Media Conspiracies and Imran Khan

Oct 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories

In an otherwise straightforward speech in Lahore on Sunday, Imran Khan alluded to a conspiracy theory of Mansoor Ijaz that this blog has discredited not only once, but twice already. One can give Imran Khan the benefit of doubt, though, as there is a history of examples of journalists feeding Imran conspiracies, possibly as an attempt to curry favour with the PTI chief. As we stated before, “Whether or not you support Imran Khan, all political leaders need to be given the facts, not led by their noses on a wild goose chase”. As Imran’s political influence grows, it is important that he – and all political leaders – be able to make decisions from factual information, not conspiracies. Otherwise, the consequences can be disastrous. The New York Times recently reported that Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq was very prone to conspiracy theories and, as a result, made critical errors in government decisions. Pakistan should not follow this dangerous path.

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  1. Not just Saddam Hussein’s government. Most Muslim countries thrive on conspiracy theories, generally involving Jews.

  2. are you kidding, so they should disregard possible truths such as elitists , only because it is not a norm to accept conspiracy theories. Believe it or not this website BLOWS. Some dude who thinks he is smart tries to write `unbiased`pieces, the bias is clearly seen. It is IMPOSSIBLE to write without a bias.

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