Geo Caught Plagiarising, Censoring Report On Drones

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The News (Jang Group)Editors and journalists may think they can get away with plagiarizing articles and changing the facts reported without being caught. But in the modern age of the internet this is simply not possible. Most recently Geo has found itself embarrassed on the world stage when US think tank ‘AfPak Channel’ caught it plagiarizing an article from AFP and changing the facts without any explanation.

On Monday, international news agency AFP reported that ‘US drone attacks kill seven in Pakistan’. Later that same day, Geo reported that US drone attacks kill nine in NWA. The articles are nearly identical.

In fact, the only difference between the two articles is that Geo removed paragraphs from the original story that note the body count from the attack. The original AFP article contains the following paragraphs:

“At least seven militants were killed in both the US drone strikes. The vehicle was completely burnt and the compound was also destroyed,” a security official in Miranshah told AFP.

A second security official in Peshawar confirmed both the drone strikes and the casualties.

“We don’t know their exact identities but we were informed that there were foreigners inside that compound,” one intelligence official told AFP.

The US strikes doubled last year, with more than 100 drone strikes killing over 670 people, according to an AFP tally, and the CIA has said the covert programme has severely disrupted Al-Qaeda’s leadership.

The raid also rocked Pakistan’s seemingly powerful security establishment, with its intelligence services and military widely accused of incompetence or complicity over the presence of bin Laden close to a military academy.

As you can see, each of the paragraphs Geo removed from the original article contain either mentions of the news agency that originally published the report, AFP as well as paragraphs that mention the death count and references that might be considered as critical to the establishment.

The action by Geo was noticed and reported as “strange” by US think tank AfPak Channel on their Twitter account.

How strange that Geo took this AFP story and just changed 7 to 9, without attribution

US media groups were rightly criticised heavily for covering up the identity of CIA contractor Raymond Davis earlier this year. If Geo is also found to be removing paragraphs from reports that could be seen as critical of the military and intelligence agencies here as well as changing facts such as death counts and plagiarizing reports from other news agencies, it must be asked whether other reports from Geo have been censored, changed, and plagiarized.

Geo has been on the front lines of calls to protect and defend the freedom of media. But if Geo is censoring and editing reports to protect the establishment from criticism, it must be asked how free their media really is.

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  1. Dear Moderator,

    You are amazed at GEO:) You ain’t seen nothing:)))) General Beg blames Musharraf for heading Black Water:) That’s new – General (R) Mirza Aslam Beg on AAJ TV (27 Apr 2010)

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