims that they are making. Actually, if you ask for their evidence – how did they come to this conclusion – they will point you to each other. “You must read so-and-so.” “You must watch the interview with so-and-so on Merey Mutabiq.” There is no evidence, there is only an echo chamber. People repeating each other’s words with no critical analysis, no research, no thinking at all.

Adnan Rehmat may have a good point that this problem is exacerbated by the Americans not doing a good enough job communicating with our news agencies, but that does not explain why someone like Hamid Gul would be interviewed about Faisal Shahzad, or for Zaid Hamid to appear as a guest on Dunya News.

The fact that a newspaper could run a front page story with a fake image and a false story about a New York Subway poster is humiliating. How hard would it be to verify this story? All the newspaper had to do was pick up a telephone and make one phone call. Apparently, that was too much work.

This is not the first time that the international community has noticed the growing problem with conspiracy theory culture in Pakistan. Remember the profile of Pakistan’s media in last December’s The Washington Times? Or the Reuters blog post about our conspiracy theory problem? Do you remember this video from last November that embarrassed many of our popular musicians?

The conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid and others are more than just fools to be ignored – their words and their messages, repeated and reprinted in mass media, contribute to the way the rest of the world sees us.

When people think of Pakistan, do we want them to think of our beautiful land, our rich and vibrant culture, our proud history? Or do we want them to think of people who can’t be bothered to make one phone call to check their facts; who are so naive that they will believe anything, no matter how unlikely and far-fetched; who are so stuck in a state of denial that their news sounds like it is read from rejected Bollywood scripts?

This lack of professionalism reflects badly not only on people like Zaid Hamid and the producers who put them on the air, it reflects badly on all of us. Mr. Thomas Friedman has written a famous book titled, “The World Is Flat.” In his book, he describes how technology has made the world a smaller place, where improved transportation, satellites, and the Internet have made us all more interconnected than ever before. People in the rest of the world now see our news websites, they see our TV shows on YouTube, they hear what our news anchors are saying, and they read the editorials written in our daily newspapers. If all they see is foolishness, how do we expect them to take us seriously?

This is our problem. We must take it seriously, or else the rest of the world will not grant us the same honour.

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  1. Why there are always Cassettes/Wiretaps/Bugging and Jang Group active whenever a Democratic Setup is in the Country [Mir Shakil Tolerated Musharraf from 1999 to March 2006] Saif-ur-Rehman versus Jang Group – Guest post by Aamir Mughal December 15th, 2009 Abdul Nishapuri

    [By the way Mir Shakil and his The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Mehmood Sham and Rauf Klasra] and newly introduced Agents of Military Establishment i.e. Ansar Abbasi, and Muhammad Ahmed Noorani were rampantly using the same Saif ur Rehman in their propaganda against the PPP.

    Cassette exposes govt’s assault on press – Mir Shakil says govt preparing anti-state cases against him; fears for his life; ‘our organisation is being destroyed’; audio cassette of talks with Saif, Mushahid played during crowded press conference; journalists flabbergasted – By our correspondent

    KARACHI: Editor-in-Chief of Jang Group of Newspapers Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman on Thursday said that after victimising his group by freezing its accounts, seizing newsprint and serving income tax notices, the government was now preparing anti-state cases against him. Addressing a crowded press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Mir Shakil said that there would not be any problem for the Jang Group if he bowed before the PML government, instead of publishing the truth.

    The editor-in-chief said that the PML government had attempted to create an impression that the action against the Jang Group of Newspapers was an administrative affair because of income tax issues and misuse of newsprint quota. But every government action taken against his group was to stop printing of those news items, which would go against the interest of the prime minister, his business concerns and his family, he added. Flanked by senior journalists Z A Sulehri, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Maleeha Lodhi and Kamila Hayat, Mir Shakil said that he was under tremendous pressure from Ehtesab Bureau chief Saifur Rahman, who was out to victimise the Jang Group of Newspapers for not bowing before his whims.During the press conference, Mir Shakil also played an audio cassette on which some of his talks with Senator Saifur Rahman, Information Minister Mushahid Hussain and senior journalist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Shami, who played the mediator’s role, were recorded.
    The cassette also included the following dialogue between Mir Shakil and Senator Saifur Rahman: “Mir Shakil: The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal has given verdict in our favour. “Saif: This was because of our leniency. We did not give him (chairman of the tribunal) the instructions. If we had given him the instructions, even his father could not have given that decision.”

    Regarding the character of IT Tribunal Chairman Mujibullah Siddiqui, Mir Shakil said that he was an honest officer and had enjoyed enviable reputation for his integrity. This was a fact endorsed by senior lawyers, who had come to hear Mir Shakil’s press conference. During the recorded meetings, Senator Saif and Information Minister Mushahid Hussain were heard demanding favours from the Jang Group on policies regarding the governor’s rule in Sindh, the Shariah Bill and the economic policies. The government functionaries were heard as saying that 14 people on senior positions both in the Jang and The News should be removed. The journalists included Maleeha Lodhi, Kamila Hayat, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Mahmood Sham, Kamran Khan, Abid Tahami, Marghoob, Khawar, Aftab Iqbal and others.

    The government also demanded that such journalists should be replaced by people who could favour the government’s policies. The government had divided the unfavourable journalists into ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories. Raising objections on the reports of investigative reporter Kamran Khan, Saif said during the meetings the government had secured assurances from the ISI about him and he should be controlled by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. The government team also accused the Jang Group of spreading hatred among the masses against the ruling party. They demanded that telephonic surveys on national issues should not be conducted by newspapers. Mir Shakil said that because of restrictions on newsprint supply, the Jang Group was facing hardships in bringing out its daily newspapers. “Despite clearance from the Customs authorities, 2,000 reels of paper have not been released todate. Because of this problem, from Saturday, daily Jang will print only six pages and The News will bring out 10 pages,” he added. Mir Shakil said: “All our bank accounts have been seized. The personal accounts of mine and my mother have also been seized. Yesterday (Wednesday) when my brother gave statement in our favour, his account in the United Bank Ltd, Al-Rahman Branch, was also seized.”

    The editor-in-chief said that the Supreme Court was moved against the injustices meted out by the PML government. “It was a remarkable thing that this step was taken by us in the country,” he added. Mir Shakil said reports were received that anti-state cases were being prepared against him. He said: “The government is making all out attempts that the issue should not be construed as one of ‘press freedom’ and ‘freedom of expression’. I am afraid that something terrible is in the making. I also fear for my life.” He said he would prove whatever published in the Jang Group of Publications was the truth. “Whatever we published was also covered by other newspapers, but only our group was being targeted. I don’t care whatever they will do with me. I will prove each and everything on the basis of logic and facts. Whatever we published, it is our job to prove it. And what the government said, it is their responsibility to prove it,” Mir Shakil remarked. The editor-in-chief said that the government’s actions were based on malicious intentions and were taken with ‘unfair mind’. According to the tape-recorded message, Senator Saifur Rahman said that the income tax and other legal notices would be withdrawn and government advertisements would be released, if the Jang Group supported the government’s policies.

    Mir Shakil said: “There was a time when I got confused. I thought about my life, my family, my organisation and about my 4,000 workers and their families. It is very difficult to stand before the state power. Some people advised me to bow down and accept the government’s conditions to save the institutions. But there were also people who advised me to stand for the truth.” Regarding a story which was published in daily Observer of London and reproduced in Pakistan by a number of newspapers but could not be covered by the Jang because of pressure from the government, the editor-in-chief said: “I felt sorry for it. In the market economy, it is very difficult to survive, if one is not in the competition.” Mir Shakil said: “The government did too much against us and is still doing a lot. The organisation of newspaper owners — the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) — and the association of editors — the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) — also intervened into the matter. But under the given circumstances, the Jang Group had to take decisions which were not recommended by the APNS and the CPNE. But they are with us. There is also a resolution from them in our favour.”
    The editor-in-chief said that the situation was in the Jang Group’s favour. “We were not involved in selling imported newsprint quota in the market. We did not avoid payment of income tax. We did not publish stories which were incorrect,” he added. Without giving names of other newspaper organisations involved in selling newsprint quota, Mir Shakil said the government was not taking any action against them. The editor-in-chief said that when he addressed a press conference in August 1998, some newspapers played a nasty role. “They propagated that there was a deal between the government and the Jang Group. But that was not true. If there was any deal and if that was any administrative matter, then why the ban was imposed on releasing public sector advertisements to us,” he added. Mir Shakil said: “I did not leave any stone unturned to resolve the issue. I went from pillar to post. I wrote a letter to Abbaji, the father of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but to no avail. The government’s action against the Jang Group began in August 1998, when income and wealth tax cases of the group’s various companies and directors, previously being dealt by different Income Tax (IT) circles, were pooled in one circle. This circle is renowned as a branch of the Ehtesab Bureau in the IT Department where cases of those politicians are dealt, against whom the government has decided to take any action.”

    Referring to a television programme telecast the previous night on the PTV, Mir Shakil said that it was a one-sided propaganda. “If there is democracy, then versions of both the sides should be presented and then experts will decide what is right and what is wrong. This is the policy of the Jang Group to give views of all concerned parties. We have printed complete view of the government’s side also in our newspapers,” he remarked.

    REFERENCE: Cassette exposes govt’s assault on press – Mir Shakil says govt preparing anti-state cases against him; fears for his life; ‘our organisation is being destroyed’; audio cassette of talks with Saif, Mushahid played during crowded press conference; journalists flabbergasted – By our correspondent February 07, 1999 The News International Pakistan

  2. Gambling and Cheating Habits of Mir Shakil ur Rehman:

    Observing this lowly and sleazy standard of journalism, I have been reflecting on an evening in the distant past. I was preparing for my final exams for the B.Com in 1976 in Karachi. One evening, when I was studying, my door bell rang. When I went out, it was my friend Zain Ghazali, son of Commander Ghazali, a former manager of Pakistan’s cricket team. He asked me to come and sit in the car parked outside my house. As I got into the volkswagen, I saw a nice looking boy on the wheels. It was Mir Shakil ur Rehman. He was very excited as he had managed to get the Accounting paper “OUT”. So I asked what then was the problem? “I don’t know how to solve it”, was the answer. I hope the readers get a picture. I believe Shakil has now moved to Dubai with his family and does not live in Pakistan. I wonder if such people who did not have the ability to even cheat in an exam and do not live in Pakistan despite making so much money here, would have bothered to provide some elementary training in journalism and its basic standards to the members of their staff. It seem not. The Jang Group – how low the standards would fall? By Yousuf Nazar Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 9:56 pm

  3. Why there are always Cassettes/Wiretaps/Bugging and Jang Group active whenever a Democratic Setup is in the Country [Mir Shakil Tolerated Musharraf from 1999 to March 2006] Saif-ur-Rehman versus Jang Group – Guest post by Aamir Mughal December 15th, 2009 Abdul Nishapuri

    [By the way Mir Shakil and his The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Mehmood Sham and Rauf Klasra] and newly introduced Agents of Military Establishment i.e. Ansar Abbasi, and Muhammad Ahmed Noorani were rampantly using the same Saif ur Rehman in their propaganda against the PPP.

  4. I remember that it was Hamid Mir who told me in February 2008 that it was former US state department official Robin Rafael who sent Dr Shahid Masood on a study tour of the US after his show was temporarily suspended during Musharraf’s government. Another senior editor from the Jang group told me that Shaheen Sehbai violently turned his guns on Zardari after the latter refused his request to appoint him as High Commissioner to Canada. Hamid Mir saga: the buck stops at General Parvez Kayani May 22, 2010 By Yousuf Nazar

  5. Shaheen Sehabi, Jang Group & Definition of National Interest.

  6. Brigadier (R) Imtiaz & Confusion of Jang Group of Newspapers.

  7. Lahore terrorist attacks on Quadiyanis and GEO TV/Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

    Here is the complete Case:

    Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain of Aalim Online [a TV Program of Geo TV] has repeatedly incited several times, urging Lunatic Muslims [even in the Mullah State the authority to punish anybody rests with the State not with the individuals] to kill without fear. While on air the anchor person also pressured the other two Islamic scholars (from two different sects) on the program to support the statement. This resulted in a unanimous decision among the scholars, on air during a popular television show, to urge lynching with the intent to kill.

    Now read

    PAKISTAN: Two persons murdered after an anchor person proposed the widespread lynching of Ahmadi sect followers – ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION – URGENT APPEALS PROGRAMME – Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-203-2008 10 September 2008 –

    PAKISTAN: Two persons murdered after an anchor person proposed the widespread lynching of Ahmadi sect followers – ISSUES: Murder; religious discrimination; freedom of religion; media

    Dear friends,

    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that an anchor person working for a prominent television channel has incited Muslims in Pakistan to kill – to devastating effect. The targets are followers of the Muslim Ahmadi sect, a group which has been declared non-Islamic under the constitution of Pakistan. The first killing happened within 24 hours of the broadcast, and just under two days later a district chief of the Ahmadi was murdered. Followers of the religion are understandably frightened, and many have left their homes and are taking shelter at their central mosque, the Rabwa.


    In a program aired on 7 September 2008 the anchor of the religious program ‘Alam Online’, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain–also former federal minister for religious affairs–declared the murder of Ahmadi sect members to be necessary (Wajib ul Qatal) according to Islamic teachings, because its followers don’t believe in the last prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him. Dr. Amir repeated his instruction several times, urging fundamentalists Muslims to kill without fear. While on air the anchor person also pressured the other two Islamic scholars (from two different sects) on the program to support the statement. This resulted in a unanimous decision among the scholars, on air during a popular television show, to urge lynching with the intent to kill. This was not a one-off. On September 9, Mr. Hussain answered a query with the comment that blasphemers are liable to be put to death.

    According to the information received, at 1:15pm on September 8, 18 hours after the broadcast, six persons entered the Fazle Umer Clinic, a two-story hospital at Mirpur Khas city and two of them went to the second floor and started pressuring 45 year-old Dr. Abdul Manan Siddiqui to come downstairs to attend to a patient in crisis. Dr. Manan left his office and descended into an ambush. He was shot 11 times and died on the spot. His private guard was also shot and is in a serious condition. A woman was also injured by firing. The killers remained at the hospital until the doctor was declared dead, then they walked out of the building’s front entrance. Police registered the killers as unknown. On September 9, 48 hours after the broadcast, Mr. Yousaf, a 75 year-old rice trader and district chief of the Ahmadi sect was killed on his way to prayer in Nawab Shah, Sindh province. Yousaf was fired on from people on motor bikes, and sustained three bullet wounds. He died on the way to the hospital. The assailants had taken a route past a police station. No one was arrested.


    The Ahmadi sect was declared non-Islamic sect on September 7, 1974, through a constitutional amendment, and was labeled a minority sect. Since then, there has been open hatred of the sect by certain Islamic circles and fundamentalists across the Muslim world, and sect members suffer widespread discrimination. Ahmadi followers are not allowed to bury their dead in the ordinary grave yards of Muslims, and many of those buried before 1974 were shifted by fundamentalists. Since 1984 (when statistics have been compiled) around 93 Ahmadis have been killed for their allegiance to their sect, with four killed so far this year, including Dr. Ghulam Sarwar on March 19 in Faisalabad, Punjab province and Mr. Basharat Mughal on February 24 in Karachi. The Dr. Siddiqui is the 15th medical doctor killed since 1984.


    Please write to following authorities and urge them to appropriate actions in order to stop the killings of Ahmadi followers and recognized religious freedom. Please also demand them to prevent any religious hatred or discrimination from broadcasting through the media. Please be informed that the AHRC has also written separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.

  8. Shocking TV interview haunts Dr Aamir Liaquat’s career Daily Times Monitor Daily Times – Site Edition Thursday, May 26, 2005 ISLAMABAD/WASHINGTON: President Pervez Musharraf’s favourite Islamic TV preacher, the minister of state for religious affairs, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, has finally shot himself, not in the foot but almost in the head, South Asia Tribune reported on Wednesday. “The minister, who was already in trouble over his allegedly fake degrees scandal and his sharp criticism of the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and is being replaced by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), despite all his denials, went on record in a TV interview last week and said Pakistan supported Iraqi insurgent leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and what he was doing to US forces in Iraq,” it reported. “Aamir said this in an interview to ARY’s famous host, Dr Shahid Masood, on the subject of a fatwa (decree) issued by some Pakistani religious scholars recently, on whether suicide bombing was permissible in Islam. Aamir had been called to discuss the fatwa along with senior Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed,” it said. “The young and inexperienced minister, a loud-mouth who offends listeners, said such ‘truthful’ things about Pakistan’s policy on jihad in Iraq and Kashmir and even so strongly blasted President Musharraf for supporting the US that ARY TV decided not to run the programme on popular talk show Views-on-News,” South Asia Tribune added. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, who was the other guest on the talk show, was shocked out of his senses when he heard the comments of the minister during the interview. He asked Aamir several times whether he was speaking in his personal capacity or on behalf of the MQM or the Musharraf government. When he was told that he was representing the government’s point of view, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed reportedly could not refrain from making the following remarks: ‘If this is what enlightened moderation of General Musharraf means, who in hell can oppose it. The MMA will fully support the MQM and Musharraf if this is the official policy’,” it said. “The whole show became so ridiculous that ARY decided not to run it, but the tape immediately became a hot potato and was soon in tremendous demand from all interested parties,” South Asia Tribune reported.

    Hafiz Hussain Ahmed confirmed the story of the censored TV show to South Asia Tribune. It quoted him as saying that he was shortly going to protest to the ARY TV Channel for not running the interview, as the minister had repeatedly said that it was the official government policy. “The minister agreed with all the points that I raised and all the arguments for jihad that I made and concurred that it was jihad being fought by Muslims in Iraq and the Pakistani government supported it. I was so surprised that I told him on record that if this is the meaning of enlightened moderation of General Musharraf, we (the MMA) are with you and kon kambakht mukhalifat kar sakta hay (which Godforsaken soul can oppose it),” it quoted him as saying. “ARY officials in Dubai and Islamabad refused to say why the interview had not been shown but Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said he would be protesting to the channel and urging them to release the tape as it would open the eyes of the world,” South Asia Tribune reported. “When Hafiz Hussain Ahmed started asking questions about the interview, the secret service got wind of what had happened and immediately demands were made from the ARY administration to let the authorities have a copy of the dreaded tape,” it said. “Surprisingly, the London headquarters of the MQM also got wind of what had happened in the interview and Altaf Hussain, who had already summoned Aamir Liaquat Hussain to London, also started looking for a copy of the tape,” it added.

    South Asia Tribune quotes US diplomatic sources in Islamabad as telling it that they had heard about the interview and that they would like to hear the tape and what the minister had said about President Musharraf’s policy about suicide attacks by Zarqawi’s men on US forces. It quoted sources as saying later that Pakistani authorities had informed the US diplomats about the contents of the interview and everyone might soon be watching the tape of the interview. “Whether President Musharraf, Altaf Hussain or the US diplomats have received the cassette and heard Dr Aamir’s comments or not is not yet confirmed, but experts in Islamabad said it is only a matter of time that everyone concerned will hear what this outspoken minister had to say and then the chips would fall where they may,” it added. South Asia Tribune quotes sources close to Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, who heard the minister in awe during the interview, as saying that the minister had become emotional while talking about jihad and suicide bombings and was grilled by the host of the programme, Dr Shahid Masood, who almost trapped him into making statements which no politician in such a high political position would make.

    It quotes the sources as saying that Aamir had openly criticised President Musharraf for his pro-US policies and had fully supported the jihadis in Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir, but at the same time he had insisted that suicide bombings in Pakistan were against Islam. “‘Anywhere, if there is one American soldier present, suicide bombing is permissible in Islam,’ Dr Aamir was quoted by these sources as having said on record. ‘There are times when the truth must be told,’ he added in one remark,” South Asia Tribune reported. “The minister was the main sponsor when about 50 Pakistani religious leaders issued the fatwa against suicide bombings in Pakistan, which according to some analysts, was done to please President Musharraf. But in his exuberance the minister was caught on the wrong foot when questioned by ARY and Geo TV Channels about such attacks in Iraq and other places,” it added. South Asia Tribune quoted sources in London as saying that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain had already been told by the army to name a replacement for the minister, as he had become too controversial and out-spoken in his remarks and it was difficult to keep him at the cabinet post.

    “The London sources also revealed a shocking story about Dr Aamir’s brother, Imran Liaquat Hussain, who studied in Iran and later declared himself an ‘Ayatollah’ opposed to the clerics of Iran,” it said, adding, “Dr Imran was arrested in Iran and later came to Karachi where he took up a fight with MQM Chief Altaf Hussain and declared him ‘an agent of Iran, and a mafia don’. He also issued a fatwa calling for Altaf Hussain’s death and accused the MQM of Wall Street Journal’s journalist Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping and murder.”

    “He claimed that the MQM was getting funds from Iran,” South Asia Tribune said.

    “In response to his statements in 2002, Altaf Hussain pressured his father, who was also a senior MQM leader to disown his son and Sheikh Liaquat Hussain did exactly that, saying the statements issued by his ‘Ayatollah’ son were stupid, misleading and provocative and he as his father had nothing to do with these views of his son,” it added. “Imran Liaquat Hussain also has a website where he has numerous press clippings of his war against the MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain. He also supported President Musharraf in the 2002 referendum,” it reported. URL:\26\story_26-5-2005_pg7_45

  9. It was Mr Javed ur Rehman whose petition/complain in Press Information Dept, Sindh [with his own signature against his brother Mir Shaki ur Rehman] had encouraged Senator Saifur Rehman to finger MSR. The compliant was regrading assets and advertisement. It could be still lying in Sindh Information deptt. The Tax Case against MSR was genuinely registered by Senator Saif ur Rehman [Kamran Khan had recently opined that Senator Saif ur Rehman used to work hard and honestly on every case]: Conspiracy: Kamran Khan, Farooq Laghari, Sajjad Mir, Saifur Rehman & Media Trial of PPP.

  10. Jang Group lies again and this time they blame it on Afghanistan/India and Quadiyani themselves [What a shame] Please upload the page/news filed by by Jawed Rasheed in Urdu:

  11. Islamic Laws?

    Shariah Courts should start Proceedings against several TV Channels for promoting “Bayhayai-Fahashi and Wantonly Shameless Women Newscasters and Women Hosts” through several of their outlets Media outlets. TV Channels are destroying the Islamic Morals of Pakistan by promoting “Adult Dramas” in Prime Time which cannot be watched with Mothers, Daughters and Sisters. Most of the Women Anchors wear and flash their “Extremely Captivating Figures” in Indecent Dresses which is paving the way of perverting young minds and playing havoc with the Hormones of youngsters even Elders are sometime take medicines to cool down Blood Pressure. Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman and Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binnoria should issue a Fatwa of Banning Women Journalists and Anchorperson from working in any TV Channel, mixing of Opposite sexes is not allowed in Islam. They should call back their women host [sent in Northern Area to cover Hunza] with a male member. Lets follow Islam in Letter and Spirit.

    Even the Voice of a Woman is “Pardah” because Awrat means “Hiding” in Arabic [Ref: Al Munajjid]. No Male Newscaster should be allowed who doesn’t have Beard and Trimmed Mustaches.

    Women have one Invisible Satan with her and there are two Satans with Clean shave boys. [Zammul Hawa by Ibn Jawzi Translated name “Ishq-e-Majazi Ki Tabahkariyan]

    “Cherub News Casters” should be banned forthwith. Aamir Liaquat lecture Pakistanis on Beard whereas his Owner Mir Shakil ur Rehman [Owner of Geo News] is still Pappu.

    Ansar Abbasi talks of Islam but his beard is not prescribed as ordered in Shariah rather Ansar Abbasi’s beard is “Rafizi/Jamati Cut” – Nadia Khan Show should be banned and she should be brought in the Shariah Court for her innuendos. Sana Bucha of Crisis Cell should only be allowed to host the show if she is in Hijab. List goes on and on.

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