Second Day of The News Misinformation on Zardari Trip

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The News (Jang Group)For the second day in a row, The News has featured incomprehensible coverage of President Zardari’s trip to the US for the memorial of diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

The 15 January issue of The News included an article on page four of the National section that boasts the headline, Zardari’s mysterious meetings with Obama, CIA chief’. This bizarre article claims that:

The meeting between President Barack Obama and President Asif Ali Zardari has taken place without a formal agenda and no official brief account of the bilateral ties was readily available to the visiting president that could help him in the talks.

But on the front page of this very same newspaper on the very same day featured an article titled, ‘US to find new ways to strengthen Pak Democracy’ by reporter Sami Abraham that details the talks between US President Barack Obama and President Zardari. This article details the President’s schedule and the topics of discussion as per the interview of the Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani. The newspaper even featured a photograph of this supposedly ‘mysterious meeting’ between President Obama and President Zardari.

Why did The News not give Muhammad Saleh Zaafir same access to the interview of Ambassador Husain Haqqani so that his name would not be attached to a bizarre article on page 4 that is easily answered by reading page 1?

It should also be asked why The News continues to print such bizarre accounts of President Zardari’s trip to the US. As we noted yesterday, the same newspaper had printed an article filled with easily disproven inaccuracies.

When our leaders are visiting foreign dignitaries and officials, the people have a right to know how their nation is being represented. From the front page story by Sami Abraham the people were given an inside view to what would normally be a very private meeting. So why did The News introduce confusion by then on page 4 terming the meeting ‘mysterious’ and saying that nobody knows what was said?

If this was an error on the part of editors, Jang Group should conduct internal discussions to find out how it was able to happen so that it can be prevented in the future. If it was an intentional act of some employees to case a negative light on the nation’s leaders for a purely political agenda then those employees should be disciplined for failing to uphold the standards of professional journalism.

Whatever the cause, this is the second day in a row that The News has offered unreliable and confusing reports to the people about high-level international meetings. We deserve better.

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