Ansar Abbasi’s Gol Gappay

Dec 27th, 2010 | By | Category: The News

Ansar Abbasi's Gol GappayAnsar Abbasi’s column for The News today made my mouth water this morning, but I could not figure out why. Abbasi’s column, featured on the front page of the newspaper, claims that “Big names” including at least one minister are figured in a scandal of allotting 1,000 plots in Islamabad. Walking down the street after reading the article, I found myself inexplicably drawn to a vendor selling pani pooris. That was when I realized why Abbasi’s article made my mouth water – it was like a giant bowl of media gol gappay!

Now this may sound strange, but please consider the similarities – both Abbasi’s headline, ‘Big names, minister figure in plots scam’ and gol gappays are quite enticing to the eye, but when you finally get it close you realize that it is simply puffed up and hollow inside!

Here’s what Abbasi offers to his readers today:

A source claimed that amongst the influential, the federal minister and informal monitor have huge vested interests involved in these allotments. The source even said that each of these influential figures were aspiring for hundreds of plots apparently to be allotted to victims.

The source, however, could not produce any documentary evidence to this respect but said that an independent inquiry into the matter, review of the whole process adopted for the award of the package, questioning of all the concerned officials and interview of those listed as victims would unveil the real faces behind the scam.

An unnamed source claims that some unnamed influential people including an unnamed federal minister are involved with a bogus plot allotment scheme in Islamabad. According to Abbasi’s own words, “the source, however, could not produce any documentary evidence to this respect”.

Despite having no names of those involved, no names of sources, and no documentary evidence, Ansar Abbasi still manages to write almost 700 words about the alleged scandal. For that, he should receive the new Media Gol Gappay Award.

Thankfully, the pani poori wallah had some spicy pani and chunteys as filling. Perhaps next time Ansar Abbasi can think to provide some facts to his readers as well, and not leave them with a hollow shell of an article only.

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