Maya Khan Is Willing To Sacrifice Your Reputation For Her Career

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Maya Khan may have wanted to gain fame and notoriety through a career in media, but this is probably not what she had in mind. Following a clip from her show Subah Sawerey Maya Kay Sath aired by Samaa TV over the weekend, her name has entered countless conversations as a public outcry has grown about the irresponsibility of the host, the producers and even the network that aired the show. But this latest outrage at media irresponsibility is, sadly, only the latest example of a problem that is rooted deep in the media – valuing entertainment over information, and the willingness to sacrifice other people to get ahead.

First, the clip.

The indispensable Cafe Pyala hit the nail on the head.

Not only does Samaa TV’s goon squad invade the privacy of people, it blatantly ignores the consequences of putting these poor people’s faces on air (who knows or cares what their domestic circumstances are) and lies to them about having their mikes and cameras switched off. This is unethical behaviour beyond all limits.

We wrote one year ago about the danger of using religious judgmentalism to boost ratings.

It may be entertaining to watch people yell and insult each other over inanities. But when the line begins to blur between yelling on TV and yelling in the streets, entertainment turns quickly to incitement. We each make our own decisions in life, but these decisions are influenced by those we look to for information and guidance: parents, teachers, friends…and now TV. Perhaps Meher Bokhari did not look into Qadri’s eyes and tell him to kill Salmaan Taseer, but she didn’t have to. The message was already clear.

Reading fatwas against Salmaan Taseer, Meher Bokhari egged on extremists to commit violent acts against an innocent man. In the case of Maya Khan’s actions on Samaa TV, the people who she calls into question are not even public figures. They are private citizens and there is no evidence that they were doing anything illegal or immoral. In fact they were harassed in a public park during broad daylight, not caught in a hotel or sneaking around after dark. But the facts are not what viewers will take away. They will take away the impression, the innuendo that these young people were engaged in illegal or immoral behaviour. Their reputations are a price Maya Khan and Samaa TV are willing to pay to buy some extra ratings. And if, God forbid, some extremist decided to follow the example of Mumtaz Qadri, then will they too use hollow claims of media freedom to hide their shame?

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  1. Ugly Role of Samaa TV & Meher Bokhari in Salman Taseer’s Murder.

  2. is mai Maya Khan sahiba ye show karrahe hain k bachy walidain (Parents) ko dhoka de rahain aur bacho ko Date pe nahe jana chahiye bla blaaaaaaaaa… so aap logo ko pata hai k ye sab ghair-akhlaqi kaamo, dating, fahashi k zimadar kon hain…???? is k zimmidar Pakistani Media aur Maya Khan jese Kanjar log hain…. Pakistan k buhut saary Channels pe Morning Shows, Dramy aur b buhut saary aese shows hain jo Pakistan k no-jawan nasal ko na sirf ghair-akhlaaqi tareeky sikhaty/show karte hai bal k apne mazhab se b door le jate hain… agar ye gumrah shows na hothy Channels pe tu no-jawan aaj etne barbaad aur ghair-akhlaqi/ghair-mazhabi kaamo mai mubtala na hothy… Hukumat jahan Pakistani young generation k liye achy kaam karte hain i think Hukumat ka ye b farz banta hai k jo log/channels inki tabahi mai masroof hain un pe pabandi laga de…

  3. Yes. what she did was wrong. BUT the fact remains that public parks have become a no-go areas for families because of these dates. These couples indulge in pretty indecent behavior there. I have heard from my women relatives with small children that they cannot go these parks anymore, like they used to go 10-20 years ago. It is the responsibility of the Govt to ensure that public parks remain accessible to families by removing people involved in drugs, begging, and indecent behavior.

    One argument that is given is that these couple’s privacy was violated. This is very strange. How can people have privacy in “public” parks? You cannot do whatever you want in public. Same is true for public restaurants, shops, libraries, etc.

    Another argument I saw was that parks are a way of poor people to enjoy a loving partner and rich ppl hire hotels etc for this purpose. Well, on the other hand, it is mostly poor people who visit these parks with their families, so we are removing their cheap way of enjoying with their families.

    Lastly, again what Maya Khan did was wrong, but we have to see what prompted her to do that? It is typical situation of people taking law in their own hands due to inaction by police or govt. It is like people burning tyres or wapda offices to get electricity, or people punishing decoits themselves. When police don’t work or listen, and the society has an increasing problem, people take desperate actions, which is wrong, but doesn’t occur without reason.

  4. \\\\\\\\\\\agree

  5. jahil maya khan

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