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The Nation may think that it is very clever, but once again it has missed the glaringly obvious. In the Wednesday edition of the newspaper a cartoon is featured on the Opinion page depicting Fauzia Wahab taking a rose to Raymond Davis. The cartoon includes the caption, “Valentine’s Day observed with full fervour in Pakistan”.

The Nation Cartoon of 16 February 2011

But The Nation missed the real story which was that some people actually did take Valentine’s Day treats to a confessed killer, only the gunman was not Raymond Davis but Mumtaz Qadri.

Boys take Valentine's Day treats to Mumtaz Qadri

Express Tribune reported the incident, including the statement of Qari Hanif Qureshi that even though Valentine’s Day is haram he would allow it since it was honouring the killer.

Students brought Valentine’s cards and flowers on Monday to the detained self-confessed killer of one of Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer.

Qari Hanif Qureshi, a firebrand speaker and apparent inspiration for Qadri, also said Valentine’s Day was not Muslim.

“It is wrong to celebrate it, but since these students have come to express their love and support for Qadri, we cannot turn them away.”

It  is true that some people have used Valentine’s Day to shower flowers on a killer, but it is not the killer that The Nation would have its readers believe. Rather than report the truth, The Nation twists the facts. Once again, readers of The Nation will be misinformed about the actual current events of the country since the editors are willing to sacrifice facts to promote a political agenda.

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