Bachola Shaheen Sehabi

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Bachola Shaheen Sehbai

Despite several requests, we had not intended to address the rumours of a secret Zardari wedding that have been floated around the internet because we felt that these were so obviously attempts to invent a scandal from thin air that they did not warrant even the most basic acknowledgement. Our hand was forced, however, when we opened The News this morning to find that Shaheen Sehbai has changed his profession from psychic to matchmaker.

The rumours appeared on a couple of questionable (at best) blogs and included absolutely no actual evidence of anything except the childish imaginations of the writer named ‘Haroon’. This is even admitted by the writer who admits that “Many media analyst are still trying to find an evidence before they jump into this leak”. Neither ‘Haroon’ nor his gossip colleague Shaheen Sehbai find the need to wait for evidence, however, jumping head first into the rumour without a moment’s thought.

‘Haroon’ then justifies publishing this nonsense by writing, “The fact is none of the parties have denied this leaked news yet”, a curious bit of backwards logic.

Here are some more “facts” of this type:

1. ‘Haroon’ has not denied that he beats his wife.

2. ‘Haroon’ has not denied that he is a drunkard.

3. ‘Haroon’ has not denied that his article is a plant.

Of course, the fact that ‘Haroon’ has not denied these things doesn’t make them true or not true. Actually, it doesn’t mean anything.

There is a Latin phrase, “Semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit”, which means, “The necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges”. In other words, if you are going to make an accusation against someone, it is your responsibility to provide proof. The accused is not obligated to disprove some charge that you have no evidence for. This is common sense. If society operated on the logic of Haroon, everyone would be guilt of everything unless they could prove otherwise. It’s simply ridiculous.

Unfortunately, this basic rule of evidence continues to be ignored by many in our media who prefer to peddle in juicy gossips rather than facts. Indeed facts do not appear to matter to Shaheen Sehbai who saw the gossip and ran to the telephone, placing an overseas call to harass Dr Tanveer Zamani about the rumours. Worst, Shaheen Sehabi was so cheap that he would not even pay for the charges to harass this woman but “called her on her toll free phone” ensuring that she would not only be harassed but then be made to pay for the insult as well!

Upon being harassed by bachola Shaheen Sehbai, Dr Tanveer Zamani replied that she would not comment and had sought a lawyer to deal with the rumour. At this point, most civilized people would leave the poor woman alone. Unfortunately, she had Shaheen Sehbai on the line and he began harassing her even more. When the doctor refused to play his game, Shaheen Sehbai decided says he wondered “whether I had just completed the first interview of Pakistan’s prospective First Lady.”

By comparison, even Daily Express reported that the rumours were baseless and had “been started by sick and dirty minds”.

Daily Express article

This is not only a spectacularly infantile waste of time, it is shameful behaviour by a man who carries the title ‘Group Editor’ at The News. If this is an example of how The News is being edited, is it any wonder there continue to be most ridiculous rumours included in its reporting? It is embarrassing that The News would even agree to publish such nonsense.

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