President Zardari Addresses SAFMA

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President Zadari addressed the 4th national conference of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) on Sunday during which he urged the media to take a more positive tone and assured journalists that his administration will not take a crack down on the media as previous governments have done.

The President acknowledged the struggle of media for the cause of democracy despite the difficult conditions in which journalists work.

He assured that next elections would be free and fair.

President SAFMA Pakistan Nusrat Javed and senior journalist Ziauddin also spoke on the occasion and pledged their support for continuity of democracy, rule of law, across the board accountability, fight against terrorism and extremism and for a free media and independent judiciary.

Ziauddin said media will always be in a confrontation with a government as it is watchdog for the interests of society.

Both Zardari and Ziauddin are correct. A free media will always be in some tension with the government because it is a watch dog that must keep the government responsible. But a watch dog that is always barking when there is nothing there is not good either. Both the government and the media have their responsibilities that must be held accountable. Government must be held accountable if there is any corruption and also journalists and editors must be held accountable if they are not reporting facts.

It is a positive sign of progress, we believe, that President Zardari and President SAFMA Pakistan Nusrat Javed can speak respectfully for each other about ways that each can do his job and still respect the work that the other is doing also.

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