Dear Propagandists, Keep Digging

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Daily Mail

The Daily MailThe propagandists behind the fake Wikileaks story that was exposed by The Guardian continue trying to dig their way out of the hole they have found themselves in. What is curious is that faced with inarguable proof that they have finally been caught manufacturing stories, they only continue to protest their innocence and refuse to admit their mistakes. The more they try to justify their actions, though, the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves.

As we wrote a couple of days ago, Ahmed Quraishi’s web of propaganda has begun to unravel as more and more journalists are calling him what he really is. That has not stopped Mr Quraishi, however, and today we find him in The News actually asking with a straight face for the state “to intervene as the interim and enforce discipline” in the media. Like any would-be dictator, Ahmed Quraishi believes the media should be free to spread propaganda, but not to expose the puppeteer.

But this network of propagandists is larger than Ahmed Quraishi, and he is not the only one of the lot writing frenzied defenses of their shady practices. Today, the website of the fake newspaper “Daily Mail” features a column by one “Mohammad Jamil” that continues to offer sad excuses for their phoney reporting.

This group had carried the same news in its daily English and Urdu newspapers; later described them fake and apologized for not checking its veracity and the source before publishing. They are now trying to create ‘awareness’ among media men that they should not release news without checking its authenticity. But the problem is that there is competition in print and electronic media, especially the latter for their passion for breaking news; and they do not have the time to check the veracity of the news. However, one of its anchors in his remarks on Indian TV assured that he would investigate those behind fake WikiLeaks, which is despicable.

It should be noted here that this “Daily Mail” is the same newspaper that had planted the story that RAW was behind the spot-fixing scandal and other conspiracies that turned out to be false. Of course, as always these conspiracies are justified as defending the national honour, even though it is the culture of conspiracies that is doing more harm to the national honour than any cheating cricketer.

In fact, the last sentence of Md. Jamil’s argument appears to make up the foundation of his argument – that media should not report the facts, but should simply be a mouthpiece for the right-wing.

Secondly, one would not come across any Indian condemning Indian intelligence agency RAW. On the other hand, Pakistani media men just flaunt to prove how independent they are, they criticize military and ISI, day in and day out. There are indeed patriotic elements in Pakistani print and electronic media who are aware of their national responsibility. But others also abound who have become chivalrous and obstreperous as a result of the newfound media freedom.

The only thing that Md. Jamil writes correctly is that, “it is moral obligation of the right thinking and responsible media men to react strongly to irresponsible behavior, no matter who commits the act”. This is reason to praise journalists like Fasi Zaka, Nadeem F Paracha, George Fulton, Farrukh Khan Pitafi, and the countless others who expose the propagandists who treat media as a chess game and the common people as their pawns.

Md. Jamil closes his column by saying,

At this point in time when Pakistan is confronting challenges to its internal and external security, Pakistani media men should rise to the occasion and play its role to counter hostile Indian propaganda and protect national interests.

The best way to counter propaganda and protect national interests, of course, being to report the facts without bias or opinion so that the people can be trusted to decide for themselves.

It is a telling point indeed that these phoney reporters who have created a business misleading Pakistanis would term any honest journalist as Mir Jafar. That this occurs while Ahmed Quraishi is writing in The News that freedom and honesty should be sacrificed for ‘discipline’ shows just what contempt With each of these arguments, these petty propagandists may believe that they are digging their way out of the hole that they fell into thanks to their fake Wikileaks documents. But what they’re really doing is digging the grave of their own propaganda.

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