Ansar Abbasi's Attack On Musharraf Beyond The Pale

Oct 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Jang, The News

Ansar Abbasi’s article for The News on Saturday, “Hypocrite, coward Musharraf blows hot air but will never return”, is a shockingly unprofessional rant that does not even pretend to be a proper news report.

While the article was published with the word “Comment”, it was, nevertheless, published on page 2 of the newspaper under the heading National News and not on the two pages dedicated to opinion columns. The word “Comment” may ease Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s conscience, but it does not excuse Ansar Abbasi’s over-the-top attacks.

In fact, Ansar Abbasi is not even providing commentary or analysis. Only he is making an unbridled attack. Politicians of all parties are subject to criticism for their policies and their actions, and rightly so. It would be perfectly acceptable to write an Opinion column that questions Gen Musharraf’s statements about ‘a constitutional role for the military’ in light of his past actions. But calling someone insulting names like “hypocrite”, “coward”, and “insane” is beneath the dignity of a proper journalist. Resorting to childish statements like, “We hate you” is bringing Jang Group to a new low. It will be interesting to see if Gen. Musharraf decides to bring a defamation suit for this repeated name-calling by The News.

Ansar Abbasi, like every free Pakistani in this democracy, has the right to his political opinions. Likewise, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman has the right to publish a political attack sheet that substitutes name-calling for serious commentary and rumours for investigative journalism. But we should not pretend that this qualifies as “news”, much less legitimate journalism.

Ansar Abbasi Attacks Musharraf

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  1. I agree that this poorly worded article belonged under the Opinions column and not news – Ansar Abbasi should know better.

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  3. Shame on ansar abbassi, how los one can go…..shame shame shame?

    Where were you when hè was in power? Hiding in a closet? You are Just someone who needs attention but like you can see you are à shame for all THE journalists.

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