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Ansar AbbasiAnsar Abbasi is donning the robes of justice again, just as he did last year when he took suo moto notice of NAB and, despite a total lack of evidence, accused the government of launching a full frontal attack against the Chief Justice. As usual, it has been several months since that prediction and yet still Ansar Abbasi’s smears and accusations came to naught. Now, though, Abbasi has upgraded from his usual gavel and wig for a Quran and kaffiyeh and pronounced himself Qadi in the case of Raymond Davis.

Some people might ask what are Ansar Abbasi’s qualifications for issuing such edicts. First, let us rest assured that he has received a Masters Degree from University of London with a research thesis on child labor. Surely it was this research that led to his rulings on public flogging of young girls.

It is well established that, having graduated from Maulana Syed Abul A’Ala Maududi School of Journalism, Ansar Abbasi is also well qualified to issue edicts against Fashion weeks and also explain how WikiLeaks is a conspiracy against Muslims. This past week, Qadi Ansar Abbasi has extended his religious judgments to the case of Raymond Davis also.

Beginning on Capital Talk programme, Ansar Abbasi declared as invalid the ruling of the court to acquit and release Raymond Davis through the application of Qisas and Diyat because through his extensive learning in Islamic law he has found the case to be one of ‘Fasad-fil-Arz’ therefore making diyat inapplicable. Qadi Ansar Abbasi expounds on his ruling in the Raymond Davis case on the front page of The News the following day declaring that, ‘We have sold ourselves, once again’.

Actually, Ansar Abbasi does not limit his role to Islamic jurist only but retains his previous wig and gavel also. He takes the place of the court of law by insisting that the question of ‘Fasad-fil-Arz’ must be examined “In the context of Punjab police investigation proving Davis to have killed two young men in a cold blooded manner”. However this never actually happened in the court. While it is true that CCPO Lahore Aslam Tarin held a press conference to declare that Raymond Davis’s act was “clear murder”, this was never examined and ruled by the Lahore High Court. But clearly this is an unnecessary step as the CCPO held a press conference where our Lord Ansar Abbasi was presiding as judge and jury in the case as well as Qadi. Now his ruling has been issued.

Due to the fact that Ansar Abbasi has long since stopped reporting news rather having begun trying to shape the news, his employers have taken to affixing the label ‘Commentary’ to his pieces. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to affix the label of ‘Edicts’.

Recently there was a report that Council of Islamic Ideology is feeling underused. The truth is, CII is not needed as it once was now that we can enjoy the wisdom of Qadi Ansar Abbasi issuing religious rulings for Masjid al-Jang Group.

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