Skiander Shaheen's Bhoot Story

Sep 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Daily Nawa-i-Waqt

Majid Nizami’s newspapers have long been a reliable source of conspiracy theories and accusations against alleged spies of all sorts. The Nation became internationally notorious last year when it accused an American journalist of being a spy with no evidence. Unfortunately, this has happened again.

Nawa-i-Waqt reporter Skiander Shaheen has continued the practice recently by alleging that an American agent has been operating under the cover of relief work. Upon consideration, though, Mr Shaheen’s allegations are hard to believe.

First, Shaheen syas that the person was using an official email id for FBI and that the internet service provider (ISP) confirmed that it is being used by FBI. But if the person is using an official FBI email id and FBI ISP, how is he an undercover agent? It is certainly possible that the individual is in the country on a valid visa doing work under the direction of law enforcement or ISI. This would not be unusual. Many American officials are present in Pakistan and Pakistan officials in the USA also.

Also, where is the evidence that he is linked to any flood relief activities? It is irresponsible to correlate unconfirmed hearsay and unsupported allegations with work on flood relief because it will have a natural effect of undermining the important good work being done to help flood victims.

Rather than continuing to write bhoot stories about phantom agents, the reporters who work for Majid Nizami’s newspapers should be spending their energy investigating important issues such as flood relief and countering false stories and conspiracy theories. That would be truly for the good of the nation.

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