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Nov 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Express Tribune

In a disappointing move, The Express Tribune has apparently decided to take a page from Hamid Mir’s gossip column in their own newspaper. The article, “Zardari makes an appearance; raises eyebrows“, by reporter Maha Mussadaq reads like a celebrity gossip column and provides no substantive news to readers.

What Maha Mussadaq’s short article lacks in substance, it makes up for in

While some had their appetite for food others were looking forward to some juicy gossip. “So I’ve heard the President is also coming tonight,” said a diplomat to another with raised eyebrows and quirky smiles. Yes, the most interesting sight of the night was the surprise appearance of President Asif Ali Zardari as the chief guest. Before his coming, there were rumours going on about his arrival, where some knew about his plan others were puzzled as to when and why was he coming?

President Zardari walked down the carpeted stairs towards the tent where all the guests were waiting, of course with an entourage, smiling, saluting, and waving. The president began his brisk round of the tent shaking hands with guests, and left leaving the guests with mixed feelings where a lot were puzzled, a few happy, some with smirks and a handful least bothered faces were spotted which were sweeter than desert.

Now, tell me, what is the point of this? It reads like the script from a drama serial, not serious reporting on a diplomatic event. And what is meant by the phrase, “some with smirks and a handful least bothered faces were spotted which were sweeter than desert”. Is the reporter injecting her own opinions into the article?

Our media already has too many gossip columnists and too few serious reporters. Please, the editors of Express Tribune should kindly stick to reporting news, not celebrity gossips.

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  1. I absolutely agree, keep up the good job whoever is contributing a lot and significantly to expose the wrongdoings in our Media. Express Tribune is sure a gossiping place now well it’s more like it instead of a news website.

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