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Sep 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Dunya

Mubashir Luqman continues his incessant projecting of conspiracy theories, most recently following the death of Burhanuddin Rabbani in a suicide bomb attack earlier this week.

As the programme opens, Luqman begins with the story of Rabbani’s assassination. And continuing his quest to be PTI media advisor, who else does Luqman turn to for analysis but PTI Foreign Affairs Advisor Shireen Mazari. Unfortunately, Shireen Mazari once again proves that she has nothing to offer but vague accusations against the involvement of unnamed ‘foreigners’, but she can’t really say who it was or what should be done. The implication was obvious, however, that this was another conspiracy by the Americans, even though American Secretary Hillary Clinton stated that US will continue peace outreach to the Taliban even after Rabbani’s assassination.

But that wasn’t the only allegation of ‘foreign hands’ to appear on Conspiracy Theories Luqman Kay Saath. Next up was the violence in Balochistan, which Luqman again claims is the due to the involvement of foreign elements. This time, though, Luqman leaves little question of who these ‘foreign elements’ are when he drags out the rotting carcass of the Visa Conspiracy to flog it’s crumbling limbs yet again.

When his guest notes that there is already an inquiry into this, Luqman responds in true form, “Who needs inquiry? I telling you he issued visas!” and asks the guests to agree that the Ambassador to America is an agent. When another guest reminds that the Embassy in Washington has opened all the books for review and showed that there were no discrepancies or inconsistencies, Luqman changes the topic.

Once again, Mubashir Luqman does not act in the role of a neutral moderator facilitating a discussion between varying points of view. Rather, he comes to the programme with a specific agenda to promote, and bullies his own guests by telling them inquiries and facts are not important because Mubashir Luqman has already decided!

This attitude would be bad enough if Mubashir Luqman was insisting that his guests and viewers accept his opinion based on facts and evidence. But instead Luqman fails to deliver even the slightest bit of proofs for his claims. Rather he resorts to blaming invisible foreign bogeys and discredited conspiracy theories. The result is viewers of Conspiracy Theories Luqman Kay Saath listen to talk about serious issues like peace process in Afghanistan and sectarian killing in Balochistan, but after one hour they are more confused and misinformed than before. That’s not journalism.

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  1. Isnt it true for most of the anchors these days? They act as if they are the anchor, moderator, analyst, reporter and a journalist and they are highly opinionated too.. not to forget just the other day right after an TTP took responsibility of the attack on Ch Aslam this acnhor i think some Mehr Bukhari actually started her show pointing out that since Aslam was involved in some KHI based operations and was the only survivor from that era and since all others had been killed the possibility of him being targeted by those cannot be ruled out. this after a TTP spokesperson took ownership of the attack.. this is a modern day irony and is what a simple person would term as manufacturing of statements.. in the context i guess luqman sb does appeal to many despite his bullishness..

    ps also do not forget the attitude of Hamid Mir and the fiasco creaed over Nusrat Javed and the way he talked out loud..

    please read this as my opinion but we should not single out luqman because in my view they are all fairly similar and claim authority which they do not have and all this is self proclaimed..and luqman might not be the worst of the lot…

  2. @Jehania Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your willingness to share your opinion. We do not single out Mubashir Luqman, rather we criticise any anchor or journalist that crosses the lines of ethical and professional behaviour. If they do not want to be called out, all they have to do is behave like responsible professionals.

  3. You seem to be scandalized by your assertion that “Mubashir Luqman does not act in the role of a neutral moderator facilitating a discussion between varying points of view. Rather, he comes to the programme with a specific agenda to promote”.
    Excuse me, but you are being very amateurish/totalitarian about it it. All over the world, the best known journalists and talk show hosts have their political biases, which are cultivated to form part of their global brands – whether it is Jon Stewart on the left or Bill O’Reilly on the right.
    The cause of plurality is not served by each talk show host being “neutral” to all points of view, but by having several talk shows, each with her own biases, on a multitude of channels available to the public.

  4. @Ahmed It should be noted that Jon Stewart is not a journalist, he is a comedian. As for Bill O’Reilly and his FOX News, we believe Pakistani journalism should be held to a higher standard. While we respect your view that several biased shows on different channels will somehow result in an objective outcome, what actually results tends to be ‘confirmation bias’ in which individuals seek out those sources that reinforce the positions that they already want to believe. It is our position that this creates deep divisions within society as different people are all working from different sets of ‘facts’. But there cannot be different facts, only different opinions. We believe the role of journalists should be to present the facts and to let the viewer decide their own opinions. If Mubashir Luqman is not interested in being a neutral moderator, perhaps he should change careers from journalism to political media advisor. There is nothing wrong with that, but at least this way viewers would know the context of the reports he is giving.

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