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Aug 2nd, 2011 | By | Category: The News

We have avoided until now addressing the treatment of FM Khar by some in media because it was our sincere hope that this would be a momentary lapse of reason that would fade away once the newly appointed minister was giving meetings with her international counterparts as representative of the national interest. But upon seeing the following cartoon published by The News (Jang Group), we decided that we have had enough.


Whether or not Hina Rabbani Khar dresses fashionably has nothing do with her abilities as Foreign Minster. Despite his dapper appearance, when did media groups devote such time and energy to the fashion of SMQ during his tenure?


And fashionable dress is not something limited to the Foreign Ministry or PPP. Check out these countless MPAs from PML-N bragging about their expensive branded clothes and their 7-Series cars.

What about these other political leaders? Are they dressed in latha kurta and simple sandal shoes?

Musharraf with Bush

The question must be asked why only Hina Rabbani Khar’s clothes are considered news worthy while her male counterparts are given free pass on their choice of wardrobe and expensive accessories?

Meanwhile, while media groups are gossiping about the Foreign Minister’s clothes, she is busy building closer relations with her foreign counterparts and making progress on confidence building and normalizing relations over issues like Kashmir that eluded her male predecessors for years. Certainly this is more news worthy than the maker of her bag.

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