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Business Recorder logoBusiness Recorder on Monday published the latest conspiracy theory of JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan that “the Americans have established several states within the state of Pakistan” and are orchestrating terrorist activities in the country. What is curious is that the article reads like a press statement issued by a political party and not actual news.

Munawar Hasan offered no actually evidence for any of his claims of American invasion, but seemed to be only trying to use the diplomatic mess of the Raymond Davis case to excite the nationalist sentiments of the people to whip up anti-Americanism. From there the article simply descends into an political campaign speech by the Jamaati chief, even going so far as to quote the JI Ameer saying that IJT members are “the torch bearers of virtue and goodwill in the society”.

Imran Khan abused by IJT

IJT members showing virture and goodwill to Imran Khan

IJT members protesting with guns

IJT members bearing goodwill and virtue

Jamaat-i-Islami being a national political party has the right to issue speeches, statements, press releases and pre-written articles to any news organization it believes will publish them. But the question must be asked what use for its readers the Business Recorder found in publishing this article, and doing so without any editorial balance or comment to give readers a full context of the article. Did any reporter research Munawar Hasan’s claims, or were they simply accepted at full value with no questions asked? Is Business Recorder a news organization or a propaganda outlet?

We have pointed out over the past several days the ongoing problem with misinformation and sensationalism in the media surrounding the Raymond Davis case. Such acts are not only unhelpful, they actually hurt Pakistan’s image and our ability to negotiate at high levels with other world powers. But misinformation and sensationalism is bad enough. The last thing we need is the introduction of wild and baseless conspiracy theories that confuse and panic the masses. Unfortunately, such things are expected from certain segments of media. We expect better from Business Recorder.

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  1. Same Business Recorder had also said this:) – Haider Farooq Mawdudi on Mawdudi and Jamat-e-Islami after Mawdudi.

    ‘MMA was created by ISI’ RECORDER REPORT [Courtesy Business Recorder 2005]

    MULTAN (February 16 2005): Farooq Maudoodi son of founder of Jamaat-i-Islami, late Abul Aala Maudoodi, has said that Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) had been created by ISI and it is a part and parcel of the military government and cannot part ways with President Pervez Musharraf. Talking to a group of journalists here on Tuesday he said: “Qazi Hussain Ahmed met the then ISI chief, General Ehsan-ul-Haq, then called on General Pervez Musharraf and later met US ambassador, then flew to United States. As soon as he returned, MMA was formed like IJI (Islami jamhoori Ittehad).”

    He said that IJI was organised by ISI and funds were also provided by it on the assurance of Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who had also played a key role in IJI. “Now he is playing major role in MMA.”

    Bitterly criticising the MMA, Farooq said that the role of MMA is evidence of its loyalties with military regime. It had approved the 17th constitutional amendment which is in favour of the present regime.

    He said: “Where has the MMA movement gone while its leadership is claiming that it would continue till the achievement of objective of ‘Uniform’?”

    Farooq said that Benazir knew very well about MMA and she had some reservations about it. He said that ISI has complete record of MMA leaders and they cannot escape. He said that politics ended in 1958 when Ayub imposed martial law. He said that plundering of evacuee trust property (Auqaf) and politics of clerics destroyed the politics of the country.

    Regarding deletion of column of ‘religion’ from Passport, he said that it was a good step and Ulema should have welcomed it but they made it part of their agitation to hoodwink the innocent Muslims.

    Farooq said that some bad things were added in the constitution by Zia-ul-Haq, which must be excluded, which had bred many ills.

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