The News Complains About, Spreads Distorted Information

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The News (Jang Group)Ansar Abbasi, the Jang Group ‘Investigative Editor’ whose sources were termed ‘incorrigable liars’ by Chief Justice Lahore High Court last year, was featured on the front page of The News complaining that elements within the military establishment have been feeding distorted information to the media. Ironically, Ansar Abbasi concludes his complaining about “unnamed sources” by quoting his own unnamed source who claims some unnamed “ministers and ambassadors” as not satisfied with an opposition resolution.

In addition to Ansar Abbasi conveniently quoting his own unnamed sources, the same issue of The News also includes a news report by Dr Raja Muhammad Khan of National Defence University Islamabad. This is the same Dr Raja Muhammad Khan whose name has previously appeared in connection to a propaganda ring connected to retired ISI officials and Ahmed Quraishi.

Now Dr Raja M Khan is published by The News spreading conspiracy theories including that Osama bin Laden was not killed.

But this is also a fact that, the US authorities have failed so far in giving the solid and logical proof of the OBL’s death. The authorities have yet not released any video or the photographs of the operation, making the event as totally incredulous. Some analysts believe that OBL died long-ago in Afghanistan.

Just how distorted is this information? Even al Qaeda has confirmed that Osama bin Laden was killed. And this is not the only transparently silly conspiracy theory in Raja M Khan’s article. Also he says that the raid in Abbottabad was nothing but an American topi drama.

This raid in fact was a staged managed drama aiming either to; bring political victory for the re-electioneering of Obama or else to; pave the way for the US future military actions against Pakistan and to have an access to our strategic arsenals.

Actually Obama’s rating in the US has not been helped by the Osama raid. Even if Obama had intended the raid to help his re-election, why would he do it over a year before the elections? Wouldn’t it make more sense to announce the death of Osama just before the election? This conspiracy which is also being peddled by such persons as Hamid Gul and Aslam Beg simply defies all logic.

In another article in the same issue of The News, Farrukh Saleem claims that American officials are in Pakistan only to improve President Obama’s re-election campaign.

John Kerry and Mike Mullen have been tasked to secure more good news out of Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to keep up the momentum going into the Iowa Caucuses and then into the presidential election scheduled for 6 November 2012.

Again, this is a laughably absurd statement since Adm Mike Mullen was given his position not by Barack Obama who is a Democrat but by George Bush who is a Republican.

An editorial in the same edition of the newspaper includes distorted information about drone strikes.

It is also clear that drones have claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people – and only a few militants.

Actually, the openly available data from Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann’s drones database at the New America Foundation with all sources presented for review shows that the vast majority of deaths from drone strikes are militants – not innocents.

Drone Deaths 2004-2010

This also confirms the statement by General Officer Commanding 7-Division Gen Ghayur Mehmood:

Myths and rumours about US predator strikes and the casualty figures are many, but it’s a reality that many of those being killed in these strikes are hardcore elements, a sizeable number of them foreigners.

“Yes there are a few civilian casualties in such precision strikes, but a majority of those eliminated are terrorists, including foreign terrorist elements.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that The News has presented misleading and distorted information about drone strikes. The fact that The News continues to publish misleading and distorted information about drone strikes calls into question their intentions whether to inform or mislead readers to promote a political agenda.

What is the intention of these stage managed conspiracy dramas we will not speculate about here. But we will laugh a bit at the obvious ridiculousness of The News running front page articles crying about distorted information while filling their paper with the same.

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