Jang Confusion Over Mansoor Ijaz Security

Jan 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Jang, The News

The News (Jang Group)In The News on Sunday, Jang Group‘s reporter Murtaza Ali Shah has an article claiming that the US will protect Mansoor Ijaz in Pakistan. The day before, however, The News reported that the US Embassy denied that they supported Mansoor Ijaz’s visit and “made it clear that Ijaz has not been committed any security during his visit”.

The Embassy also issued an official denial to Dawn, telling their reporter that the US Embassy will not support Mansoor Ijaz with his security or any of his activities if he comes to Pakistan.

The US embassy had a word about Mr Ijaz’s trip, too. It came out with a denial of reports that he had been given any assurance.

Spokesman Mark Stroh, talking to Dawn, said the embassy would not be involved in coordinating his security or any of his activities during his stay here.

The comments came in response to Mr Ijaz’s media interviews in which he had claimed to have been assured by US authorities of support during his stay in Pakistan.

This raises the question if Jang Group knew that the US clearly refused to provide support to Mansoor Ijaz on Saturday, why did they publish an article on Sunday implying that US supports Ijaz? The article contains several statements by Mansoor that could be misunderstood as meaning that Mansoor Ijaz has the support and protection of his government, which had been denied by the US Embassy. But the statements by US Embassy spokesman denying Mansoor Ijaz’s claims do not appear, even though Jang Group had this information a day earlier.

Readers of The News must be scratching their heads and wondering what other information Jang Group selectively leaving out of news reports.

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