The Mother of Conspiracy Theories

Mar 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Daily Mail

The nation’s propaganda rings are relentless. Even after having been exposed for their true nature by multiple independent outlets, the perpetrators of these conspiracy theories continue unashamed with their media manipulations. The most recent example is especially amusing as it manages to include nearly every possible conspiracy theory rolled into one. As per usual, it is traced back to the same sources with the same ties to retired military and intelligence officers of the Ghairat Brigade.

The questionable newspaper The Daily Mail published a piece by who else but another retired military officer turned ‘analyst’ being paid by unknown sources. Brig (R) Asif Haroon Raja’s column titled CIA, the mother hen includes something for all conspiracy lovers – American duplicity, Indian sabotage, Blackwater/Xe, Kerry-Lugar Bill, and visas handed out like candy to countless American agents.

As usual, there is no evidence presented for any of the non sense, and hardly even any creativity in the imagination of the author. Rather it is just more ‘transparently silly’ exaggerations of previously disproven fictions. For example, the author digs up the corpse of the visa conspiracy and says “It is not known as to how many out of 11567 visas issued by Haqqani are CIA, Mosad and RAW agents under the garb of diplomats.” This is a laughable attempt to terrorize the reader by misrepresenting the actual facts. In order to find 11567 visas, you would have to add up all the visas for years. Many of these would be for the same people – government officials who visit for one or two days only – who return multiple times each year. Perhaps the better question is how many retired military officers are being paid to write conspiracy theories by intelligence agencies?

It should come as no surprise to learn that this article can once again be traced back to the propaganda ring of the ‘virtual Think Tank’ named ‘Opinion Maker’ which has ties to Gen Aslam Beg and Hamid Gul.



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