Does Murtaza Ali Shah Read Minds?

Jul 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Jang, The News

Does Murtaza Ali Shah read minds? One thinks he must based on his article in today’s The News. In his reporting about Bilawal Bhutto to be named Chairman of PPP, Murtaza states that “Bilawal Bhutto, who is more interested in Facebook and hip-hop music than Pakistani politics, is being coached about Pakistani politics”. But does this obviously biased insult have any evidence to support it? Or is Murtaza simply slandering someone who he does not support politically?

Actually, there is much evidence that Bilawal Bhutto has much interest and knowledge of Pakistani politics. A simple search of Google revealed a number of public political speeches made by Bilawal such as this:

Additionally, there are reports from years ago in which Bilawal states that “politics is in my blood”.

Obviously, having been reading at Oxford for the past years, Bilawal Bhutto does not have the practical experience of a more seasoned politician. This is not anything surprising as all politicians must start somewhere. But while it is reasonable to state a person’s experience, it is not appropriate to make a claim such as that the person is “more interested in Facebook and hip-hop music than Pakistani politics” unless you have actual evidence.

Murtaza Ali Shah presents no evidence to support his claim and, actually, there is much evidence that contradicts it.

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