Is Jang Group telling the truth about Geo Super?

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Geo Super Cross Out

Additional evidence has surfaced supporting the belief that Jang Group is playing politics with Geo Super. As you will recall, Jang Group has claimed that transmission of the sports channel was shut down by the government. This claim was first called into question by the blog Cafe Pyala.

Almost everyone would have seen this image where Geo Super used to be. Does this mean PEMRA has pulled Geo Super off air? That’s what the Jang Group would have you believe. But think about something: if the channel were actually blocked, why would you be able to see this image? Remember when Geo and other news channels were pulled off air during the 2007 ‘Emergency’? The screens actually went blank. In fact, what this constant image indicates is that Geo Super is still broadcasting and being distributed on cable and satellite dishes. It is just that the channel itself is not running any programming.

Following additional research, Pakistan Media Watch found evidence that actually Jang Group had stopped broadcasting programming themselves in order to extort a domestic uplink license from the government without following proper procedures.

The story that is unfolding appears to expose a disturbing possibility – that a media group, confident in its ability to sway public opinion, is attempting to pressurise government agencies and the courts to grant it special privileges. Such a scheme would not be necessary to ensure programming reaches the people, rather it would be a direct assault on the authority of the government and the courts and a power grab by media owners.

Just as the government should not interfere with media, media should not attempt to interfere with government also. This story should be watched closely as it appears there could be more to what is going on than is being truthfully reported.

Thanks to the documents revealed by Wikileaks, additional evidence has surfaced which suggests that Jang Group intentionally stops programming in order to gain sympathy from the public and pressurise the government.

wikileaksOn November 17, 2008, “GEO TV” suddenly disappeared from the  airwaves in Karachi.  The blackout lasted about six hours.  A senior “GEO” staffer told our senior information LES that the stoppage was  a result of pressure being applied by one of the political parties  due to “GEO” not airing a speech by one of its politicians.  Post  found out subsequently that another “GEO” official disclosed to an  officer of a European diplomatic mission that they had taken  themselves off the air in order to blame the political party, and  garner support for the station.

As the judiciary determines whether or not PEMRA has not moved forward with the request for a license for Geo Super in order to pressurise Jang Group, perhaps it would also be worth determining whether or not Jang Group has been involved in a pattern of actions intended to deceive the public and pressurise the government also. In no case do two wrongs make it right, and neither PEMRA nor Jang Group should use their resources to pressurise the other. Rather media and regulators both should operate in a fair and transparent matter.

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  1. What Hamid Mir did to settle his score with the equally despicable Newspaper/News Group “NawaiWaqt/Nation” is as under and he did that under the garb of Eulogizing the services of Syed Saleem Shahzad, read his “Language” and watch the TV Show wherein he repeated the “Lie” he relayed on GEO TV – “Lies, Damn Lies and Hamid Mir” & Wiki Leaks on Jang Group.

  2. Today so-called independent media is supporting right-wing political and social thoughts, and giving disproportionate coverage to various fundamentalist and rightest political groups. Pakistani media has made it practically difficult for liberal and progressive section of the society to present their side of pinions on the subject of sensitive and a highly political nature. And Geo is leading the tally with most number of right wing programs and anchors, it’s top-rated talk shows are highly biased and imbalanced one, as they promote right wing or conservative ideology. This sort of unfair treatment of news made Geo unacceptable for liberal and progressive section of society plus Pakistan Peoples Party’s sympathizers. In a bid to remove the tag of ‘right-winger’ and restore the credibility, confidence and trust of
    its TV with new liberal narrative, Jang group has hired Najam Sethi, a journalist, having liberal credentials, just to change outer skin and try to present itself as a liberal progressive news organization. But it becomes another failed attempt to revive the democratic image due to internal censorship by the management.

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