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After the recent attack on a security checkpost in Chitral district, some newspapers have published editorials proclaiming that the band of militants that crossed the Afghanistan border were a proxy of NATO. These editorials lack even the minimum of evidence supporting this claim, making it nothing but a sensational conspiracy theory.

The very questionable Pakistan Observer says the attack was NATO’s raid

NATO and US forces are deployed all along the border with Pakistan and with sophisticated intelligence gadgets, it is not possible for a big group of people to cross the Durand Line without their knowledge.

Actually, an American Colonel told Daily Mail that the border ‘is impossible to seal’.

Colonel Luong, who oversees troops in a part of eastern Afghanistan that includes the volatile Khost province, said: ‘It’s naive to say that we can stop enemy forces coming through the border.’

The border referred to is over 2,400 km (1,492 miles) long and, according to ISPR, it is impossible to monitor the entire border.

The public face of Pakistan Army, the ISPR told BBC that there is a 2,400-km-long border between the two countries and this whole stretch cannot be manned, therefore, fencing is being considered. To a question the ISPR spokesperson said that it is not that fencing would stop infiltration all together but militants would get a tough time and the overall volume and frequency of militant infiltration would decline.

This fact did not stop The Nation, which originally published the above statement by ISPR, from repeating this new conspiracy theory that directly contradicts ISPR’s statement and blames NATO for the recent militant attack.

Plainly, these attacks are the American response to our refusal to move troops against the Haqqani group in North Waziristan, whose militants, the US alleges, cross into Afghanistan and kill its soldiers. The US, therefore, wants Pakistan to feel the pinch.

As usual, neither Pakistan Observer nor The Nation provides any evidence to support this paranoid fantasy which defies basic reason. If NATO forces were able to secure the border, wouldn’t it mean that they did not need Pakistan Army’s help to keep Haqqani militants from crossing into Afghanistan to attack NATO forces? As explained by ISPR, the border with Afghanistan being over 2,400 km long is porous and subject to crossing without detection. Blaming the NATO forces for militant attacks is not based in facts, but based only plays on anti-American sentiments. That’s not journalism, it’s propaganda.

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