The News Peddles Conspiracies, Political Attacks (Part II)

Aug 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Jang, The News

The News (Jang Group)Akhtar Nawaz pens a tirade of smears and attacks, backed by no facts or evidence but only political anger about the issue of degree accreditation. While his colleague Abdul Zahoor Khan Marwat peddles conspiracy theories, Nawaz simply spills venom on the page.

This is the introduction to Akhtar Nawaz’s column in The News of yesterday:

Our haves have no parallels in the entire world as far as breaking the rules, twisting the law and making the hay while the sun is shining. Corruption is loved to the hilt, deceit, fraud and unlimited greed is the hallmark.

They can indulge in any forgery if that facilitates their “ever malicious intents” and in this art, the more powerful, resourceful and influential one is, better is the track record of defiance of both God and man made laws.

Such writing appeared not in the opinion section, where even then a proper editor would probably blush before allowing such hateful attacks, but as a national news story. Can someone at Jang comment that they actually believe this is proper news reporting?

The column does not become a factual news report at any point. There is no new information (or factual information of any sort) offered to the readers.

Rather, the author Mr Akhtar Nawaz attempts to incite class resentment by making the argument that it is the poor who suffer while the privileged are exempted.

Strict application of law is not exclusive to the armed forces only; it is equally applicable to all poor and have-nots of the country.

All laws are for them to observe, it is only the privileged class of leaders who are exempted. The poor masses of this Islamic Republic are required to go by the law, coerced by the government machinery, plundered by the leaders, harassed by the influential and there is no one to listen to their cries.

With a complete lack of shame, Mr Akhtar Nawaz then proceeds to exploit the sensitivities of the masses by referencing the very sad incident of Yasin who was said to have committed suicide due to his dire condition and the victims of Data Darbar terrorist attack.

They may commit suicides, may die through hunger or disgrace, who cares? Mullah trained death squads kill them in dozens in the Masjids, Khanqahs, on the roads and public places. So-called services, the police, revenue, justice and other government departments annihilate them day in and day out. Isn’t it ironical that the government servants pay more taxes than the richest of the rich of this country and in certain cases monthly income tax of a grade 17 government employee is more than the yearly return of big ones? Why and for how long this will go on? Aren’t we heading towards a bloody revolution? Do we really understand that the day the poor will rise there shall be no hiding place for anyone? Jeddah, Dubai, London, Madrid and North America may be places too far; instead trash containers may be the real destiny for many. Shouldn’t we change for better; for us, the country and the nation?

This is not a news report, it is a political screed. It is a tract written with the single intention to raise the blood pressure of the masses and incite some political outrage.

The News should be ashamed of this blatant attempt to manipulate the sensitivities of the people and to to exploit the suffering of victims. This is a new low, even for Jang Group’s increasingly poor reputation.

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