Court Terms Ansar Abbasi Sources “Incorrigible Liars”

Jan 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Express Tribune, Jang, The News

Ansar AbbasiAnsar Abbasi is a constant defender of his reporting and his anonymous sources, even though his predictions do not come true and his conspiracies prove false. Despite the growing record of the unreliability of Ansar Abbasi’s reporting, Jang Group continues to publish his writing to this day without any public corrections or apologies for his past mistakes.

But according to a report in Express Tribune on Thursday, the sources for this conspiracy tale are “incorrigible liars”.

Terming the ‘plot’ to kill the CJ LHC a “remarkable tale”, the Commission said that it was authored by the four men who were not only “incorrigible liars” but also “men of little character and credibility.” The Commission has concluded that these four had enacted this charade and should be punished.

This “remarkable tale” manufactured by “incorrigible liars” is the 11 September article for The News by Ansar Abbasi headlined, ‘Plot to kill Justice Sharif unearthed’. Ansar Abbasi wrote several articles on the theme, including a 14 September article which suggested the plan was a conspiracy of PPP officials.

It should be noted here that the unreliability of Ansar Abbasi’s sources is not a new revelation and has been well documented over the past years.

Let us stop for a moment and think about the amount of taxpayer money, the state resources and the time and energy of police and court officials that were wasted on this wild goose chase.

Jang Group like many media groups beats the drum of corruption as the greatest threat to democracy, yet under their own roof there is a man who is wasting ever more taxpayer resources on wild goose chases and conspiracy theories.

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