A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (Distorted) Words

May 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: The News

The following editorial cartoon appeared on the pages of The Nation on 22 May.

Cartoon The Nation 22 May 2011

The image appears to show an American Uncle Sam wearing a tall hat featuring a Jewish star and holding a gun to the back of a Muslim wearing a hat with a star and crescent to represent Pakistan. This appears to be intended to lead readers to believe that the US is a Zionist state threatening to shoot Muslim Pakistan in the back.

But the same newspaper on the day before published an editorial praising Barack Obama’s stance on Israel and his call for the creation of a Palestinian state based on the borders of 1967. The editorial even makes clear that this was a courageous act for Obama that showed the US is not under the rule of Israel or a Jewish conspiracy. So why the next day the same newspaper publishes a cartoon that plays to the anti-Zionist ideology and theories of a US-Zionist conspiracy against Pakistan?

The same newspaper has also reported recently about Chinese military officials visiting US as part of efforts to strengthen military ties, and recent meetings between China’s top General Chen Bingde and American military chief Admiral Mike Mullen in which the two military leaders stressed the partnership and cooperation between their two countries. So why the same newspaper publishes a cartoon that shows China holding a gun to the back of the US?

What we see here is a complete separation between the reporting in The Nation and the ideological mindset that is being projected through the newspaper’s editorial cartoon. According to the reports and even the editorials, the US is not a proxy for Israel and the US and China have friendly relations.

If a reader views the editorial cartoon in the same newspaper, they are given the impression that an American-Zionist conspiracy against Pakistan is being stopped by Chinese military power. But according to the same newspaper, that is simply not true.

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