HAARP Conspiracy Debunked By Preeminent Pakistani Nuclear Scientist

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"Claims about HAARP  are based on pseudo-science  promoted by conspiracy  theorists who blame America  for all grief in the world."  -Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy Quaid-i-Azam University

Pervez Hoodbhoy is not a very good conspiracy theorist. He is, however, a very good scientist. He is professor of physics at Quaid-i-Azam University, and as a scientist, he is getting quite frustrated with people trying to use pseudo-science to make up crazy conspiracy theories that confuse and scare people for no good reason. Writing for Dawn, he takes direct aim at the conspiracy theory that has been sent around in emails and even published by The Nation and Dawn which claims the CIA is controlling the weather with a top-secret machine called HAARP.

Given Dr Rahman’s prominent place in Pakistani science, and that he is fellow of the Royal Society, one must consider seriously his claim that HAARP can cause earthquakes and floods. But even the briefest examination makes clear his claims make no scientific sense.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. Its website states it is a research programme run by the University of Alaska in collaboration with various US colleges and universities. If HAARP is a secret military project conceived by evil and diabolical minds, it is hard to see why visitors, including foreign nationals, are said to be allowed on site. The website says that the last open house was on July 17, 2010.

At least on the face of things, HAARP does not have the trappings of an American secret weapons facility. (Google Earth, which I used, blacks these out.) Readers will see a field of antennas, as well as some cars and two ordinary looking buildings.

No security barriers are visible. This does not appear to be a classified project.

But, of course, appearances can be deceptive. So let us simply use common sense and physics. Assume therefore that the power of the transmitters is many times that declared on the website (3.6MW). This may mean HAARP could potentially disrupt radio communications during war, or blind incoming missiles. But science cannot accept Dr Rahman’s claim that “It (HAARP) may also affect plate tectonics causing earthquakes, floods through torrential rains and trigger tsunamis.”

Does the good doctor believe in magic and demons? How else can massive tectonic plates be moved by radio waves? Will HAARP tickle a sleeping subterranean monster that awakes and sets off earthquakes? This kind of thinking was what irate and ignorant village mullahs used after the 2005 Pakistani earthquake. They blamed cable television, after which followers smashed thousands of television sets.

Weather change simply cannot be caused by HAARP’s radio waves. The effects of a puny 3.6MW radio transmitter on the ionosphere can only be detected with sensitive instruments. Even these are almost completely washed out by a constant stream of charged particles from the sun that hit the earth during daytime. To see HAARP’s effects would be like trying to see a candle a mile away in blazing sunlight.

Today, even the most powerful lasers and radios are millions of times weaker than needed to heat sizeable portions of the ionosphere. (Of course, producing hotspots in tiny volumes anywhere is not a problem, but these have zero effect on the weather or earthquakes.) Perhaps in some future century a laser might be able to do this job.

Dr Rahman says he is uncertain if HAARP could equal a nuclear weapon or perhaps be even more destructive. But if it is actually the super-weapon that he alleges, then the laws of physics will have to be overturned. Physicists will have the sad task of unlearning all that they know and burning their useless books. With a heavy heart, I shall return all my physics degrees.

Scientists sometimes disagree — this is how scientific disputes are resolved. But it is worth asking if at least some genuine scientists support Dr Rahman’s claims. He provides no examples. Instead, he quotes President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who accused the US of causing the Haiti earthquake. While I admire Chavez for standing up to political bullying by the US, I am not sure he knows anything about plate tectonics. In fact, his claim caused seismologists to crack up with laughter.

Dr Rahman also quotes a 1999 committee of the European Union Parliament that called for HAARP to be examined by an international independent body. I do not know if any of the committee members were scientists. But 11 years later, the EU has not called for further investigation, nor alleged that HAARP has caused natural disasters.

The good doctor enthusiastically endorses the statements of Dr Nick Begich, one of HAARP’s most vocal critics, and refers to him reverentially as a scientist. But Begich’s website says that he obtained a doctorate in traditional medicine from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines in 1994. In other words Begich is not a scientist, but a homeopath who obtained a mail order degree.

Yet another quoted “authority” is the arch conspiracy theorist, Michel Chossudovsky, a retired professor of economics in Ottawa. In Dr Rahman’s pantheon of ‘experts’, none has published a scientific paper in a reputable science journal that demonstrates a connection between ionospheric physics and any weather or subterranean phenomenon. In short, Dr Rahman’s claims about HAARP are based on pseudo-science promoted by conspiracy theorists who blame America for all grief in the world.

Once science loses its objectivity and becomes enslaved to any kind of ideology or political opinion, it becomes useless.

These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Perhaps they are entertaining, but they are not harmless. As Dr Hoodbhoy observes, giving credit to such stories “decreases society’s collective ability to make sensible decisions”. It also wastes the valuable time of our eminent scientists like Pervez Hoodbhoy who have to take time away from working on important matters for the country in order to debunk such nonsense. We have said before that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts. This includes science. That the media gives space to such pseudo-science nonsense is a shame on the profession, and an embarrassment to the country.

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  1. It is perhaps right that mainstream media should not indulge in conspiracy theories as it might damage the way our society perceives things. However , there has to be some sort of a group looking into this from every point of view.

    Anyways , the conspiracy theorists use the concept of HAARP to depict that weather can be controlled. I have no problems with debunking HAARP but the whole point is that with HAARP or without HAARP ‘Can weather be controlled?’. Here is my answer:


    So i would say if this can be done then certainly weather of an area can be tampered to received more rainfall than usual and cause floods. To me this is quite similar to the way we use fertilizers to crop output from earth. Why should one be shocked if the same can be done to the clouds to artificially enhance their rain output.

  2. It’s pretty easy to figure out if the HAARP can control the weather like the conspiracy theorists claim. It’s a matter of mathematics. All they have to do is prove that the HAARP can create an area of hot air large enough in order to create a large enough area of vacuum that would suck air in fast enough to counteract the winds the are pushing the hurricanes or storms. It’s pretty obvious that the HAARP does not put out enough power to do this. I’ve seen a small version of HAARP being used to change the weather inside a small test container. If it were to be made large enough to move hurricanes around, it would need an antenna farm half the size of Texas and about 50,000 nuclear power plants to supply enough power as to create a vacuum a hundred miles in area.

    BTW. When the HAARP antenna are operating it causes quite a light show at night.

  3. Tell this Dr Hoodbhoy the Mother Fucker, Ass hole being a memeber of Royal Soceity dont try to negate facts. We experimented with 7.8 Hz at resonance and we very well know what sort of destruction it causes to earth crust and generation of CB clouds in below ionosphere. HAARP is open to all just to coverup its lethality but generation of High Amplitude VLF cannot be seen with eyes by students u Moron. So wake up and tell the facts and reality to the Nation u Mir Jaffer. Its a Dajalli weapon and will be used by Dajjal.

  4. Conspiracy theories like this are why I support Internet censorship. Good grief and good riddance.

  5. “possibly increasing rain output” and “causing massive earthquakes” are two very different accusations

  6. And neither are supported by science.

  7. I know this is a necro, but sheesh people, don’t be so closed minded. Earthquakes and hurricanes, maybe not, but snow, floods, and droughts, yes.

    From the Wall St. Journal:
    “…a total of 186 doses of silver iodide were fired into the skies to seed clouds starting on Saturday evening, increasing the total amount of snow by more than 16 million tons.
    -But Beijing’s snow gain may be a loss for other parts of the chronically parched northern China, which might have seen some of their precipitation diverted to the capital thanks to its aggressive weather modification campaign. ”


    From Dailmail.uk
    “Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state’s eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.
    -Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is no rain at all.
    -People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightening.”


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  10. I’ve been to HAARP for a tour and there is nothing sinister whatsoever. I remember one guard with a sidearm and that was it. There was no military personel, guard shack at the gate and no restricted areas. They took us through every section explaining what each area does and that was it. We even got to see the antenna field while they explained thier purpose. Absolutely no conspiracy going on at all!

  11. ok please post photos of the tour then. or any kind of solid proof u were there

    Raytheon is involved with HAARP.
    Raytheon who manufactures the missiles used in the March 20 Libya attack.
    Raytheon who built the SIVA – a surveillance system over Amazon.
    Where was Obama when Libya was being attacked?

    The Raytheon connection is too strong.
    That company was involved in CIA scandals in the past and a felony criminal record from that for stealing massive information from the Pentagon.
    Yet Clinton lobbies for Raytheon to win over US military project time and time again!

  12. Classic conspiracy theorist logic. Connecting disparate events into one garbled theory. I love that your punchline is “Where was Obama when Libya was being attacked? Brazil”
    Woah dude you just blew my mind, with your stupidity.

    Let’s deal with the actual crimes of the United States, we don’t have to make them up.

  13. Darren, do you know other words besside “conspiracy theorist”?
    Man asked for proofs, and if they are not available, they are just not available and it speaks for itself.

    Calling someone you don’t know “dude” is as stupid as you are. Dude :).

  14. You want proof? Find it yourself.
    Seriosuly – you’re only a Flickr search away from a bunch of photos taken inside and all over the facility by some of the university students that sometimes visit the facility to use the equipment as part of their studies.

    This is one of the most retarded conspiracy theories out there, built entirely on ignorance, fear of what you don’t understand, and paranoia – with zero evidence of any kind in support of it.

    And “sup”‘s statements are just as retarded.

  15. There you conspiracy theorists go again with your pathetic logic. HAARP can not drive hurricanes, it is physically impossible. HAARP is a small array of antennas that give of frequencies that can create clouds. That’s it. There is no way hurricane Sandy (Which was only a category 3 hurricane, which is not very strong) could be created by HAARP, mainly because its influence is only about a hundred miles out from the facility, which is in Alaska. In order for something like HAARP to drive hurricanes, it would have to be the size of California, which of course, would easily be noticed by the public. Also, don’t even get me started on the amount of electricity that would be needed to run the thing.

    PS: HAARP can not cause earthquakes because it only affects the atmosphere!

  16. hi

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  18. maybe true

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  22. HAARP is the most fantastical, amazing piece of kit ever invented. Not only can this machine magically brainwash people from thousands of miles away, but it can also induce hurricanes and earthquakes at precise locations on the planet!

    Earthquakes are created in zones of the earth’s crust where two giant plates are effectively rubbing against each other. Over the period of many years the friction and energy builds up between these plates. Eventually enough energy is built up and the plates slip past each other releasing all the energy in the form of an earthquake.

    The puny output of HAARP is able to bypass this tectonic fact by beaming enough energy into the earth’s crust to speed up the movement of the earth’s plates, ready for a giant earthquake. Even better you can actually do this where plates don’t even exist thus giving you that precise accuracy as claimed.

    Rather conveniently the Earth acts as a massive antenna capable of beaming radio/microwaves across to the other side of the earth thus taking away the unfortunate fact that radio/microwaves travel in straight lines. If this wasn’t the case then you would obviously need an army of evil satellites to beam the waves to exactly where you need them. Not only does the atmosphere act like a huge antenna but you can actually direct where the beam of radio/micro waves hit back into the earth. This gives you pin point accuracy of being able to beam down the waves into the earth’s crust to exactly where you need them (because obviously you know exactly where the fault lines run deep in the earth).

    Approximately zero energy is lost while trying to beam radio/microwaves tens of km into the earth’s crust. When the microwaves hit the rocks at the precise depth you want it heats up the rocks enough to cause the built up friction of two giant plates of crust to release all there energy as an earthquake.

    Of course everything on the earth’s surface that have had the microwaves pass through them are entirely all right, not cooked to the slightest as the waves only become effective when you want them too….i.e. at the fault zone.

    The perfect weapon for the mentally deluded!

  23. Would be interesting how big thesattelite needs to be to retranslate 3 MW in an instant

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  26. Starting on page 35 of this e book here, this article gets deconstructed: http://www.scribd.com/doc/103589920/HAARP-The-Deadly-Music-That-You-Don-t-Hear

  27. Apparently there are a lot of people who don’t believe the haarp theory.

    I was watching BBC during the floods in Pakistan. Then a person came and started explaining that ‘Super Winds” all the way down from the South Pole travelled all across the globe and stationed itself over the Northern areas of Pakistan, and that is the reason for the super floods.
    this then caused me to check the net for more details on these super winds and eventually HAARP.

    Also a little known fact, India during that time also opened up 1-2 dams towards Pakistan increasing the effects.

    So India is in on it too.
    It also refused to give to us the seismographic reports about the earthquake in Pakistan.


  28. OK let me explain you whats going on. Earths Cumulative Frequency is 7.8 Hz. If u beam up a terrestrial region with a extremely high amplitude pulses of 7.8 Hz with 50% duty cycle per pulse the tectonic plates beneath achieve resonance and start shaking causing an earthquake intensity of which depends upon the amplitude of the pulses.
    For atmospheric manipulation

    United States Patent 4712155: Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma

    But dont believe in Mir Jaffers of our country.

  29. If we can lift up ping pong balls with three speakers making a phased array with three different monotones (acoustic levitation) in a room, cant we shake earth with a high amplitude constructive waves. Open up your mind and use your upper chamber.

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