Memogate 2: Get Mushy

Jan 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Jang, The News

Last week, Ansar Abbasi wrote what is allegedly detailed information about Musharraf’s personal accounts with banks and investment firms in the Gulf. He received his private information from ‘a source’. Now, Ansar Abbasi has an ‘influential diplomatic source’ that allegedly has copies of a communication sent to an American ex-Congressman asking for support upon his return to Pakistan.

With last week’s piece, we asked if it was possibly “intended as blackmail to prevent a politician from participating in elections”. The latest article makes the situation even more curious. According to Abbasi, his anonymous source “received a copy of the communication sent by Musharraf’s confidante to the ex-US Congressmen”.

So now there is an alleged secret memo written by the envoy of Musharraf and delivered to a retired American official asking for US support in Pakistan. And even though it was a secret carried out only by trusted emissaries, somehow it wound up at the office of Jang Group.

Why does this plot sound familiar…? Of course! The first ‘Memogate’ saga was obviously such a box office success that it was only a matter of time before a sequel appeared. Only it seems that in their rush, the memogate’s producers have forgotten that the first episode of ‘Memogate’ has not even finished before they already rolled out the next episode in the series.

As we wrote last week, Ansar Abbasi does not need to reveal the name of his ‘influential diplomatic source’, but it is becoming increasingly strange that the supposed ‘secrets’ of every unpopular politician are suddenly ending up in the pages of Daily Jang. Has Ansar Abbasi suddenly learned the art of investigative reporting? Or is someone feeding him this information? What is the motivation of these ‘sources’? Who will be the next politician to have a ‘secret memo’ to US officials magically appear in Daily Jang? I guess we’ll have to wait for the next sequel to find out.

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  1. The former congressmen mentioned in the article are Musharraf’s paid lobbyists in the U.S. It’s public record

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