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By now you will certainly have seen the leaked clips of Amir Liaquat’s profanity laced ranting. If you are like us and you decided to turn off the computer and spend independence day with your family (good for you), Cafe Pyala still has the clip available, and we have embedded it below. But this post is not just about Aamir Liaquat, it’s about the state of journalism more generally.

In his defence, Aamir Liaquat responded on Twitter claiming that “It was a fake video, created and dubbed professionally”.

We decided to comment only because Aamir Liaquat’s reaction to the video leak gave us a dizzying sense of deja vu. We could have sworn that we had already written about this same event. Then we realised that we had. It was the same excuse given when tapes of Hamid Mir terming Khalid Khawaja as CIA collaborator in a phone call with Taliban. Then the memories of two-faced media came flooding back. A few months after Hamid Mir’s scandal, it was revealed that TV anchors agreed to declare Dr Aafia as innocent, even though when the cameras were turned off, they pronounced her guilty.

This was around the same time that Talat Hussain scribbled his vicious attack against Angelina Jolie – in Urdu, of course, away from liberal English-medium eyes. And, of course, it was the same year that we saw Meher Bokhari drinking at private parties only to piously read fatwas against others when the cameras were turned on.

This year, the schizophrenic, hypocritical nature of media has become more exposed than ever when national media groups used the language divide to sell different interpretations of the death of Osama, the most bald faced and shameless coming from Express News.

According to Aamir Liaquat, the video of his obscene ranting is “disgusting conspiracy spread by those who do not want to promote Ishq-e-Rasool (saww)”. This is a perfect example of the incredible egos of our media elite. At least Hamid Mir had the basic decency to claim it was a conspiracy against media, not the Prophet. This scandal is about Aamir Liaquat’s own hypocrisy, trying to make it about religion in order to save his skin is just digging the hole even deeper.

When the video leaked, we heard no expressions of shock or surprise because there was no shock or surprise. Each person who saw it laughed a bit, then shrugged and said, “Mujhay pehlay he patta tha”. We need professional journalists and honest analysts who can explain to the people the days events so that we can make our own decisions about the issues that affect our nation. Ever so humble, Aamir Liaquat describes himself as “truly a legend of this modern age…whose name becomes synonymous with truthfulness and bravery in the field of journalism”. We don’t know who the media elite thinks they’re fooling, but if they think we’re buying their act, then truly they are only fooling themselves.

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  1. How one feels when the pot calls the kettle black?. Alleging, blaming and maligning incumbents is a routine matter. It may not be a wonder but issue is opposition and media itself is so corrupt that they have no right to point finger towards elected representatives.
    Not only in press media but also in electronic media, 90 percent of T.V anchors, columnists and investigative reporters are for sale. Whenever I read Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool Jan, Shaheen Sehbai or Mosharraf Zaidi and Asif Ezdu. I always realized that hatred against elected representative is not because of personal grudge but they are being directed to drag government into thorns. Their words speak the volume of their partiality. One can easily analyze that they are being paid by opposition and establishment.
    In case of T.V anchors, like Hamdi Mir, Kamran Khan, Dr. Shahid Masood, Mehr Bokhari, Javed Chaudhri, or Talat Hussain, I always found them spitting venom against government. I never listened a word of appreciation for government. The question is what makes them to speak against government? Is this the power of money? That is added to their account every month. Indeed it is.

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