Sloppy Editing or Misdirection?

Jun 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Jang

Daily Jang today posted an article with the headline “Uruguay kay sadder ka kul asasa 1987 model ki aik car, bank account hai na sadarati mehal mei qayam karty hain”, on its front page.

On further reading this small piece (please note that only the headline and first two lines are visible on the front page, rest of the article is in continuation and is at the end of the paper on page 10), one sees that after the first two lines, there is no link between the headline and the content.

The article states that Prime Minister house has expressed grave concern over the current situation in the country and has advised several agencies including interior minister Rehman Malik and related personnel to create a strategic plan to solve this dilemma. It also mentions that PM house is willing to offer any resources necessary for it.

The bigger question now is this: was this just plain carelessness and sloppy editing at Daily Jang, or was this headline carefully placed as an average person only skims through the headlines and the purpose of this particular headline was to indirectly accuse and promote the current government and leaders as corrupt and unbecoming of key positions? Either way, readers deserve better.

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  1. Jang Group/GEO TV “USE” & “REJECT” Wiki Leaks whenever “Suits”!

  2. the same content is in the news item above this one about Tayab urugan 🙂

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