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Oct 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Geo TV, The News

Rahimullah Yusufzai, resident editor of The News (Jang Group) in Peshawar, takes a very critical stance of American foreign policy in Afghanistan, saying that US foreign policy is a mess of confusion because the Americans do not actually know Afghanistan as well as they think they do, and this “paucity of knowledge” has resulted in self-defeating strategies that are alienating the people.

In concluding his piece, points to specific proof that the Americans know nothing about Afghanistan.

Before talking to the Taliban and the Haqqanis or taking them head-on with even greater vigour, the US and its allies would need to know more about these groups. As former US and Nato military commander in Afghanistan Gen Stanley McChrystal recently admitted, the US began the Afghan war with a frighteningly simplistic view and still lacked the knowledge to achieve a successful end.

An example of this paucity of knowledge about Afghanistan was on display recently when a picture of the late Afghan mujahideen leader Maulvi Yunis Khalis standing with President Ronald Reagan at the White House in the 1980s was mentioned as that of Jalaluddin Haqqani, who had never visited the US.

Only problem, this error was made not by the American media, but by Pakistani media, including Jang Group’s own Geo TV.

While Rahimullah Yusufzai may be correct “knowing thy enemy should be the first principle for the US prior to undertaking any new step towards making war or pursuing peace”, he accidentally suggests that perhaps we should be taking a look at ourselves also.

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  1. It is age of media awareness and there is mushroom growth of media in Pakistan yet this media is sans responsibility and responsible reporting line. The security and intelligence establishment with the help of media owners control and command information and media industry here, despite media freedom guarantees. And conspiracy nuts and journalists do what their masters and proprietor commands. The media’s opinion makers and so called analysts are instrumental in disseminating state sponsored Pakistani nationalism which is entirely based on GHQ input and anti worldism. The truth is that the politics of hate, anti democracy and confusion, combined with media complicity and Internet access, has led not to a discussion of issues but to garbage spewing hate towards West & democracy, especially United state and civilian elected government, with religiosity, fake nationalism and bigotry as its pillars. Since, the mainstream media don’t present the liberal and democratic narrative that put question and cast doubt on the security based state narative, so the political commentaries has been reduced to partisan state one sided propaganda.

  2. Most of these T.V anchors are gutless shills. Free media stand for ‘free’ to take money. Media is not independent anywhere in the world. It’s run by capitalists. It’s communicating means, publicity, and reason for existing at all, are influenced by money. Especially channels like GEO are the most pathetic. What I find abhorring is their claim of being ‘opinion makers’ like who the heck is they to hijack our thoughts and mind??? There are many naive people who get influenced by them. Hamid Mir is a coward boasty. He plays on both sides of the fence. Same goes for Saleem Safi. Read a few of his articles where he babbled ‘Taliban have spread to Karachi’. Such an ignorant trashy statement from a journalist who claims to know all on them??? Seems he’s trying to please MQM by toeing their line.

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