Daily Jang Terms Ilyas Kashmiri ‘Patriot’

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The News (Jang Group)An article in Daily Jang provide an interesting look at how Jang Group characterises jihadis in Urdu publications. The articles describe the jihadi leader Ilyas Kashmiri who is believed to have been killed recently in a drone strike.

You will please recall that a sympathetic piece was published in Daily Jang following the death of Osama bin Laden.

Now let us look at another profile in the same newspaper. Abid Shah interviews Ilyas Kashmiri’s brother for an article titled, lyas Kashmiri Tahaffuz-e-Pakistan aur Azadi-e-Kashmir kay liye masroof raha, bhai Chaudhry Asghar.

Ilyas Kashmiri profile of Daily Jang

According to Jang Group reporter Mazhar Tufail “there are clear signs of the involvement of Ilyas Kashmiri group in the terrorism incident at the naval base, PNS Mehran” as well as GHQ. The reporter wrote that “Ilyas Kashmiri group has been playing an important role in planning attacks on Pakistan’s defence system and institutions”. In Jang Group‘s English newspaper, Hamid Mir terms Ilyas Kashmiri as “one of the most dangerous threats for the security of not only Pakistan but the whole of South Asia”.

So why then does Jang Group follow these reports by going to Kashmiri’s village to ask his family for their opinion? What could the editors expect except for a sympathetic report?

The question must be asked why is Jang Group projecting militants who attack the nation’s defence as pro-Pakistan? As the nation continues to suffer terrorist attacks, a major media group is characterising a jihadi leader as “patriot of the highest degree”.

One possibility is that Jang Group is projecting extremism and anti-Americanism as a cynical strategy to sell newspapers. According to a recently revealed Wikileaks document, this has been an admitted scheme of Jang Group employees.

12. The problem of reporting rumor, innuendo, and unsubstantiated allegations is bad enough when limited to the distribution numbers of “Jang” daily or “The News.” However, it is when these stories are amplified by the “GEO TV Network” that the truly negative influence expands to substantial numbers. And all of this by their own admission is calculated to maintain or increase their market share.

13. On a recent visit to “GEO TV Network” offices in Karachi, our IO had a conversation putting all of this into context. “GEO” sees its behavior as win-win with sensationalism and hate speech generating ratings and any attempt by authorities to rein it in allowing them to exploit their circumstance by claiming censorship.;

The question must be asked, is Jang Group publishing these articles out of ideological sympathy for terrorists, or are they projecting extremism and hate speech as a scheme make money? The people have the right to know.

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