Media Bosses Double Standard on Travel

Aug 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Dawn, Geo TV, Jang, The News

In a follow up to our report yesterday about The News and Ansar Abbasi exploiting the national sensibilities for victims of KP floods, reader Sana from Chai Chutney Politics blog emailed to tell that media bosses are to be found traveling in Europe and USA while complaining about others doing the same.

Showing just how political they can be, Pakistani media elites are treating themselves to trips all over Europe and the US – while condemning President Zardari for traveling on official business.

The Jang & Geo leaders can currently be found out and about in London. The Dawn Group leaders find themselves in New York City. This socializing goes on whilst newspapers call for the President to cancel his diplomatic trips. If the papers call for the President to stop his duties as head of state so that he may travel to the flooded areas, why are these media elites not held to the same standard?

President Zardari is the man elected by the people of Pakistan to represent them to the world. Unfortunately, the Pakistani media is either ignorant of this or they simply wish to keep him from doing his job properly – which is not surprising as the media is now a tool to manipulate the minds of people against their elected leaders rather than to inform them of what is going on in with their country. The sad fact is that instead of meeting their own responsibilities of reporting on the issues, the media has devolved into a manipulative, obstructionist machine.

Khud bhi nahin kaam karte aur doosro ko bhi nahin karnay detey.

A post by the fact-checking website, Pakistan Media Watch exposed how some in the media are heartlessly exploiting the flood victims. By using the tragic circumstances to score cheap political points against the federal government, these individuals have proven that nothing is sacred. What Pakistan needs is a media that serves the people in its own capacity, and does not try to become another political party.

In this time of national grief, the journalists in Pakistan should be at the front lines of the disaster. Shouldn’t the media serve as the medium that shows the rest of the country and the world what the flood victims are suffering through? Isn’t there a political pundit brave enough to leave his or her comfortably dry studio and record their show from Pakistan’s impoverished & flood-ravaged regions? President Zardari’s administration has granted Pakistanis a free press. But when can we have a media that does its job?

We have more than enough political parties. We need pundits and journalists whose main goal is to serve the people, not play politics.

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  1. hussain haqqani dont think ur activities are hidden most pakistanis know what bs u r producing incl this website ur time will come

  2. Dear Mr Babur Chughtai Mughal,

    I am flattered that you think I am someone of the position of Husain Haqqani, but I must admit that you are rather mistaken. Let me offer you some friendly advice. First, please stop believing all sorts of non sense that you hear from conspiracy theorists. Second, do not make threats against people such as ‘ur time will come’. It is uncivilized and embarrassing for you.

    Kindest Regards,

  3. name of none is mentioned how can v believe if its true

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