Jang Group Promotes Sensational PNS Mehran Conspiracy Theory

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A front page article in The News by Mayed Ali that claims to report on the assault on PNS Mehran on Sunday night, but after listing details about the combat radius and onboard radar of the destroyed Orion aircraft the reporter ventures into the land of Hollywood movie-style conspiracy plots.

However, it is believed, the exact info on the details of the complex, which is not visible otherwise, the hangar and the aircraft suggests the plan just cannot be a work of amateur terrorists. The way the entire mission was executed, the sources in Pakistan Navy believe, it seems some specialists must have worked on the plan quite extensively. Moreover, the ex-Navy officials were of the view it was an inside job, implying that someone from within had provided vital information to saboteurs for the mission. And, if the investigation zeroes in on the possibility of sabotage from outside, the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) or even the CIA (Central Investigation Agency) could be a suspect. Interestingly, in such a scenario, the US technicians, working on the new Orions, might have to be interrogated.

Notice that this conspiracy is pure speculation, which the reporter reveals through the careful use of conditional words such as “if” and “could be”. Actually, the initial claim of this conspiracy is not even attributed to an “official source”, rather the reporter simply claims that “it is believed…” Believed by who? We do not know.

The conspiracy blaming the PNS Mehran attack on CIA is particularly weak when one considers that premises that it is based on: Americans were on the base and knew the maintenance-cycle of the Orions. As Mayed Ali reports, there were seven Americans on the base. But there were eleven Chinese also, and as as the reporter also notes, “the attackers did not touch any other aircraft (Fokker) or helicopter (Chinese ZA-6) parked in the same vicinity”. Based on this information, one could just as easily speculate that the operation was carried out by Chinese intelligence to drive a wedge between America and Pakistan. Of course, if you believe this alternative conspiracy theory you would be just as foolish, for there is no evidence for this either.

Unfortunately, this is not the only article from Jang Group that promotes this baseless conspiracy theory. On page 2 of The News reporter Shakeel Anjum goes beyond his colleague’s pure speculation and quotes unnamed “senior intelligence sources” as saying that the attack was “accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a group of al-Qaeda”. Furthermore, according to this anonymous source, “a group of al-Qaeda and Taliban got training in a base camp of RAW in Afghanistan”.

Shakeel Anjum admits that the evidence is “circumstantial”, but even this requires readers to believe that any evidence exists at all. Obviously, none of this evidence is actually presented for readers to judge for themselves. Rather, they must accept the word of an unnamed “intelligence source” – not even an intelligence official.

But most important to consider is that believing this conspiracy theory requires that one believe the following statement: US, India, Taliban, and al Qaeda are all working together. In order for Jang‘s conspiracy theory to be true, you have to believe that extremist fundamentalist Islamists are conspiring with Hindu nationalists. You also have to believe that Taliban and al Qaeda are both fighting and killing American soldiers and also working with American soldiers.

Dawn reports that an officer-in-charge at the base who spoke with the militants described the attackers as speaking clear Urdu with a local accent. The same report details that the militants tried to kill the Americans on the base who were saved only by bullet proof vehicles. So now Jang Group‘s conspiracy requires us to believe that RAW trained al Qaeda and Taliban militants in Afghanistan and taught them to speak clear Urdu with a Karachi accent. Then RAW and CIA sent these al Qaeda and Taliban militants to PNS Mehran with permission to kill Americans along with Pakistanis.

And while Jang Group published in its English language newspaper a front page story with a slightly more speculative tone and put the more sensational conspiracy on the second page, its Urdu newspaper Jang boldy proclaims the wild conspiracy theory as fact from the front page headlines.


Following the past weeks attacks on the nation’s security forces, people are looking for answers. Government officials and military leaders are holding hearings and announcing investigations into security lapses. Rather than play its role as watch dog and ensuring that the hearings and investigations are carried out openly and honestly, media is spoon feeding the people sensational conspiracy theories that would embarrass a C-grade bollywood screenwriter.

Lage raho media bhai…

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  1. The News reporter Shakeel Anjum goes beyond his colleague’s pure speculation and quotes unnamed “senior intelligence sources” as saying that the attack was “accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a group of al-Qaeda”. (The News)
    Well:) That’s the new one “RAW-CIA-and a group within Al-Qaeda”. On one hand the Media blame “Intelligence Agencies” for the failure and the same Media quote Senior Intelligence Sources on “RAW-CIA-and a group within Al-Qaeda”‘s . CIA and RAW have no groups, but which group of Al-Qaeda, read Shakeel Anjum another story on AL-Qaeda and Taliban too (these must’ve been filed under the influence of LSD:)

    Massage centre abductees were from MMA By Shakeel Anjum http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=8696

    ISLAMABAD: Two of the nine persons kidnapped from a Chinese massage centre in F-8/3 late on the night of June 22 by the local Taliban and who were mysteriously released by the police belonged to the MMA, authoritative sources have told The News. Seven of those kidnapped were Chinese and their identity was made public while the identity of the two Pakistanis was not disclosed. The sources said that the two Pakistanis were Matiullah Khan and Raqiaz Khan from Bannu. Matiullah Khan, a nephew of the former member of National Assembly, the late Maulana Naseeb Ali Shah, was contesting elections from the seat of his uncle. Raqiaz Khan was his supporter, they added.

    The sources said that Matiullah Khan, while recording his statement with the police, said that he was suffering from knee pain and had gone to the massage centre for a massage where he was held. Male and female students (respectively Taliban and Talibat) of Jamia Faridia, Jamia Hafsa and Beaconhouse School System, in a joint operation, kidnapped Chinese women and Pakistani men shortly after midnight Friday from a Chinese massage center at house 14, Street 4, F-8/3, alleging that they were running a brothel. However, the hostages said they were running a massage centre and beauty parlour. The Lal Masjid administration later released nine persons after detaining them for 17 hours. The police, the district administration and Lal Masjid identified the Chinese but kept secret the identity of two Pakistanis. The police, later, freed both the ‘political bigwigs’ keeping their names secret on the direction of the district administration. The sources claimed that the Lal Masjid administration, after knowing about the identity of the kidnapped ‘Pakistanis’ who enjoyed strong political background, facilitated their release. They made it part of the agreement arrived at with the police and the district administration that their identity would be kept a secret. Meanwhile, President of MMA Qazi Hussain Ahmad, when contacted by this correspondent, said that he didn’t know Matiullah Khan. “It would be better to investigate their involvement and publish whatever is the truth,” he advised.

  2. The News reporter Shakeel Anjum goes beyond his colleague’s pure speculation and quotes unnamed “senior intelligence sources” as saying that the attack was “accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a group of al-Qaeda”. (The News)

    Mr. Shakeel should over come this “80’s RAW/KGB/Mossad syndrome”

    Taliban say they did it but agencies also looking at Xe, RAW By Shakeel Anjum Friday, March 04, 2011 http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=4380&Cat=13&dt=3/4/2011

    ISLAMABAD: Without ruling out the involvement of Taliban in the killing of federal minister Shehbaz Bhatti, the intelligence agencies are also taking a hard look at the possible involvement of Xe International, (formerly Blackwater) and indian intelligence agency RAW, and are specifically looking into the activities of a white foreigner who is acting as a “security consultant” in Islamabad. “There is some rock-solid evidence indicating foreign involvement in the high profile murder,” intelligence sources told The News. They also do not rule out the involvement of the Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research & Intelligence Wing), which is known to have a role in destabilizing Pakistan in different areas. “Keeping in view the evidence, the aspect of using the name of Tanzeem al-Qaeda and Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab by hidden hands, cannot be ruled out altogether,” sources said. Intelligence agencies expect to track the assassins of federal minister through geo-fencing. “But it could take around three weeks as the geo-fencing is very complex and time consuming job,” a source said. Geo-fencing is a process in which, using highly sophisticated equipment, the agencies can go through the entire call date of the relevant transmission towers in the vicinity. Though the number of telephone calls may run into hundreds of thousands, the system cuts through the maze with the use of certain buzz words.

  3. Agencies should have looked inside the GEO TV/Jang Group/The News International because Kamran Khan and Late Najeeb Ahmed had found “successfully” a wanted “Al-Qaeeda” Militant and also successfully interviewed and romanticized (emphasis is mine) the Militant Organization through GEO TV. They fail to tell their viewers as to why the High Tech Satellite Renaissance System of US National Security Agency “failed” to locate the said Militants (Mustafa Abu Yazid) , here are some very crucial videos of Kamran Khan’s Program “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath “Al-Qaeeda”

    Enjoy the flight of Fantasy:)

    Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 1 (GEO TV JULY 2008) http://youtu.be/-wI0zMQ_Mlo

  4. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 2 (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  5. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 3 a (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  6. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 3 b (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  7. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 4 (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  8. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 5 (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  9. Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 6 (GEO TV JULY 2008)

  10. Ajeeb Tamasha Hai:) Hamid Mir succeeds interviewing OBL right after 911 when everybody was looking for him and also “breaks the story” that OBL had 36 Nukes and Daily Dawn publishes the Story as super-lead. One should ask Hamid Mir and Hameed Haroon (only difference is of “i” and “e” “e”) as to where are those 36 Nuke after OBL Death? Did OBL shove those 36 in the posterior orifices of Hamid Mir, and Hameed Haroon or the Goats of Abbottabad. Read Mazhar Tufail (The News) who is even telling us about the Mood within AL-QAEDA (I again say that CIA should raid The News/GEO TV/Jang Office to wipe out the Al-Qaeda)

    Fazlur Rehman getting isolated after WikiLeaks exposure By Mazhar Tufail Wednesday, December 08, 2010 http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=2547&Cat=13

    ISLAMABAD: After WikiLeaks disclosures about Maulana Fazlur Rahman, not only the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leadership have decided to sever links with him but various religio-political parties have also hinted at staying away from him. “Maulana Fazlur Rahman, who has been an ally of the Pervez Musharraf regime and is also a partner in the present ruling coalition, had strong contacts with militant groups in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan but nobody did even imagine until now that he is constantly in touch with the Americans also,” said a former Taliban official, currently based in Peshawar, while talking to The News on Tuesday. Talking to The News via telephone, the former Taliban official said on condition of anonymity that although the Jamaat-e-Islami leadership had expressed its reservations several times about Maulana Fazlur Rahman, majority of the people believed it is because of political differences between the JUI-F and Jamaat-e-Islami. The time has, however, proven that the reservations and fears of the Jamaat-e-Islami about the JUI-F chief were absolutely genuine, he added. “As the WikiLeaks have unmasked the truth, now Maulana Fazlur Rahman will have to be extremely careful because his acts and attitude fall in the category of betrayal,” commented the former Taliban official. A Taliban commander told The News from Afghanistan via telephone that the Taliban leaders, who have been in contact with Maulana Fazlur Rahman in the past, are extremely disappointed and angered.

    He said now all doors of the Taliban have been closed for the JUI-F chief as his real face has finally been exposed. “We may forgive him [Fazlur Rahman] for the sake of his father’s services for Islam but we have shut all doors for him,” he said. When contacted, former spokesman for Jamaat-e-Islami Ameerul Azeem, who has been attending meetings of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) of which the JUI-F was also a part, said now the time has come for the JUI-F chief to review his entire political life, particularly his manoeuvres to become part of every government. He said the role of the JUI-F chief in the Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD), when his politics was based on mere principles, is no secret. He recalled that even (late) Benazir Bhutto had once dumped (late) Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan but the Maulana had extended unflinching support to the Nawabzada. “Now the political moves of the JUI-F chief are completely different as of late he has been preferring gains to principles,” the former Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman said. “If Maulana Fazlur Rahman failed in returning to his old political path, he would remain all alone,” he remarked.

    Ameerul Azeem pointed out that currently there are many leaders in the JUI-F who strongly believe in the politics of principles and are extremely valued by different quarters. He said the Jamaat-e-Islami would definitely maintain its contacts with such leaders. The News contacted several religious figures that have been close to the Taliban leadership in the past and sought their comments on the latest situation, they were unanimous that Maulana Fazlur Rahman would pay a heavy price for what they called his deceit and betrayal. The JUI-F chief, who is facing scathing criticism from various religious circles following WikiLeaks disclosures about him, is likely to face very difficult situation in the near future because the religious parties are unanimous that he would not be included in any alliance of religio-political parties. “We have firmly decided that Maulana Fazlur Rahman or any leader of his party will not be included in the alliance of religious parties before the next general elections. Nor will we maintain any contact with the JUI-F or its leadership,” said a leader of another religious party, pleading anonymity. This correspondent made several attempts to contact the JUI-F chief for his comments but failed while any other leader of his party was also not ready to speak on the issue.

  11. Jang Group “Aman Ki Asha” & US CIA/RAW/AL-QAEDA.

  12. Geo and Jang group are busy in one-sided and baseless stories, analysis and editorials against the PPP government. Whether the ongoing one-sided and biased journalism is correct and useful for democracy and the country, obliviously not! PPP had rightly decided to boycott the Jang Group after tolerating it for two-and-a-half year. PPP had rendered great sacrifices for democracy, independent judiciary and press freedom, and one hopes that it would continue the struggle in the future. A common man criticizes Jang Group only for its policies and people claimed the same group was hatching failed conspiracies against the PPP-led government. Media is playing role of establishment’s stunt man. Every one knows that PPP is anti-establishment party for its pro people policies. There is no doubt that anchors of Geo and most of the writers of jang group are at pay role of establishment. Their sheer hatred against government shows very much that they are working on the agenda of establishment and pro-Taliban opposition parties.

  13. AOA…yes it is 100% true and based on facts that Shakeel Anjum and people like him are on the very pay-role of establishment, whose main duty is to divert people’s attention from facts and realities to fictional-stories, in recent posts of shakeel anjum he is trying to protect arrested isi-major (car-lifting-don) by indulging politicians and police officers in the very organized crime of car-lifting, this is very shameful.

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