A little patience, please

Mar 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Dawn

Dawn‘s editorial on the president’s speech offers some good advice to media groups and journalists:

Finally, a word about the destabilising role of sections of the media. Clearly, the political class needs its feet held close to the fire — the elites are too entrenched to initiate on their own the deep reforms the country needs. But too often sections of the media appear to be ringing the death knell of the government instead of being cheerleaders of democracy. A little patience, please.

You will recall that the media has been predicting the death of the government since the moment it was elected, and yet we are almost four years into this government and despite some turbulent waters, the ship has steadied itself after each storm. Time has proven that media talking heads are not very good at predictions. So, please, let’s stop making predictions and stick to reporting the facts.

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